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  1. ^^My God...I'm officially scarred for life. Seeing a coaster enthusiast's ass is the most awful thing on anybody's eyes.
  2. I went to our school's homecoming football game and dance yesterday. Otherwise, I did nothing.
  3. Why isn't there the delete post check box anymore? I thought it was a very useful tool for when you double post or just post something stupid.
  4. ^is possibly moving to the U.S \/possibly doesn't care!
  5. Class of '06. Graduation coming up!!!
  6. I just took off tons of songs that I never listen to, now I have 495.
  7. When people watch a ride but never move in line...
  8. All I know is that I'm hovering around 700 songs. Only 300 songs left untill my mini fills up.
  9. Well, Soren, that's not as bad as what's happening on my street. At my house one day we had three jack-hammers going at the same time desperately trying to tear off the tile in the pool, then the house next to me is also jack-hammering away. This sucks.
  10. F***ing Padres!!! You guys suck ass!!! You grounded into 3 inning ending double plays!!! Stop wasting those great oppertunitys!!!
  11. Usually 3 times per day. I only post in usually one of those times.
  12. Let's go Padres! I'm seeing them on Saturday at the ballpark! You better not get sweeped!!!
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