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  1. Yeah it's amazing to me how they have been running the trains like this for 2 weeks now on the main attraction. My guess would be it has to do with the cylinders. I noticed the one train doesn't even "unlock" on the break run anymore
  2. Yes that's correct. They have two different time periods. If I'm not mistaken, when you get your fast pass there are also designated times for certain rollercoasters. It really is not worth it and is something you won't need on a Sunday like that. You will be good to go
  3. Speaking of the downtown area, I thought there were projects planned to improve it and to do something with the old site of the chocolate factory. Is anything in the process of happening? Theres so much potential there for shops and restaurants. Even the old monorail stop is there, so maybe in the future people can be able to leave the park through that and head to town for lunch/dinner then go back to the park. I too was wondering this. I remember a while back there were rumors of a hotel or something where they tore down some of the factory. Other than that, they did re-do a lot of downtown over the past few years, the new firehouse just opened. They are also nearing completion on the re-route of Park Ave which I would say is probably their main focus right now. Also, I was at the park Friday, and they really need to fix Skyrush. They had trains of 12 people going out when the line was 45mins long. They had about 8 seats blocked off on one train and 13 on another. I wonder if this could be an issue with the cylinders. I noticed one train didn't do the "release" on the break run as well
  4. All these coasters are impressive. But one cannot pass on the fact that Taron is the most impressive of all. The amount of detail put into this coaster is absolutely incredible. It may not be the most intense or element filled on the list but when you think of overall atmosphere + ride experience it just steals the show.
  5. I'm under the assumption the park is using Snoopy here to correlate with "snooping" around. Just my two cents
  6. I ate in downtown Hershey last night and had a view close to the Skyrush lift hill and it seemed as if each train was full that was going. They were doing pretty good on dispatch times as well
  7. Your #1 steel would like a word with you. I mean it is 212ft from top to creek floor after all
  8. I don't believe it's a law at all, just has to do with the different townships and such. It is ironic though that there are 3 200ft rollercoaster drops in PA and that's the highest.
  9. Some part of me says they are going to tear the entire coaster down, and add a new ride along with a hotel or something similar and create a new entrance gate for the back of the park. Think there are 3 more towards the front and none in the back of the park.
  10. It will be nice to see a change to the skyline, I understand the aim at this addition but I'm not sure, I really was expecting something more, if anything I am very excited to try the rotating Hershey's tower that is new from S&S. Falcon gets me sick every time so I don't think I have been on it in about 7 years, so I am very happy I now have something to ride that isn't a coaster
  11. Thanks for all the tips and the TR^ I had a blast today we didn't stay till night time we went right at opening and left around 5 right before the rain started. I have absolutely nothing but amazing things to say about this park. I enjoyed every coaster If I had to pick a surprise and a disappointment, I'd have to say Kumba blew me away. I am now a Kumba fanboy 110%. One of the most intense coasters I have been on and relentless too. A disappointment is Cheetah Hunt, which is odd that Intamin fell short to B&M. Although I did ride Falcon 7 times and it is truly spectacular so they didn't totally disappoint. Montu was amazing just as I expected as well as Shrieka which I'd say beats out Griffion IMO. Scorpion was very fun too for its age. I must say Cobra just didn't do it for me. Not much spinning and very lackluster in unique elements but still fun for the family nonetheless. Gwazi sat rotting as I stared at it each time I rode Shrieka or Falcon, such a shame with the awesome layout. I really hope they do something soon. There is also much more open land around the coaster that would really come in handy should they demolish it completely and build from scratch. Here's to hoping it finds peace soon.
  12. Very excited to be a the park today while visiting my brother down in Tampa. Any tips?
  13. I wonder if this ride will have a full concrete footing under it like some other GCI coasters recently. Or at least partially. The large concrete areas we see make me think so.
  14. Parking is looking real beautiful this year. Seems like they made some inner improvements
  15. I second this. I *think* they added a longer section of those frictions brakes.
  16. I would think it would be bull*** busy. You should invest in that terrible skip the line pass they have. Also a concert on Saturday so that'll make it more crowded. But around 6 a lot of people will leave the park so you shouldn't be in too bad shape Saturday night
  17. Double post whoops. But new hint is "We're blasting off to new heights"
  18. ^Every rollercoaster had bins the lockers are not really necessary in my opinion unless you're afraid to leave your stuff in a bin on the ride platform
  19. It wouldn't be 3 towers it would just be one with 3-4 sides if that makes sense. Who knows. On a side note I saw someone say they had a rough ride on Storm Runner which absolutely shocks me. I have had the smoothest rides on it for as long as I can remember this year.
  20. Yes it seems to go up to about 100ft tall and is an enclosed 4D 3D drop tower simulator type of ride. As mentioned in this most recent clue it seems that each side might have a different thrill factor allowing smaller kids to ride certain sides or something. It's also a complete people eater Both Intamin's website and Raven Sun Creative say that the tower can be completely personalized to the parks wants so I assume Hershey could put whatever they wanted in the simulator. I'm assuming it'll be chocolate themed with all these hints including chocolate.
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