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  1. I don't get why they didn't just call it a Zero-G Roll because that's what it is. It's the reverse of this; Source
  2. I'm a coaster fan, and I'm also terrified of heights. I know that makes no sense, but it's true. So this coaster may end up being similar to MF's first drop in terms of terror. I like the newer restraints as they are less restrictive and make you feel more vulnerable and open. Yet still remain very comfortable. The ONLY problem people seem to have with them is the tight squeeze, which is only noticeable the 10 seconds you wait outside the station. So I don't see how it is a huge issue, at all.
  3. Why build Maverick, with a 70 mph launch, when they had Dragster with a 120mph launch? The difference is in the ride. Varavn is MILES different than Dragster, so sharing only steepness in drop is vaguely relevant. Also there are 10 dive coasters now, 3 US, 4 Europe, and 3 in Asia. I too am liking the new midway's look. I like how CP is going with more curved paths now, I think the new Gemini midway looks immensely better after its transformation. I wonder if this coaster will have an epic Valravn bird next to its signage? Maybe a larger version of Dollywood's Wild Eagle statue.
  4. Everything from the track color to what type of light bulb the station lights use is carefully thought out and planned over many months. So we should all just trust and believe that it was the best possible choice. They've given us the likes of Maverick, Dragster, Millennium Force, Magnum, and Raptor. They know what they're doing with their colors.
  5. Nearly an hour of Gameplay with commentary and Q&A from the executive producer.
  6. So will Smiler re-open this season? Or is this just a few test runs?
  7. Looks like you're about 20 year late. 1:55 Raptor, Talon and Silver Bullet all virtually dominate the entrance of their respective parks. Some of the more recent ones may take it to a more extreme measure, but credit is still due to the originals.
  8. In that context, it's "cheap" because money has already been spent beforehand. Obviously. That doesn't define it as a cheap product itself, at all. Moot point. I've already elaborated my view on this topic in my two previous posts. $20 million, or at lest $17 million is completely reasonable without getting lost in the details and seeing the forest for the trees. It's not such a complex argument as we are going by speculative estimations.
  9. It does say it would've cost $15 million, with that in mind, it's safe to assume at least $10 million. Double that and you have $20 million. It's not far-fetched to assume TC was a $20 million investment, at the very least $17-$18 million. Regardless of the exact figures it was undoubtedly a very costly investment for the park, which was the original basis of my post. Also, it's cost effectiveness is based on a comparison with wood track. Not by being a low-price item by itself. Source
  10. As coasterkid124 already mentioned, Colossus cost $7 million in 1978. Twisted Colossus was no minor investment as Storm Chaser at KK cost somewhere under $15 million. Keep in mind that TC is much larger than Storm Chaser, and nearly double the track length. That would easily put TC in the $20+ million price range. Magic Mountain hasn't seen that costly an investment since Tatsu in 2006, 9 years ago.
  11. GCI Millennium Flyers are designed to still be safely functional if a wheel is to spontaneously fly off the train.
  12. Heard from who? This seems highly unlikely. The idiot over at coaster studios loves to spread lies, it's like the 4chan of theme park media. That's probably where he heard it from.
  13. ^They have a mega coaster, which can be used in various ways. Blue Fire, Helix, Lightning, and Alpina Blitz are all variants of this model.
  14. ^Ricochet and Avalanche are both Mack rides. Kings Dominion does have a past with them. I honestly think Mack and Zamperla are underrated by most enthusiasts. Zamperla has some truly awesome rides, and Mack's water rides are some of the best I've seen. I'd love to see a Twist and Splash added across the chain, those look really fun.
  15. This is amazing. One of the best family areas I've seen from Six Flags. Two drop towers, a re-themed family coaster, wagon wheel, aqua twist, flying scooters and more. This looks really fun to be honest, I can see this being a HUGE hit for families with kids >48" .
  16. Superman - Ultimate Flight Batman the Ride This is Six Flags Six Flags Great Adventure get's a mini 4D coaster, Total Mayhem, filled with plentiful inversions, and unique elements brought to the park's coaster lineup. Somehow it's not up to standards with coasterboy234609's pip-dream, the 700' RMC prototype, and the coaster "isn't Intimidator 305 enough for me!" Let the bitching commence in 3..2..1...
  17. I've never heard of this. The only relevance I've ever heard Magic Mountain having in any amusement related debate has been its coasters. Everything non-coaster related at the park seems to always receive less-than-favorable reviews, at least here on TPR.
  18. You haven't spent enough time on TPR. Name a B&M and I'll find someone talking about how rough it is. lol ...Beware the painful Gatekeeper death vests. Those are probably the same people who complain about them being "too smooth". Because apparently something being comfortable is a bad thing. They probably hate Arrows, Vekomas, GCI's, and coasters in general.
  19. And people still wonder WHY Cedar Fair is going with B&M. Why spend millions of dollars when it doesn't even appeal to the audience you are trying to expand?
  20. ^The entire Northwestern US is deprived of a major theme park. Elitch Gardens and Silverwood seem to be the only significant contenders, and they're over 1,000 miles apart. The states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado have a collective population of roughly 20 million. And occupy land that is roughly 1/4 of the 48 contiguous states, that's quite sparse. So it's no surprise as to why there isn't, but there is still market potential, although the climate makes this equally as difficult.
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