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  1. This thing is nuts! It kind of has me with the same interest as the Smiler did
  2. very interesting! I wonder if this is a new design by GCI of if it is just a different type of wood
  3. While I can see your statement I think the fact that Taron is right there is what they were hoping would appeal to people like you and me! Then the kiddie coaster is just some icing on the nice twisted cake
  4. No surprise we will see Goliath style lift support structure! It would make more sense on this coaster though since this limits the rock digging they'd have to do
  5. ^Exactly my thought. I know Hershey especially takes their off-season very seriously so downtime is minimal during the main operating season. I can't imagine them cutting their off-season nearly more than in half just to have more coasters open for Candylane
  6. Oh my good god. It's so symmetrical and beautiful and curvy.
  7. If you'd like to see a small update on my Hersheypark NL2 park you can see it here www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=70995&start=20 Also, with Great Adventures success with their Christmas event, and Hershey seemed to fair well from upgrading theirs, does anyone see them expanding even more with Candylane? The temperatures were mostly in the high 40's throughout the event. That approximatly matches Springtime in the park temperatures where they have all roller plasters operating.
  8. Now this thing should fly through construction! Looks great! Amazing addition to the skyline
  9. UPDATE Hello all! It has been a long time but now that the Nolimits2 100th Round-Up is over I am back to working on my Hesheypark recreation, among other projects. In this update you will find I did a major overhaul to Skyrush's track/supports, and most importantly.... station ! I also have been hard at work on Comet. As you can see I finally found the patience to nearly perfect the station for Comet. I have continued to stay focused on "The Hollow" section of the park as it is where I started the recreation with Skyrush. I added some more finishing touches to Great Bear to complete the "creek" area around Bear and Comet. All in all I am VERY happy with how this has turned out. I started with just a simple Skyrush recreation and now am almost done on an entire section of the park! All my Skyrush model needs is some winged trains and I am going to be able to release a newer POV and some B-Roll footage! I have a feeling the Intamin wing trains will be coming out in the next new big update Nolimits puts out as they were used in Flying Aces release. Things next up on my list mostly include.... Sooperdooperlooper track and station work Terrain work Also, Storm Runner sits idle in the background waiting for some love sooner than later. (Images have been re-sized for loading purposes)
  10. I used to like Storm Runner the best at night when they would light it up with colored spotlights in its first few years. Now those lights are hit or miss. I really like Volcano at night time....adds to the atmosphere of the ride.
  11. This project has to be costing them quite the buck. It will be interesting to see what else they come up with after this zoo
  12. Weird Myster Mine had one of the shortest waits with one of the worst capacities.
  13. Correct. So if you think about how hard it is to pull down the "rocket" train OTSR's, and consider how Skyrush's pull down very easily, there is minimal resistance from the hydraulics on Skyrush compared to those. So if there is a way to create more tension when it locks it *could* help. Now when you have 4.5G's pushing down I'm sure it's not as simple to fix as I hypothesize.
  14. To add to the anticipation, I just came back from Chocolate world and they have begun to excavate and level small parts of the land almost directly behind the fork between Giant Center and Chocolate World. There are also a few shipping containers and obviously a few machines Also, took a photo of Chocolate World's full mini chocolate/candy house. It took over 700hrs to create this mini house made entirely of Hershey's candy products. (mostly chocolate) Thought it was cool
  15. The seats themselves are much wider on the wing trains than on the 2-across. That could explain the reason Intamin went with a different lap bar design on each of the two. Again since I do not work for Intamin I am stating my opinion. Having Hershey as the home park and riding Skyrush often, I never have had problems with the lap bar but as stated others do. If there was anything that could be changed to help I would think adjusting the hydraulic locking system to not continue to be pushed down once the ride has been dispatched. But then there are some people who do not have the lap bar flush against their legs. ^Skyrush also releases its lap bar slightly on the brake run which I always hear a sigh of relief from people. Honestly I think nothing is wrong with the design of the lap bars. When the negative G-force is that strong it is obviously going to cause some discomfort for someone and then the domino effect takes place once someone hears someone else say it hurts their legs...now the Intamin designers are terrible
  16. Sweet Jesus. Look at how twisty the layout is. Sign me up for a wing seat
  17. Wow I'm very impressed with the bright color schemes they have going on now.
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