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  1. I don't play video games a lot, but when I do I almost only play Mario Games (that sounded like a "most interessing man in the world" meme doesn't it ) Here's my top 10 : 10. Mario Party 9 9. Mario Superstar Baseball (on Gamecube) 8. Any Mario Bros. 7. Mario Party 5 6. Mario Kart Wii 5. Martio Party 6 4. Mario Party 7 3. Mario Kart : Double dash 2. RCT3 1. Luigi's Mansion (the original - on gamecube) Yep as I said, there's a lot of variety in my list. And yeah Luigi's Mansion is awesome, I've finished the game over 30 times I think and I don't get bored of playing it .
  2. I totally agree with you. I guess the NHL hockey is for less sophisticated public who loves to see two mens beat each other
  3. Wow. Everything in this is amazing. I've never seen the real coaster but out of the photos of it, the job you did and the amount of details is just incredible !
  4. Looking pretty good so far, considering all the limits of RCT3. The Mantis recreation is amazing !
  5. ^I'm 99% sure that you will get all the future updates and probably the full game once the early access is over. For $30 it's really worth it !
  6. I second this, that helix is incredibly intense !
  7. ^100 % true. When I wrote my post I was more thinking about the size of the park, the few bigger rides they get etc. etc., but what you say does make a lot of sense. And yay the Comet is awesome !
  8. The two that comes to my mind are pretzel loops on B&M flyers (of course) and Batman clones right after the first loop. I always blackout at that spot !
  9. This is pretty cool, I had never seen a ride like this outside RCT3 !
  10. That Chance Mega-Lite is looking awesome ! It really will be a perfect fit fo KK and a great coaster overall !
  11. This is fairly difficult because the definition can be pulled to extremes, but I believe that Pipe Scream isn't a coaster. I believe the only type of coaster that I wouldn't consider a real coaster would be the powered ones. For me, a real coaster has to work by gravity for most of the ride. Pipe Scream probably has a propulsion system closer to what a pirate ship has than a true coaster. Also the train on this ride is too different for me from most coaster trains to be considered a real coaster train. Again, the definition can be pulled to extremes... But to me that ride isn't a coaster.
  12. ^I don't think it needs world class rides neither, but I mean for a Six Flags it doesn't get as much as other parks... Its last coaster was a relocated Arrow Mine train 10 years ago... Of course it's not in an horrible situation neither, but if Six Flags had to cut expenses and close a park it would be the GE.
  13. Airtime all the way. I like forceful coasters like Maverick or Batman clones, but I do like airtime even more !
  14. I'd say The Great Escape (sadly). It's a park I really like but it really is neglected by Six Flags and I think a lot of the attendance comes from locals, or La Ronde/SFNE season pass holders, so I don't believe that park makes a lot of money. Again I'd hate to see it go because I really like it and have so many great memories at The Great Escape, but if there's one likely park to close it's that one.
  15. I got my first La Ronde season pass when I was 7 years old, 9 years ago in 2005. I quicjly became fascinated by the bigger rides of the park, even tough I was too young to ride them (I was actually pretty scared of riding them and I was sure I would never do !). During my free times I was going on the park's website and looking at the different rides' informations and stats. Also, the next year La Ronde decided to install the Goliath which at the time was a gigantic coaster for a young kid like me at the time. I followed its construction the whole winter and that pretty much made me an enthousiast ! I have to say that the RCT series helped me to learn a lot about amusement parks too. I discovered several Six Flags parks like Magic Mountain through RCT2 way before I ever saw a real picture of the park.
  16. ^^^I've been on Raptor last summer and I actually really liked it ! However it was the first time in my life I went on it and I did not rode it in its best days when it opened I guess (I wasn't even alive yet ), but my 3-4 rides on it last summer were really good. It's #9 on my ballot out of 46 entries.
  17. I really like to check everyone's ballot to see how my favorites are liked/disliked by others. According to what I've seen I think SFNE's Bizarro will loose it's # 1 or 2 spot and fall a few spots down.
  18. ^If there was one, Togo stand-up trains would obviously win !
  19. ^I think you should rank it according to every other rides in your ballot, but I'm not too sure. Also, just finished mine ! I have 46 entries in it, here are the top and bottom 10 : Top 10 : Maverick Fav. Wood Coaster (El Toro) Millenium Force Bizarro (SFNE) Nitro Goliath (La Ronde) Behemoth Raging/Rageless Bull Raptor Fav. Batman clone Bottom 10 : Fav. Wild Mouse Fav. Zyklon Fav. Powered "coaster" Mantis Fav. Vekoma Corskrew Fav. SLC Fav. Arrow Corskrew Le Cobra (La Ronde) Fav. Zamperla Volare Skyrider (Canada's Wonderland)
  20. Mitch Hawker's AWESOME steel roller coaster poll is once again back this year ! Lots of great roller coasters have been built this year, and it's now time to choose your favorites ! Also, remember that every vote counts, no matter if you have been on 5 or 500 coasters ! You can find the instructions here : http://www.ushsho.com/steel_instructions_2013.txt If it's your first time taking the poll, here's TPR's idiot guide to Mitch Hawker's poll, or you can also try out Jordan's ballot generator which works very well. The deadline to cast your vote is March 31rst ! Which coaster do you think will end up #1 ?
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