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  1. Yes I too agree the tour ride has not improved at all. Most of the people I know dislike the changes. They seemed to have gone too technological this time
  2. Looks like a heck of a trip! Italy is probably my second favorite desired location to visit so it is neat to see some park pictures and sight seeing pictures. Glad it was a blast!
  3. Like??? First inverting hydraulic launch coaster, first dueling/racing wooden coaster, first wing hyper coaster, first indoor spinning glow coaster. I'm probably missing a few things but they do try to do different things. Obviously the ultra tower is a huge first to take on but like I said Hershey worked with the same company on Laff Trakk that works with Intamin on this Ultra Tower. Laff Trakk has been great since it opened with effects so I can't see why they wouldn't trust them
  4. ^^They were not that far apart honestly. That's why after seeing how this Ultra tower has a wider cylinder with four bases it totally makes sense It could seriously be that. From seeing other S&S complexes they are kinda spread out more.
  5. I wouldn't say they have a "no compete" agreement just more so the fact that why have 2 of the same things an hour from eachother. But then again Dorny and Hershey both have a few of the same things including Inverted Coaster and Hypers but they are two totally different rides. My money is set on the Ultra Tower
  6. I have found out some more interesting stuff. I am now 90% sold on it being the Ultra Tower. Intamin works in collaboration with Raven Sun Creative to create this ultra tower and it just so happens Hershey collaborated with Raven Sun on the glow features for Laff Trakk. If you look at animations of this ultra tower it has 4 bases which is entirely possible given the space the markings were put in. It just wouldn't make sense for it to be an S&S complex since Dorney has had it
  7. Out of all my searching these were the only markings in the whole park. I agree with AJ that we could be seeing an S&S complex here. I wouldn't be a huge fan of it since Dorney has a complex but it would be something different for Hershey
  8. So if this is legit then there seem to be 2 "tower bases" that are marked and presumably a 3rd one is going to be by the frog hopper. Outside of the big white markings there are red lines outlining like a platform of sorts and possibly the queue line. I'm looking for more over maybe around kissing tower cause this could be a misleading thing but likely not. Again this is in the little kiddie ride area across from Flying Falcon
  9. I'm at the park now looking for some clues around the park. So far only a few markings by Convo as mentioned. Heading over to Wildcat area
  10. Wildfire looks just as great as expected! I am more impressed with the rest of the park since it has not been seen as much. They really have a TON of potential here to make it a world class zoo/amusement park. This is a huge step in the right direction and I can't wait to see what else they have in store in the coming years.
  11. I think a conversion would be cool but KT is such a family friendly attraction that, like mentioned, gives great views, something the whole family can ride. If they made it into a drop tower it would lose all that. Outside of a drop tower I really think a large swing ride would be a great addition as well
  12. Double post, but Hershey just released their first clue for next years new attraction on Instagram, it's just a bunch of candy and then at the end 3 kisses seem to "stack up"
  13. If I had to guess where it would go, I would say where the character quiz show amphitheater is. That has long been rumored to be removed, and it would be a cool location and sorta bring it back to life along the creek on the opposite side of Great Bear
  14. I can't see Flying Falcon going anywhere, it received all new LED lighting package this year why spend that money they replace it?
  15. This just continues to get better. Regardless of when it opens, it'll be one of the best.
  16. ^I thought the big issue with Skyrush was cause of the creek interaction and that apartment complex directly in line with the lift hill across the road. KT is 255ft I think so you have to assume a giga isn't totally out of reach with 45 more feet
  17. I agree but it is really just the soft ending that ruins it for most people. It's like a movie that is awesome but the ending sucks, that's all people remember out of it And on this Fahrenheit debate, I'm glad we finally are comparing it to a similar coaster, I dislike when people compare it to Maverick since they are two totally different experiences. I have yet to ride impulse so I cannot comment yet, however, I will say I quite like Fahrenheit but stacking up against Storm Runner and Skyrush it can get lost in the mix
  18. ^Yes Storm Runner and Fahrenheit got the softer Intamin restraints, they should be operating as normal now unless there is a generic issue. Skyrush is open in full force as well. I think everyone agrees the "backwards" method is the best way to go. I'd start with Fahrenheit, Laff Trak and hit the woodies in the back of the park. Then hit Storm Runner and make your way to the front of the park. Skyrush is tempting to ride first but if you wait till around 2pm the line is usually >15 mins. Have fun!
  19. Oh my. You'd figure they'd see that and immediately fix it right? Seems odd to make that modification and notice it is not right and let the ride keep operating
  20. This is absolutely incredible. I remember when it was announced I think Robb said something like "it looks like something you'd design in Nolimits". Boy is that true it almost looks unrealistic!
  21. Seems like a real complete coaster. Nice mix of elements. Also the airtime hills look very nice. Can't wait to see reviews!
  22. Seems like the second half is certainly the more intense part! Will be a great addition for sure
  23. Holy shit. That picture deserves the full word instead of $hit. Because holy shit look at that view. Oh I see its filtered so I can't even put the full word, you get the point. Wow
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