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  1. Now that you mention it, it kinda does. What if the Dive Coaster concept is just a ruse, and it ends up being a 4D aqua-trax?
  2. The same can be said for Arrow. Gemini, Magnum, Corkscrew & Iron Dragon are all placed back-to-back. Plus you have Mine Ride, Antique Cars & Snake River Falls. So, yeah.
  3. Tallest & Fastest Giga Coaster Longest Steel Coaster in North America Largest B&M coaster to date Next: Fujiyama
  4. I'm all for realism. What type of project is this exactly? Please give details, because I'd be more than happy to help.
  5. Every time someone mentions an "exceptional/Top" B&M invert; Montu, Banshee, Raptor, Nemesis, and the occasional Batman clones are mentioned. It may not be someones idea of "the greatest coaster ever", but it still remains one of the better inverts out there. That speaks volumes in itself. Raptor is a solid ride, with all the glorious old school B&M goodness. 8.5/10
  6. GateKeeper - an in-line roll after the helix that leads into the final brakes. And either make the airtime hill sharper, or replace with a vertical loop.
  7. 1. Intamin's 2nd longest wooden roller coaster 2. Steepest 1st drop on any Intamin wooden coaster 3. Has a simple figure-8 layout (pre-MCBR) 4. Only Intamin prefab to have a MCBR Piraten
  8. VR isn't not the most innovative or hottest new product on the market, but most likely will be a solid ride with a high thrill factor that even the whiniest enthusiast will enjoy. Oh no!! If VR isn't enough for you, you can always ride Maverick, Dragster, Raptor, Magnum, maXair, Skyhawk, Power Tower, or Millennium Force. Or maybe visit another park.
  9. A vertical 21-story drop, and then being flipped upside down over 150 feet into the air with another two inversions and an additional 100+ foot drop. Where else can you do that in your everyday life? That is indeed "insane" to anyone who doesn't live to ride coasters (99.9999% of the population & Cedar Point's target audience).
  10. Such a shame. I was really looking to see where this park would go, the story was really good. I can still look forward to your RCTW project.
  11. I wonder what will be the final outcome here. I doubt the park will try to invest in another coaster after the disaster that is Pipeline. Your story has me intrigued.
  12. First drop needs more theming, and it doesn't even have a 300 foot drop under Lake Erie. #DiveCoaster1isn'tIntimidator305enoughForme
  13. B&M Flat Spins are hard to beat. Zero G Rolls & Dive Loops are also great. I don't really enjoy Immelmanns though, they just do nothing for me.
  14. Millennium Force Maverick Raptor GateKeeper Magnum XL-200 Rougarou (I imagine Valravn will fall here) Top Thrill Dragster Gemini Blue Streak Wicked Twister Mean Streak Corkscrew Iron Dragon Cedar Creek Mine Ride
  15. ^ - Exclusive Access to the 2 Beta Weekends (Delivery Scheduled – Late October and November) - 5 Special Peep Skins (Delivery – At Launch)
  16. You must have Cedar Point confused with Merlin Entertainments.
  17. The entrance looks solid. Has a simplistic flow to it, and adequate enough to handle those large summer crowds. I suggest you adhere to the following before you run into some trouble.
  18. The only thing that is "cheap" about the company is that they allow parks to market a transformed coaster as a new attraction for only 1/2 the cost. The products RMC provides, are anything but low-budget.
  19. I'm just going to call this one Pteranodon. Sounds much better. Anyways, "Flying Dinosaur over Universal Studios Japan, but not the Rainforest, and then to Chris Pratt" will become the world's longest flying coaster. And will also boast the largest drop on any flying roller coaster. It could possibly break the speed record for flying coasters as well, if not, it will easily become the 2nd fastest. Let's just hope that we get another unique layout like Starry Sky Ripper.
  20. On their current trend of family rides, pass sales would logically only be affected once the "family" is no longer the focus. A.k.a. a series of high-thrill rides.
  21. Firehawk at Kings Island. That loop & in-line rolls were bizarrely fun.
  22. I don't know. I mean, it sounds really...bogus. I have reason to believe that what you are referring to is anything but the truth. I don't know though. I'm just going off what the the guy, who knows a guy, who knows the guy who once worked under the guy who's in charge of the games, told me.
  23. For heartline purposes, yes. However, the station could just have a lower & upper level for loading/unloading.
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