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  1. With the exception of Twisted Colossus, every I-Box conversion has been shorter than the original. Averaging 12% less track length, but can be up to 36% less, and as little as 3% less than the original.
  2. Lex Luthor & Jet stream are the only ones that come to mind. Everything else is your run of the mill carnival flat. I've heard Nagashima Spa Land is like the CP of Japan, so maybe that's another better comparison than SFMM.
  3. Wow. This game and its reviews are just REALLY bad. All of these marketing tricks make it all the more obvious that the developer & publish know this and are trying to scrape up any sales they can find.
  4. Another RMC, shocking. Scenery looks nice, and your custom transfer area is creative. Nice! Any specs?
  5. They need to build a wall around Maverick. With this being a RMC, this will undoubtedly be an unorthodox layout. It will be interesting to see what type of records this coaster may claim (if any), considering it is a steel coaster. It will be hard to beat the current tallest, fastest, longest, most inversions, etc. Or maybe they'll just go for "hybrid" records.
  6. Looking forward to Wednesday. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos, and so far it looks by far the best coaster sim to date. Honestly, truly.
  7. ^ Cedar Fair is working with GCI again, so it's a possibility.
  8. What's funny to me is that this is all based on the already existing lift structure that is still half-way intact. Literally all this math is off, severely.
  9. It has been confirmed that both Topper & I Box track use the same steel ledgers. And as Sphantom91 pointed out with the shaping of the transfer pieces; this is most likely an I Box conversion. But we will have to wait and see to confirm this 100%.
  10. ^Or it could just be 300' tall, a fun layout and call it a day.
  11. Flying Scooters are one of those rides that I just have to ride when I see one. I wouldn't mind waiting up-to 30 minutes for one.
  12. Alan Schilke has been spotted at Cedar Point. Official photo link. Only haters will say it's photoshopped.
  13. The Kings Dominion thread would then conclude that they are getting Carowinds giga-woodie, because they "deserve it".
  14. I'm not too sure about that...https://rcdb.com/615.htm IIRC, Goliath was under construction most of the 1999 season.
  15. Breakers Express has been my go-to hotel when visiting CP. Always affordable, averaging $150-175 a night which isn't too bad considering you get early entry with only a 5 minute drive to the park. With a price tag of $400+ for the same benefits with just with a 2 minute walk, Hotel Breakers has become too expensive. With a three night stay for two at Breakers (or other on-site properties) with the ticket combo, you'll easily dish out over $1k. And at those prices, my destination veers from Amusement Parks to sunny beachfront in Key West. Just my 2 cents.
  16. Another kiddie coaster? Really? Grasping at straws for that 20. Quality over Quantity is the game anymore.
  17. Splash City is an excellent choice of replacement for the zoo. A few body slides, family raft, and a high-thrill slide is a decent start. Splash City has the potential to draw in a lot more customers. This could be just what the park needs to skyrocket it into a top-tier regional park. This park has done a complete 180 since Six Flags has taken over, and I expect more great things to come.
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