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  1. I already have RCT3, but that Ultimate Edition looks enticing. I wonder what the additional textures will be? I find it odd that something as simple as textures & skins are pre-order exclusive when this game is open to modding. It wouldn't take more than a week for those said "pre-order exclusive" textures & skins to just be re-created and uploaded on the Steam workshop. However, that classic RCT panda is sure to get all the die hard fans to pre-order. Like me.
  2. $139 could get you multiple, arguably better, local haunted houses. And that's with food & travel costs.
  3. ^^I'm most likely in the minority here, but I don't see how this design would cause for fewer supports. Has there been info released on this track style being able to support bigger loads, or is this all enthusiast speculation?
  4. Thank you for the positive reply. I don't have any more plans with Towering Inferno. The ride has served it's purpose by being one of the premiere attractions from the 80's and has had a long stay at the park. It's all part of the story. The park also already has a few Huss rides so a Top Spin could definitely be plausible. Thank you. I planned on updating the thread about a week prior to, however I got a new laptop and got distracted. However, my new laptop is able to handle the game a lot better so I'm planning on possibly doing videos for the park. And it did feel a bit sad removing such an iconic ride from the park, but the story must continue in a realistic manner.
  5. ^Well, we are getting closer to the off-season. It's probably just prep for their annual off-season maintenance.
  6. Unfortunately, I cannot play in windowed mode because the window does not fit in my laptop's screen and there's no way to make it smaller. If you're using a windows machine you should be able to manually fix the properties tab.
  7. Source With 1.9 million visitors last year, Fury should've easily boosted it to 2.0 this season.
  8. ^Chance Morgan can already do that. They transformed Steel Phantom into an all-star coaster before RMC was cool.
  9. Bracing was added, and welding stopped. I think that's enough evidence that they were more than just for looks.
  10. When you spend $25 million dollars on a coaster, it should at least work. Dragster was down more than it was open during its first years. Wicked Twister needed additional bracing and welding to just stay operational, no to mention a reduced launch. Maverick was delayed by needed to be re-profiled. Then we have i305, with a temporary trim fix and then a total re-profile within its first year standing. Then you have STR with boats designed too large too fit. Cedar Fair apparently gets the half-assed engineered Intamins.
  11. ^I do see where you are coming from with the "converting a hyper" argument. There really is no "need" to convert any hyper, as most hyper coasters are the most popular rides at their respective parks. However, it's not completely impossible to do so either. I don't see why a coaster like Magnum with a lattice support structure, couldn't get this new track. I know that's not what you're saying, I'm just stating that possibility.
  12. The same people who complain "I want to go on something more thrilling than B&M Coaster 1." Are the same to complain about "Intamin Coaster 1 looks too intense for me!" You can't please everyone. Especially whiny & entitled enthusiasts.
  13. ^And in another 2 years, it will be pushed back another 4 years.
  14. ^ I don't see how you could get both a support structure and a mechanic inside that space. And then still have the required space to operate on anything that needs fixed. GateKeeper's keyholes were first shown to sheathe the supports in the same manner you mentioned, however plans changed to make it easier to maintenance the columns.
  15. Anything that causes the queues to be emptied is considered broken down to most people.
  16. GatKeeper caused a bigger jump in attendance than MF did. Eat that one up, haters.
  17. That makes a tie with GateKeeper, interesting. Any word on the height of the loop for Flash at Lewa Adventure?
  18. That's what it looks like to me. Basically a solid steel track without the cross ties.
  19. Interesting concept. Color me impressed when it can actually do something new that can't be done with the current 2-rail style. Those trains could use some work though, not the biggest fan of RMC's aesthetics. They remind me of Giovanola's hyper coaster trains. Regardless of all that, they still have kick ass coasters. If they start building steel coasters from the ground up, Intamin may find their match.
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