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  1. Someone on Instagram thinks the Dive Machine track is just "a scheme" and they're actually going to build a flying coaster or a 600 foot Poler Coaster. That's quite the expensive scheme to keep a few dozen enthusiasts entertained.
  2. Carowinds draws more people than Valleyfair which leads to more revenue which leads to bigger expansions. Plus Carowinds is going through a huge $50 million re-development plan, so you're making an extremely unfair comparison between VF & CAR.
  3. This concerned me as well, but in a good way. They may not want a repeat of i305, which is excellent for business I presume.
  4. Ha! The irony in this. I remember that during my last visit to CP one of the on duty officers was a bit rude. He was screaming at people to "MOVE OUT OF MY WAY NOW!" at the CCMR station. He was pushing people and such, while the train was loading mind you, and couldn't get past. Little did he know that one of the operators had already cleared him a way across the station at the front of the station, which he eventually noticed and crossed. I wonder if this is that same security guard, he was such an ass. I haven't experienced this type of rudeness from a park employee since my visit to Michael's Amusements traveling ghetto fair.
  5. It's great to know RTP takes care of their animals by giving their Giraffe's more room to roam. I like the inclusion of the nocturnal house, it really adds depth to the Zoological side by showing the smaller creatures of earth too. The Dino Go Round caught me off guard, it is indeed quite odd a location for such a ride. Maybe this could spell more rides on the Zoological side in the future? If so, there could possibly be ride interactions like the one below in the future. Anyways, that red arrow track loos interesting.
  6. Thunderbolt at Kennywood is under looked by most park-goers. Phantom's Revenge & Jack Rabbit seem to be the big guns at the park. I personally find Thunderbolt leaps and bounds better than Jack Rabbit, but to each their own.
  7. Based upon the rendering, that tower is currently 403' tall , which is a few feet shy of Dragster. It really puts it into perspective how truly massive that coaster is.
  8. ^But then they would be denying an enthusiast's fanboy-driven pipe dream, and their park becomes NEGLECTED!! That makes too much sense to work. A $30 million coaster for KD is NEEDED or the park will go bankrupt!!
  9. ^I've always heard rave reviews about 4D coasters and I've always wanted to ride one myself. This newer & smaller model can bring the 4D experience to a wider variety of parks with its small footprint, and (I assume) much cheaper cost and lower maintenance.
  10. I've visited the park numerous times before, and Mantis' que was always slacking, comparable to Mean Streak's. After my visit this year, I can assure that the GP LOVE this ride, and it had a full queue all day. It was a longer wait for Rougarou than Millennium Force on a Saturday. Regardless if an enthusiasts likes it or not, the ride has certainly peeked in ridership this year, so that deems it a success.
  11. I was looking around all the CF websites for their sections on next year's new additions and I came acorss this. IIRC, something similar was posted momentarily on the CP website prior to GateKeeper's announcement. Interestingly enough, it's gone now but I was able to get a screenshot. Interesting.
  12. Interesting partnership. I don't know what the park could possibly gain from this, other than publicity. I too agree that the beach is a valuable asset, it's a draw to the park by itself. Also, I absolutely love the simplistic architecture of the Pioneer Theater. Very inspiring.
  13. After visiting a traveling fair today, I was able to finally ride an ARM drop tower. It was only a 90' model, but the freefall was quite spectacular. I prefer this over power Tower @ CP.
  14. Most enthusiast's logic is "a new coaster needs to be added because one hasn't been added in x amount of years." Most forget that this is a business, and money will only be spent where it can be made. And as Coasterguy21 said; Most forget that parks invest in other things that also bring in money, flats, food, waterpark, family areas, etc. These all pull in big money, not just coasters. Again, people conveniently forget that this is a business not a charity service for coaster demanding enthusiasts, who will complain even if they do get one because it isn't an Intamin. It's just very annoying hearing all the whining about "no new coaster, we NEED one!", when people completely ignore the fact that CF/KD has invested heavily for years so that guests can have a better overall experience throughout the day, not just a 60-second rush. But when it's not what they want (family areas, general improvements that are needed), the park is somehow "neglected" because they didn't spend $25 million on their fanboy-fueled pipe dream. /rant
  15. TPS = Theme Park Studio Okay, thank you for updating the title as the TPS wasn't originally there. I was a confused on what exactly this was.
  16. Thursday, May 26, 2011 Amanda Sands - regular guest The 2011 season is finally among us with 5 new attractions in an expanded Camp Snoopy midway. The first new ride most will notice is Crazy Kars, a kiddie bumper cars. Since the classic Dodge 'Em closed at the end of the 2009 season, I've longed for a replacement. Flying Beagle, another NEW for 2011 ride. My favorite part about Flying Beagle is flying over the water. Neat! I'm loving the new views of White Lightning. The main attraction on the expanded midway is Snoopy's Rocket Express, a family roller coaster. Snoopy's Rocket Express begins with a backwards tire-lift, quite unusual. The ride is filled with twists, turns and drops throughout it's compact layout. At the end of the circuit the ride repeats itself in reverse. I heard lines got up to 45 minutes for Snoopy's Rocket Express, quite the feat for a family coaster. A bit further down the midway, I noticed Spruce Pavilions, Valley Hills new picnic pavilion area. These pavilions are open to park guests, and you can also rent them out for private events. $180 per hour, per pavilion, to be precise. Coasters Restaurant received an expansion as well over the off season. The outdoor seating has helped immensely with the congestion inside the restaurant. I noticed this unusual rock climbing wall. Judging by the slapped together Que, a possible temporary addition. This up-charge attraction replaced Apple Twists, which opened with the park back in 1972. Not liking this trade, at all. Elsewhere in the park, I noticed two other ride removals. This is the former spot of Charlie Brown's Wind-Up, which debuted last season. I wonder what prompted the park to remove it after only one season. Another ride removal, and a bit more noticeable, was that of Towering Inferno. Nothing but a field of dirt now. I'm sure a lot of die-hard Intamin fans are crying over this right now. But I was never a fan of this rough ride, so it's no loss to me. I wonder if this removal is related to last year's incidents. I also picked up a 2011 souvenir map at Kanwha Marketplace. (Full Size can be found here --> Link) Until next time... ~Amanda Sands
  17. I don't know at this current time, but next time I boot up the game I'll make sure to P.M. you the set name. Thank you for the feedback. I've always tried to keep the park in first-person view to give readers a first-hand perspective. The next 10 years will most certainly bring new things to the Valley. Maybe not...or maybe....which is it? Yes, I'm planning on continuing this park for many more seasons. Thank you for your long time support too.
  18. The colors look good, no complaining there. However, the ride is 99.99% of my concern. And it looks to be on hell of a coaster. Win win.
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