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  1. I was looking for theme park review sites when I first got into roller coasters about 5 or 6 years ago and I looked on google and found this site. I thought it would be written reviews on theme parks but I found out it was group of coaster enthusiasts posting pictures with captions that made me laugh. I abandoned this site for a couple years until I signed onto the westcoaster forums about a year ago and saw that Robb, Elissa, Dan, Joey etc. posted there. Then I came here again and signed onto the forums, and I've been coming back here since. Wow, there are already over 3,000 members. When I first started, there were only 400+.
  2. Single and straight. But I'm not very interested right now. Homecoming is coming soon so that might be my chance.
  3. Whoa.... you got Toybox for your music video?
  4. I'm either on baseball or theme park message boards. I post on the Padres official site message board and other baseball related message boards. I haven't been as much into theme parks lately so I've been posting on those mostly.
  5. I watched that game on "MLB Xtra Innings". B.J Ryan almost blew it but he pulled it out. The Padres actually won yesterday. Miguel Olivo got a triple but he missed the squeeze sign, so Mark Loretta was stealing home then Olivo swung for the ball and Loretta returned but it turned out to be a triple. Trevor Hoffman got his 424th save of his career. He is now tied with John Franco for second on the all time save list.
  6. The Padres suck now. Their offense is inconsistent, the pitching is getting worse and worse as the season goes on. They have talent they just don't pull it off. Well, they are still in first place. But I don't think I will root for a team that will finish in first place with a record under .500. Good thing the rest of the division sucks also. The Padres have the talent, they just don't give effort. At least the Devil Rays and the Royals give it effort, and I bet if they had talent, they'd be the best team in their division. Well that's enough of my ranting, I feel bad for all you Oriole fans. They are a mess now. They were having an awesome season untill... well, I'm not sure. But the A's and Astros, wow! Those teams are the biggest comeback teams of the decade. I picked the A's as the goats of the AL West when the season started, but they have plowed through the division and may end up in first. That's my baseball report for today.
  7. That's the reason why I opened the topic.
  8. Click the "Attach signature" box under where you type in your post.
  9. Piano, guitar, and a little bit of trumpet.
  10. Hey Soren, my Grandma and your Grandma should have a cookoff. My Grandma makes amazing italian food.
  11. Tango=Pain (Well, for me) I really like Spinout. It is sort of like a KMG Afterburner except it's more compact and goes upside-down.
  12. -You know you've spent too much time on TPR when you abbreviate "Theme Park Review" into initials . -You know you've spent too much time on TPR when you dream about meeting Robb and Elissa. -You know you've spent too much time on TPR when you put school and work out of the way to go to one of the theme park meets.
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