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  1. ^lololololololololololololol That's the funniest thing I've ever seen. [/sarcasm]
  2. Switchfoot Talking Heads Low Millions The Cure John Butler Trio
  3. ^loves the Matterhorn \/going to...Knotts in a week!!!
  4. God dammit...why did Trevor Hoffman have to blow such a crucial game.
  5. Let's go Padres!!! Don't suck too much in the playoffs like you have been sucking lately and put Chan Ho Park and Clay Hensley to replace Lawrence and Williams in the rotation. I HATE BRIAN LAWRENCE AND WOODY WILLIAMS! But Pedro Astacio roxorz.
  6. They will win the division either tommorow or Tuesday. It will be exciting, but I'll feel really embarresed because they won the division with a sub .500 record.
  7. There was this show called Sports Kids Moms and Dads on either E! or Bravo in May/June. That was a good show.
  8. I've ignored one certain user, then unignored him because I felt bad. I bet I'm ignored so much.
  9. Same with me, that Event Match was pretty much impossible. In Super Mario Sunshine, one part of the game drove me absolutely insane. I don't want to talk about it...
  10. Wow, I feel guilty about many of those things on that list. Another one... -You know you're from so cal when you vacation somewhere and say, "The road signs are in english?".
  11. Post all YTMND things here. http://roflwhatever.ytmnd.com/ http://buttracinggp.ytmnd.com/ [/url]
  12. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/taters That one's better...
  13. I admit it...I've been in love with this one girl since 6th grade...
  14. ^Yeah, we get to make fun of you! I voted for flicking.
  15. "Yes, I finally have someone to ride with"
  16. Judging by the poll, there are only 23+ girls on the site (that post). Man, this place is a sausage fest, where are the ladies?
  17. ^is right \/has been to every continent in the world (including Antartica)
  18. This game is going to be really hard... I'll guess randomly...Busch Gardens Tampa?
  19. I won't believe that ghosts exist until I know there is proof.
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