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  1. I disagree with you saying that CS is forceless. I got plenty of airtime and the loop is pretty intense if you're in the front or back. But GR is obviosly more intense and keeps up speed the whole ride. I love both though.
  2. Nice photos, I want to get to Heide Park really badly to ride Colossos! For now, I'm stuck with my sh*tty SFMM one.
  3. Say something about the person above you then say something about yourself. I'll start: ^nobody's above me
  4. Can you change mine to "You have now crossed into...The Twilight Zone"
  5. The Westcoaster forums are annoying me so much today with the new skins .
  6. The only one I've ridden is Scream! and that was a total let down. I think I should ride a better floorless like Kraken to see what these coasters got.
  7. NCAA, just because of March Madness Theme Park Review or Westcoaster
  8. Xcel for now gets my vote, not being on the other two and all.
  9. OTSRs? On a splash boat ride? I don't think so... I'd rather have those crappy POS restraints that is on Perilous Plunge then OTSRs.
  10. There was this one kid at my dentist a couple years ago that had exactly the same first and last name. My last name is pretty rare also (Polese).
  11. An arrow multilooper, similar to Viper at SFMM [Corkscrew]Mindbender.trk Mindbender
  12. I have never been on Dragster. Does that make me not part of this coaster community? Am I less of a man for having never been to Cedar Point? Im sorry to say it, but not everyone in the world is as fortunate as you. Jesus, I didn't know that comment would be so harsh. Sorry if it offended you and if it makes you feel better at all, I've never been to Cedar Point .
  13. Have you rode Storm Runner? Then you should know that the Otsrs will hardly affect the ride, plenty of room for airtime. Thanks for correcting me, and I've never ridden Storm Runner unfortunately but I will this summer. Here are the trains.
  14. 1.Alpengeist 2.Dueling Dragons: Fire 3.Batman: The Ride any clone 4.Montu 5.Dueling Dragons: Ice 6.Silver Bullet SLCs suck, they shouldn't be on the poll.
  15. That would have been awesome but how would they get all that permission from other neighbors to expand?
  16. ^^It seemed like you had a better time at William's Grove then you did at Nara Dreamland but I might be wrong. Anyways, I've never been to an awful theme park 8) .
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