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  1. Every award, whether it be roller coasters, movies, music, art, is always caught up in politics. Everything is always overly-biased and based on a small group. However, with that being said, the rides listed are still top-notch coasters. That is indisputable.
  2. Every looping coaster at the park has had corkscrews. Valravn is the first to go without one, that should be something positive to you. Rougarou & Raptor both start with loops, no one's ever been "disappointing" by those striking similarities. Mantis and GateKeeper both have dive loops, I've never heard anyone knock the rides because of those striking similarities. So the complaint of Valravn has the same inversions as GateKeeper (dive loop/immelmann), which has the same inversions as Maverick(corkscrews), which has the same inversions of Rougarou(corkscrews), which has the same inversions as Ratptor(loop/corkscrews), which has the same inversions Corkscrew(loop/corkscrews) is over 20 years late. So I fail to see how it took 20+ years for you to be "disappointed", are you just now noticing these things?
  3. It looks like one hell of a coaster that is likely to be extremely fun. Isn't that the essence of a roller coaster? Valravn is obviously not the next big revolutionary ride in the park, and not every ride needs to be.
  4. ^Cedar Creek Mine ride and Maverick have interactive water elements. I do agree that going across the creek front row on CCMR is like gliding over the water, one of the best parts of that coaster. Millennium Force, Magnum, and Maverick all have tunnels. They neither make or break their respective rides, only add to it. If they weren't there I wouldn't think any less of them. A splashdown if visually nice when viewing as a bystander, but does not add to the on-ride experience at all on Diamondback. So it's no loss. Who needs splashdowns & tunnels when you have a two big ass drops, lots of airtime, and lots of twistyness? The more elements that enhance the on-ride experience, and less of the useless off-ride gimmicks, the better imo.
  5. I think the dive loop --> zero g combo is the best part of the ride imo. Sure to give lots of unique forces on the outer seats, not to mention disorientating. And immelmann's on dive coasters have near floater at the top to allow the train to roll at an appropriate/comfortable acceleration. I'm personally a drop-tower sucker, so when it's combined with a coaster, it's sure to be good.
  6. Actually I think its "big trick" is the holding brake before the vertical drop. The holding brake is what sets Dive Machines aside from other coasters with vertical drops. People really under estimate the power of the holding brake. It's basically a drop tower with two drops and a lengthy layout following. Win, win, win.
  7. A chance Hyper GTX seems possible. That is definitely unique to any park within a 600 mile radius. Since Chance acquired Morgan, they've basically worked with them before on Wild Thing.
  8. You must have missed this post. (read below) Valravn is has the same ride time as Raptor.
  9. Valravn's first drop rests 3 meters off the ground, so it's safe to assume the second one does as well. The second drop's hill is 131' (40m), minus 3 meters, gives you a second drop of 121.4' (37m) vertical.
  10. Exactly why a wing coaster seems plausible, more so than a dive, invert, or hyper. KD should offer guests attractions that can't be found at BGW if they're trying to compete for visitors. There is still the flying coaster concept too.
  11. Blame the marketing team, they're great at proving laughs at least.
  12. If CF keeps going with B&M, I can definitely see a Wing coaster popping up at KD. Easily marketable as there is nothing else like in in the park or region. They are, in my opinion, the perfect balance of high-thrills & great overall experience, and easily give the average park-goer one of their favorite rides of the day. I don't see any other large scale coasters out there on the market that can capture such a wide demograph, and still match each ones preferences. Just all around fun & solid coaster for anyone looking for a thrill, but not be made sick.
  13. I absolutely LOVE Diamondback. Having never ridden a B&M beforehand, I was going in not expecting much. I was surprised by how lengthy the airtime is on it. It's literally 2-3 seconds of floating over the hill, every hill. I prefer that over .2 seconds of ejector. It's the same case on the trimmed hill, it still provides the same lengthy airtime. If it weren't to be trimmed, I suspect you would get stronger air, but not nearly as long lasting. It should also be noted that it has one of the most comfortable seats & restraints. And the open-air design of the trains has yet to be matched by any other coaster train type. I've never ridden Intimidator, but based from all the reviews and obvious visual signs of trims everywhere, I don't see it providing to same amount of air Diamondback does. This is all my opinion though. If it isn't trimmed to death, St. Louis would have a real star coaster for the region if they were to get a B&M Hyper.* *I was actuall working on a B&M hyper for the park in NL about a year ago.
  14. This video shows the holding section fail, although the brakes do kick in beforehand like normal. The back row would of been insane.
  15. I really do not care for park debates, but when the information is false, I can't help but intrude. Minus the kiddie coasters, both parks are equal with 15 adult coasters. /end It's been a odd read these past few pages. People seem to whine about Valravn doing nothing different (that Dive loop is a first for Divers), and yet whine even more about no splashdown or tunnels. Aren't those already on a handful of other Dive coasters? These two statements completely contradict each other. Oh, enthusiasts logic.
  16. Cedar Point could do all of those and the same enthusiasts would find 10 things they don't like about them. If it falls ANYWHERE outside their perfect pipe-dream, it will be a disaster.
  17. Ok. So what should've you done in the same land-restrictive area? Please come up with a concept that fits within the allotted budget, and doesn't compromises ride time and delivers just as many maneuvers, and is aesthetically pleasing at all angles. Please, Mr. Rayj, expert coaster designer, tell me the maximum roll rate and minimum radius you've created, along with the maximum velocity acceleration exerted on passenger 24 (who weighs 50kg), 1.2026 seconds after the apex of the dive loop. You obviously know more than the experienced people at the Swiss firm B&M, so please tell me. I'm waiting.
  18. ^Oh wow. Valravn has an equal amount of ride time as Raptor, never knew that. Hype train +50
  19. Valvran has an incredible first drop of 214' vertical, that is sure to be filled with but-lifting airtime. Then we have a MASSIVE floating immelmann, followed by a high-speed compact turn. Another near vertical drop with more but-lifting airtime, followed by an always stellar dive loop into (what looks like) an awesome hang-time/zero G/crazy lats educing roll, followed by a banked turn into a classic extended-weightless camelback. Is Raptor the tallest coaster in the park? No, not even close. And yet people still love it. Is Dragster the first coaster in the park with a twisted 90° drop? No. Wicked Twister does twisted 90° multiple times at a even more extreme degree of twisting with Inverted trains. And yet people still love Dragster. Was Rougarou the first coaster with no floor? No. GateKeeper, Wicked Twister and Raptor had no floors YEARS earlier. And yet people still flock to Rougarou. Amusement parks are a place where people come to have fun. And when they see a massive steel coaster holding people before the first drop followed by lots of twisted inversions, they will immediately see a coaster they'll be eager to ride.
  20. ^^Basically any manufacturer but Intamin could claim that. Obvious troll is obvious.
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