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  1. I have never experienced ejector air on a GCI either, however, Lightning Racer is one of my favorite wooden coasters and it has some good floater here and there with some awesome turns. I think this fills the void very nicely for the park at this time.
  2. This ride flies through the course! Also interesting how the service road runs right under probably the highest stressed part of the structure!
  3. Fahrenheit is certainly not getting them from pictures of the maintenance shop, but I must say I have not seen Storm Runner's trains at all this off season so that could still be possible
  4. You did a great job with that. It would certainly fill a void in the park in my opinion. A good wooden coaster is certainly needed.
  5. What an engineering masterpiece. I mean that giant wave turn is unbelievable.
  6. I could definitely see a dive similar to Baron's theming coming to the park. I'd rather see an invert along the lines of Nemesis more though
  7. I 100% agree. It was fun no doubt and wipped around a bit, but it is far less superior than other spinners. But then again we have to remember their goal, a family attraction everyone can ride. I think it satisfied that.
  8. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but don't almost all other Intamin coasters have brakes that drop down on the final brake run. Granted some of them are a different style of brake, but they still retract once the train has been slowed down to a specific speed. You are correct. Most of Intamin's coasters use magnetic brakes to slow the trains down on a "trim" section before the block section. For example, here on Flying Aces the trim section is that first set of brakes that drop down on a sloped piece of track. The weight of the train alone carries it down and into the transporters that fed into the block portion. On Skyrush the trim section is above Comet's station, and then the train drops down into a two block section.
  9. To be fair on the complaints about theming, they DID make a pattern with the concrete after all
  10. Skyrush attendants "assign" rows but they allow you to ask. I never get denied when I ask for the back row. Then you just have to take the wing seats right away. Definitely not familiar with how they operate this coaster (unfortunately )
  11. Dude... that train was crawling through almost every element. I expected the insane speed at the bottom of the first drop to carry throughout the majority of the ride, but holy crap, it barely even inched through the first element. When the camera is that far away of course it looks slow. Same goes for an airplane in the sky.
  12. You guys are kidding me right? I just watched the section me video for the first time and it hauls ass holy crap. This thing is a monster.
  13. You'd think maybe a small elevator type set up would be better than a spiral stairs at that height!
  14. I think it is from the lack of updates that isn't creating as much buzz from enthusiasts as it should. Still no POV or off ride footage.
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