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  1. The Animal Kingdom Lodge because you can wake up in the morning, look out the windows and you see animals walking around. The only downside is that it's far away from all the parks except the Animal Kingdom.
  2. WDW. Although it's crowded over every part of the year. I LOVE the Magic Kingdom there since it's so spread out, there Tommorowland is very active, and some of there ride versions are better then DL's. EPCOT, MGM and Animal Kindom are all very good parks also.
  3. Maybe Do you think Disneyland's 20th anniversary will be a success?
  4. I'm 16. The first coaster I've ever ridden was when I was 6, Big Thunder Mountain. My first big coaster is when I was 10, Alpengeist. Been loving it since.
  5. DLR: 1 hour Knotts: 1 hour 10 minutes Sixflags Magic Mountain: 3 to 4 hours (depends on traffic) Seaworld:20 minutes 8)
  6. Can you change mine to "Space Mountain freak"?
  7. WDW is HUGE! :shock: But as much as I love DLR. WDW has an overall better atmosphere. Although, I prefer DL over MK when all the rides are open.
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