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  1. Agreed. The Drop tower(s) will most likely be placed on the front of the structure.
  2. Agreed, Im not holding my breath on anything Wooden. Predictions on the Future of the action zone. 2013-Quiet year with the removal of SOB OR... Timberwolf Amphitheater being converted into a more modern ACTION performance stage. Featuring live action-adventure performances. Cedar Fair doing the Luminosity Treatment, but with a more ACTION based approach. 2013-2014- Congo Falls removal, replaced with concessions/restaurant for the new performance area. A new Aqautrax opens on the former SOB(station-lift) location, replacing Congo Falls.
  3. Seems to be a very similar "experience" that you would've have from Thrill Shot. Which didn't operate for a few years before being demolished(assuming it had numerous defects). Now MM is getting a modern sling shot ride, and because it's portable it's considered "ghetto". Where is the logic? -_-
  4. THAT just made my day (err...morning). So with the closing of DT, I wonder how long it will take for them to actually start the demolition? X-flight @SFGA, was constructed in a similar climate. Land clearing didn't start until early September. DT will most likely be gone by early September, which puts the "land clearing" factor on-par with X-flight. So I would expect a similar construction time-line for this coaster. Which means it probably wont finish the main construction phase until March. Although this is just a simple hunch.
  5. Windseeker, but that was a more intentional move. Cp is always 1st when it comes to coasters, in the Cedar Fair Chain. So it's going to be the King(tallest, fastest etc.) of whatever type of coaster it's supposed to be.
  6. Wouldn't that be a bit painful to men? How would that be painful? That sounds extremely painful! A Floorless Stand-Up Coaster sounds like it could smash your balls just by going up the lift! What I meant was, REPLACE the stand-up cars with floorless ones.
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