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  1. I got Christmas of 2003 at a mall. I've never gotton the flu since... In fact, I don't think I've really gotten the flu.
  2. alpengeist=favorite coaster dude=means I'm a dude 321=random combonation of letters
  3. -Baseball -One special girl -Football -My iPod -Stuff
  4. I already made a topic like this... but it wasn't popular at all.
  5. John P...-A professional flugel horn player.
  6. May you change mine to "Is that a giant golf ball?" Thanks.
  7. Hey, good luck in your band and I hope Holotype will be a big success in the near future!! I play guitar and piano but I'm not planning on being in any bands. I'd rather listen to musc then play music, I guess that's just me.
  8. ^Sh*t isn't very funny. Ass is sort of funny but sh*t ain't funny. I knew what was going to happen when I read the link. It said "sabotage" and links that wouldn't have pranks on liquid generation wouldn't say "sabotage".
  9. My dog, Polly. My dog being as lazy as usual
  10. Don't worry Jeff, I feel the same way. John "I've been here since 10 days after these forums opened and still nobody knows who I am" P.
  11. ^Did you pay $12.50 for every one of those rides? Most Painful: Python (I was young and did not know how to ride rough roller coasters right so my head was bounceing around like hell) Most Fun: I'd say X. It isn't my favorite ride, but it was cool at night being in the front. The first drop was amazing at night.
  12. I would just like to add in for him that he is graduating college in 2009, he graduated high schol before. Just to avoid confusion! At first I thought he was really dumb, because being nineteen in 7th grade is not going to get you in a good college. EDIT: What's up with me killing threads lately? I always post in a popular thread then people stop posting . I'm so hated...
  13. I'm predicting an Astros-White Sox world series now. That will be one boring series... :?
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