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  1. Trust me this is worth your time reading...... So just had a great long 17hr day at Cedar Point and it started early at 8 in the morning going up on the transfer platform of Raptor, Valravn and going behind the scenes on Dragster and Sky Ride! We learned a lot of very interesting facts that I'd like to put out there to help diminish some coaster fallacies. We were given a very mechanical geared tour so everything is pretty accurate, led by their Manager of Maintenance. Thank you CP and our TPEG group for a great tour! So the nylon/polyurethane wheel debate on what the purpose is goes on long enough. Here are the facts. The white colored wheels on any rollercoaster are nylon. These make the train go faster since the material is a harder, however one can argue that the jerk of a nylon wheel is a bit rougher than the much softer polyurethane...meaning nylon wheels can give a rougher ride depending on the coaster. If you see yellow wheels then you're seeing all polyurethane. These are softer and help the train safely go through the course since even the slightest speed change can alter how the forces react on the riders. If you think polyurethane wheels are a tad smoother you nailed it! Valravn uses strictly polyurethane wheels and other B&M's in the park such as Raptor, Rougarou, and Gatekeeper all use a combination of nylon and polyurethane to help it speed up but not too much...creating a balanced speed. As you can see below Dragster's power room is absolutely massive. This is only one half of it as there is an identical room on the other side of the track. Fun fact it uses about 3x more electricity than your house does in an entire month just sitting idle without launching a car on any given day if turned on. So you can only imagine. I think I remembered hearing Maverick uses about 3/8 the electricity that Dragster does but don't quote me on that. Dragster's cable needs to be replaced about every 1/2 year to every 3/4 year so at least once maybe twice a full year it is replaced. The cable costs about $30,000 dollars to replace with all expenses. The cable team starts when the park closes and usually has it up and running the next day. The ride has over 600 sensors making it the most prone to down-time. Notice it's not because there is a problem with it, it is just a very complicated system where one of those sensor trips can cause a delay. The speed of the launch is actually calculated electronically. A sensor at the top of the tower is paired up with one at the first set of brakes. The time between the two is averaged to be 7s so if the timing is lower than 7s by any margin the next train will launch a little faster. If it is over 7s by any margin the train will slow down. So if the train ahead of you creeps over, you will likely fly over, and vice Versa if the one before you flys over you will go slow over (better rollback chance). Other small facts...No magnetic brakes can fully stop a train on B&M coasters, the eddy-brakes are always creating an attractive magnetic field going opposite in direction of the train once fully slowed down. So that is why most declined brake runs are in existence so it can keep the train moving without a transportation motor. Sky Ride cable is hand woven together and wielded on the ends to create the most seamless continuously loop. Cedar Fair usually takes 3-5 years to plan out the entire rollercoaster (Valravn was in the works for 5 years). We also got to see them transfer a Valravn train on for morning testing! If you have any questions or comments about rides I mentioned let me know cause I might be able to answer them. Didn't cover like 1/2 the stuff we got to see. I took some pictures without trying to be rude to the tour guide...and then other from the day! Good morning sunshine Heading up the Raptor maintenance stairs! Aw did someone miss their wake up alarm? Wheel bogie of Valravn. Pictures don't do it justice. It's as big as my torso Is it wrong to look up a rollercoaster'a skirt? Beautiful looking coaster, but to me ends at that. Empty station means cool photos! 1/2 of the Dragster Hydraulic room Standing underneath the top hat So blue. So graceful. Getting artsy. If you didn't notice it was a beautiful day Nothing here to see except the slight over cast that set in Just hanging at the Cedar Point train station I love this photo. New header? Maybe. Much better coaster than Mantis 90°!!!! Another beautiful photo I love restricted areas. They could build a really nice train out of these tracks!
  2. Forget vertical it's pretty much topped out. Furthermore proving my point!!
  3. How is a Giga discussion coming up when the brand new Mystic Timbers has just more or less recently gone vertical? Come on guys
  4. It's actually funny that you say that because their was a twitter post that could kind of hint to that. Somebody asked Cedar Point to explain the I-box track located on sight and Tony Clark replied "Yes. Those are railroad tracks." You never know you could be right. Oh wow just saw that....It just makes perfect sense to me. They even have like the park train right there. So they could theme it that the railroad had like a run away crazy train depart from the station or something.
  5. ^Youre welcome! I've been thinking of possible themes and stuff and I thought of one that makes some good sense I wanna hear what you all think....so since it seems the track could mimick "railroad" tracks based on the color and given the theme of that area of the park I say Iron Streak would be a great name themed to a "Wild West" train. Makes a lot of sense and they could have a cool story behind how the railroad train went out of control or something.
  6. I'm still believing Hurler will be RMC conversion. I think Cedar Fair will announce it with Mean Streak
  7. Here's are some more photos for you! At the park now. Yes the silver part is the bottom...
  8. HPITD lines are never usually long. Only problem you might run into is if they decide to run one train operations due to light crowds
  9. Very excited to head up to the park tomorrow! How are the crowds for Haunt weekends? I've heard from others usually the coaster lines die down once the haunt events start up
  10. If you put more weight in the back the pop of air is really amplified
  11. I wonder what could be the idea behind steel supports. If memory serves me correct isn't the coaster located in a potential flooding area?
  12. I'm heading to CP this weekend and have a 2hr backstage tour of stuff so maybe I'll get some information for you guys (probably not) I'll certainly get photos if the opportunity arises.
  13. ^ from what I've heard it'll be open for sure. But as you said they tend to get antsy as the mercury drops so we shall see. I am rather intrigued that you are so excited to ride Coal Cracker!
  14. I'm really hoping for some type of special layout! If B&M does something similar to Valravn it would be a big hit for the park
  15. With all these 2018 announcements coming 'two years" before they open do you guys think this is some type of new marketing tool parks are trying to use? Not all of the suspected 2018 ones were technically announced yet although we can assume a few will be soon (i.e Mean Streak) Robb would have a better comment back to this than the most of us, but I do not really remember this many parks announcing new rides THIS early in the past.
  16. I am in Penn State's Theme Park Engineering group and we are doing a trip to CP in a few weeks for the park and backstage time, I wonder if we will get to snoop around Mean Streak area
  17. I really like that it seems they're trying to preserve as much foliage as possible. Usually GCI's are placed on open cleared land. I'm sure if there has been removed trees they'll certainly replace them as well.
  18. It will be very interesting to see what they do end up doing to Mean a streak. On one hand it would make a great RMC but on another hand it takes up SO MUCH land that it could be made into multiple rides. One thing I always saw coming to CP would be a drop tower since they lack in that department. Time will tell
  19. ^ Bill is dropping bombs Honestly I would ride coasters in the winter without a doubt, but they gotta do what they gotta do. That's what makes Great Adventure's event special, if you wanna ride coasters in the winter then you head there. Simple
  20. I just love how year after year we make fun of the GTA's. I also love how year after year they become more laughable
  21. I'm sure a lot of people are going to hate on most of the Six Flags announcements (myself included here and there) but for the parks getting the Joker clones they are all great additions and a smart move. Just would like to see my creativity but hey this is a great addition!
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