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  1. http://disneyforever.com/wdw/parks/epcot/futureworld/test_track/index.htm 8)
  2. In the Legoland California link I searched around and found my house 8) .
  3. 2 questions: What country is Toy-Box from? Is Toy-Box the same band that you used for the second half of the Tokyo Disneyland video?
  4. Do you count clones like Vekoma SLCs, even when you've been on one at a different park, a credit?
  5. http://www.rcdb.com/pd493.htm Those coasters would be hard credits to get.
  6. I don't know if it is Gap or Old Navy but there is a really annoying one with people singing about shorts. John "Shorts!" P.
  7. I'm not overweight, I actually think I'm almost underweight. I'm 6 foot 4 and I'm 160 pounds.
  8. I'm on my school's varsity baseball team as one of the Starting Pitchers 8) .
  9. I know it's called "It's a Great Big Beautiful Tommorow".
  10. I like the air I get on Silver Bullet's Zero-G roll so I'll go with that, I also like Alpengeist's Zero-G roll...Hell, I just like any Zero G rolls by B&M.
  11. Superman: The Escape I'm fast and tall, watch me fall
  12. They all have a 54" height restriction so I'm assuming not. Robb, I've had exactly the same experience with Montezooma's Revenge. So I got in the queue, walk on wait, took a seat in the back, and then like 10 minutes later, they finally dispatched!!! The ops were talking on their phones, disappearing and were just not paying attention to what they were doing!!! I hope they could fix that problem soon though.
  13. Dammit!!! I can't go. First of all, I probably have to be studying for finals, and second of all, I don't want to get jumped by one of you!!!
  14. Relationships are going very well. Going to Padres game tonight. My dog is better from when she hit her nose against our coffee table School's going better then normal.
  15. Beverly is so bitter it is annoying. You first drink it and then say "It is pretty good". After that you feel the aftertaste and spit it out instantly!!! :shock: It's worth a try though.
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