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  1. That photo from the road looks awesome. Great addition to the park. I would love to see more updates on the construction as it seems this coaster is not getting as much love!
  2. I see this photo randomly floating around Twitter today..bigger interest is when did they add this box? I don't recall it over summer but it may have been added late summer and into fall
  3. The Smiler is quite impressive. Other honorable mentions for me are Wicked Cyclone and I-Speed
  4. Blessed to have Hershey as my home park during the summer months. I sort of take it for granted when I am there but then seeing pictures and TPR reactions from people who rarely get to visit makes it that much more special to me each visit. The Intamin trio is sacred to my heart. Beautiful photos!
  5. That'll be a nice little upgrade. Glad I took a ride on the current state of the ride over Christmas!
  6. I've been waiting for another Falcon's Fury to pop up somewhere else. Wouldn't shock me if they plan to add one! Imagine the view from the top looking at the water and woods
  7. Never had a smooth ride on Mean Streak. Always wanted to call my chiropractor afterwards, but it also never stopped me from riding it once on a visit!
  8. I think it should go up pretty quickly since there is some experience now with Batman under their belts. Time will tell
  9. It honestly isn't that hard to figure out in my opinion. Obviously vertical lift coasters are 90°. As such coasters are billed to have a vertical lift hill. This is not considered a vertical lift coaster, therefore it has the steepest lift hill (no vertical)
  10. I always liked the rusty look. The white sure does pop though
  11. Those photos look great! Which gave me an idea...Here is an interesting thought. I think it would be a grave improvement if they replaced their Ferris Wheel with one similar to that one on I-Drive in Orlando. Something that gives an even better view and it is a different type of addition.
  12. Holy mother of pearl. Those are quite beautiful, let the complaints begin on the head rests though!
  13. It seems so doesn't it? The background....eh it just looks so eerie! The Intamin is HUGE
  14. Now with Superman back, I really wish for them to paint Mind Eraser a new color. Or just demolish it
  15. That last picture is amazing. Never knew the park had such a nice skyline like that from the road
  16. I find it strange there are only a few yellow supports just hanging out near the end of the ride. This thing is just so weird
  17. Very jealous of you! I must get out to this park over summer just to ride Ravine. Heard nothing but great reviews of it.
  18. Really love the look of this coaster, it will be a great combo with Lightning Run!
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