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  1. Which was announced first? HP opening coasters or SFGAdv announcing their ride lineup I just found rough time periods...Hershey announced September 18th they would have the coasters open and Great Adventure released it on April Fools Day...but it wasn't a joke!
  2. Hersheypark 2016-Hershey Lodge improvements with indoor water park area and fitness center (confirmed) Also new expansion project begins (planned as far as we know) 2017-RMC Wildcat 2018-Large flat ride addition in current amphitheater spot (Drop Tower or Starflyer) Small waterpark addition (slide complex or something in RS spot) 2019-Expansion opens with relocated Sidewinder and new amphitheater 2020-Continued smaller additions to expansion
  3. First time seeing this coasters progress and I must say it is very interesting. Can't wait to see what evolves in the near future
  4. ^Unless you're at Great Adventure. They'll run hose puppies in anything
  5. I think the hawk is cool but the color of the train is too dark to see it in that lighting
  6. I have a question for more advanced users. I finally upgraded to the pro version and I was wondering how the 60fps video recording is used? I am only able to pick 60fps while the setting is set to custom, is there a way to change it for HD? Or how to record in HD while using custom. Thanks! EDIT: Figured it out!
  7. Seems like the crew is great for this project. All the guys seem to enjoy their work, I mean, I certainly would if I could wake up everyday and build a roller coaster.
  8. I'd have to say Wildcat at Hershey or Hurler at KD. Probably two of the worst wooden coasters on the East Coast give or take a few.
  9. Make Skyrush have a double sided station so I can get on it quicker.
  10. ^Not quite sure how to interpretate that. Hopefully we see some new vertical construction soon!
  11. That makes sense! if it is indeed not painted at all I wonder if we could see RMC come up with a solution such as Intamin's white strips in the future.
  12. This will be nuts. I wonder if the new black strips on RMC track are for friction or just added strength since WC and TC seemed to wear quickly.
  13. That is insane! It seems like it would make it so much more fun. I wonder if they would build a full train with these or just stick one on the back?
  14. Looks awesome! Looks like the weather has finally started to go against them but seemed like they were further along due to nice weather previously!
  15. ^Yes the jerk is the one standout flaw. Must've happened when I rotated the track into place!
  16. No reason to go when Robb goes out and provides us with the awesome coverage! Highlights of this year for me are.. 1) RMC T-Rex track 2) Mack Spinning Car that can be attached to any current Mack coaster (so it seems) 3) S&S Rotating tower car (offers 360 view of parks now!) Honorable mention to the spectacular water slide models.
  17. Great Bear POV! Remember to watch in HD...Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0Nqt2eeHSE
  18. Still not a fan of the colors just because they're being used at CP. If it were anywhere else I'd like them more but how many colors can you have right?
  19. Holy cow that's insane. Nice little side ejector before severely over banking.
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