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  1. Wonder why the change in restraint and seat color. Only thing I could possibly think of is the lighter blue color showed sweat stains and bug debris. That's all I got though what do you think?
  2. You are correct in that the three Intamin's do not begin testing until the temperature is either 46° or 48°. Wooden Coasters, SDL, Great Bear and Sidewinder are a bit lower from what I remember. But they strictly follow that for the Intamin's at the very least
  3. Is Hershey really that ridiculous? 48 degrees is a problem? Yes it is
  4. It's absolutely crazy to see how much wood there is stacked up there on a cliff. Definitely going to be a beautiful thing to look at
  5. No worries! I probably could have stated how I know. But I saw A retweet from the ALT page that it will be openand they are usually pretty accurate. I didn't directly quote it cause I believe it's one of those "forbidden" sites here. In the future, anytime I post something like that I mean it. I am not a huge fan of people who make up stuff to stir the pot I'm also sad that Storm Runner did not end up getting the new restraints, although I'm not sad for myself, I am for other people since they don't bother me. EDIT: Also Hersheypark Twitter confirmed it so all is well
  6. ^No I'm serious it is going to be open weather permitting
  7. For anyone going this weekend I hear Skyrush will be open (weather permitting)
  8. ^Yes those are the typical Intamin's rocket train cars. This is something new I quite like it.
  9. I just don't know about this one. Not saying you're wrong cause you could have your sources but it just seems odd that they would redesign the entire train restraints 4 years after it opens. Especially with all the changes they have already done to it. Guess we will wait and see! Im still set on Storm Runner receiving them if any so we will see this weekend
  10. Ah this brings back memories to Springtime in the Park 2013. Skyrush was not open for that as well and got its "axles" fixed as people claimed...It really isn't a surprise to me it's not ready yet. Hersheypark has so little down time in season because they take the utmost care of coasters in the offseason. This is likely just another case of that.
  11. ^Very funny! Gotta get out to the park this summer again, especially with the new addition coming
  12. Wow it has excellent pacing so far! This is definitely a dark horse this year
  13. ^I also could see it being more of a hassle to "kick people out" of the station and cause a scene instead of just saying "throw it over there"
  14. Really the only difference the full fast lift had was making the ride 2 seconds shorter IMO and the ejector air in the back seat was absolutely mind blowing, which it still is now anyway so why not make the ride 2 seconds longer Been on the coaster more than 300 times since its opening so you could take my word for it, but you don't have to
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