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  1. Behemoth --> Leviathan Intimidator --> Fury 325 The new Cedar Fair trend. Build a similar-yet-better version of what the guests love. Almost definite success.
  2. A Dark section?? Perhaps something to do with a Kings Island mobile game, like the battle for CP mobile game. I can see it having a tie-in with something of the sort. Especially since CF keeps pushing "high-tech trills", such as CGA's Plants vs. Zombies and all the VR coasters. Or could it be some other form of "high-tech" thrills we've yet to see from CF? Drop track would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath. Now for critique on the ride itself. Looks like it will deliver lots of quick pops of airtime, and hopefully some classic wooden lats. The coaster also seems to keep a steady pace throughout. It doesn't let up for a second. It's a shorter, but wilder & smoother version of Beast with some scenic fly-bys. Mystic Timbers looks like an all-around enjoyable coaster. Kings Island is definitely on my bucket list next year. Only complaint(inevitable on TPR); capacity may be dismal since GCIs typically run 800 rph (give or take a few). B+
  3. IIRC the reason for the downtime is something to do with some safety feature on the trains themselves. Anyhow, if for some unworldly reason the launch has to be removed, the mechanical device(s) that replace it would need to have the same exit velocity of the launch-lfit. This would ensure that the coaster rides to the correct accelerations it was designed for. Otherwise it could end up being the most uncomfortable new coaster since Thunderbolt. Jolting pain on a lateral airtime hill could prove back-breaking.
  4. IIRC Hulk was just re-tracked. Although it's possible the sections that were considered "rough" were probably smoothed out (creating a profile difference of maybe a few centimeters). Although to make Goliath more interesting; it could use a steeper drop, better trains, more airtime, and an overbanked turn similar to MF.
  5. 11,000 parking spots x $18 a spot = $198,000 in revenue (assuming every size vehicle has the same price). The park is open roughly 150 days (150x11k=1.65m parking spots available). Let's say it manages to fill up 65% (1.073m) of those spots, which would equal roughly $19.3m in annual revenue. Surely not a million a day, but doable within 10 days.
  6. Don't you think they should take a brake for a year? No i don't, if Cedar Fair decide that they want to convert Mean Streak into an I Box woodie then that's what will happen. It's all based on revenue and visitor figures so if they feel that doing this will improve what they already have then seriously, why do they need to take a break. How could anyone not wan't a new coaster at a park regardless of when the last one was added. It'll be incredible if it happens. This. If this business strategy of adding a major attraction every season is working, why not? Plus they have the added bonus of the Hotel Breakers renovation (the $60 million price tag pre-paid). That, combined with the Mantis > Rougarou conversion that they were able to market as a new coaster (which was rather inexpensive) which yielded one of the best attendance figures the park has ever seen. Net revenue is likely very, very high. So another large investment is highly probable in the near future.
  7. I noticed a repaved sidewalk next to the repaved road, when exiting Valravn. So it shouldn't be an issue.
  8. Mean Streak was built over 8 months from the ground up. We have 12 months till May, soo...
  9. Probably because it has the appearance of a tall, fast & twisted steel coaster with the added thrill elements of a drop tower.
  10. Possibly a new water tower of some type. I've seen a similar one constructed in a town near me.
  11. All I can think of is that this would totally defeat the purpose of Gakekeeper. The thing is only 3 years old for gods sake! I feel like if creating more parking off the peninsula was an idea that they wanted to move ahead with (with the intention of creating more space for rides) then I feel that they wouldn't have built gatekeeper when they did. Because if suddenly parking is moved on the mainland, Gatekeeper is pretty close to the middle of the peninsula, therefore it's redundant to have the entrance that far back - or at least that's how I see it Even if 1/2 of the parking lot was pushed back, it would still be at the front of the park, and the name would still fit.
  12. Neither. Original StR was somewhere else on Frontier Trail. White Water landing was replaced by Maverick and Mill Race was replaced by Raptor The Original STR was located at the present day site of Maverick. STR was removed for WWL, which was then replaced with Maverick.
  13. ^ I understand that UCC is meant for the players to expand upon the base game. But it almost seems like they're pushing out a pretty yet bare-bones version of the game, and non-directly forcing the community to create the only decent content.
  14. Custom Spine types on ALL section types for ALL B&M models.
  15. It's all coming out of the same pot anyways, so why does it matter if there isn't an in-game way of dividing your cash into twelfths? Calculator.
  16. This game just needs so much work. I don't see this being anywhere near enjoyable after 3 hours if it's going to be release before the fall. There are just soooo many tiny things that I've noticed that will easily kill any longevity in the game. Full (non-customization) stations, lack of water rides, and rides available in only 2 or 3 heavily-set themes, is just a few out of the many. Ugg....! There doesn't seem to be much customization to the game besides the scenery. Not good for an Amusement Park builder/sim. The rides, coasters, and structures need the most flexibility and they are clearly lacking much, if any. This is becoming an evermore slap-in-the-face for profit.
  17. If it isn't "my pipe-dream Roller Coaster 1", then expect endless b*tching from entitled enthusiasts who have a degree in NoLimits and clearly have the know-how in designing and building a $15 million+ ride.
  18. In layman's terms; If you can run a multi-coaster, and multi-ride park in NoLimits2 at full specs, then you should have little to no issues with Planet Coaster. I'm not 100% sure on this, but it's still a fair comparison.
  19. ^ I love this terrain editor. Creating protruding terrain is something that's never been offered before, this creates many new possibilities. This is one of my biggest issues with Roller Coaster Tycoon World. With Planet Coaster's Modular building, it might be possible to transform any ride into exactly the look/theme you want. It's the small attention to detail and customization (not being locked into three or four different themes, UGH) that makes this game look all the more interesting. Those two features are critical in a sim/building game.
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