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  1. You can say I'm obsessed, I pretend I'm on a launched coaster when I go on an airplane, I also look for airtime on dips and speed bumps and on a bumpy road I pretend I'm on a Vekoma .
  2. What is your Favorite..... Wooden Out & Back-Ghostrider (is that an out and back?) Wooden Twister-Raven Wooden Racing/Dueling-Lightning Racer Mine Train-Big Thunder Mountain Wild Mouse-Technic Test Track Bobsled- n/a Stand Up- Riddler's Revenge Floorless- Kraken Mega-Looper-Kumba Flying-Any Superman: Ultimate Flight Suspended-Ninja Inverted/SLC-Alpengeist Hypercoaster-Apollo's Chariot Giga Coaster- n/a Strata Coaster- n/a Boomerang-They are all clones, what's the point? LIM-Joker's Jinx Arrow Multi Looper- Viper
  3. It isn't getting as much hype because it's just like riding Dragster which mostly everyone in the coaster community has been on. The quality of the ride will be even worse with the OTSRs.
  4. Watching the last couple seconds of a college basketball game.
  5. No Have you been to a park outside of your home country?
  6. How did the finger get in the chili? It must have been...MURDER .
  7. We have a post count? I didn't notice...
  8. http://www.themeparkreview.com/idora/idora.htm: Have fun
  9. Ugh... I've heard the park has an awful atmosphere and clientelle. That's why I never want to go. (CP instead 8) ) It's good that they are improving security though.
  10. Revolution, the OTSRs and the trims kill the ride. Montu is just trimmed to death.
  11. Top Thrill Dragster I'm fast and tall and my sheer intensity lasts for 14 seconds so don't mess with me.
  12. I'll be riding it in August! 8) But there will be major downtime.
  13. SFGAM's Shockwave track got turned into scrap metal but the trains are at SFMM next to the queue to Scream!. Greased Lightning is in SFMW's parking lot, rotting to it's death. There are so many parts missing that it is impossible to reassemble it.
  14. Wasn't Hydro the one with the failsafe restraint failure? Because I heard the girl was normal sized. Perilous Plunge was the incident with the overweight women.
  15. A dive machine droping from the Stratoshere tower in vegas 8) .
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