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  1. I don't know, I didn't really relate to any of the characters. It wasn't that funny. The gal from The Messengers and Twilight was misguided in her interpretation of "acting". If it doesn't gel it aint Jello and it just didn't gel for me. Also, like Superbad, most of the characters were shallow assholes (well, I guess that is a very accurate portrayal of teenagers). The theme park stuff was neat, but it'd probably be more interesting if I had been to the park before. Which just goes to show you that if I was distracted enough to look at the park I wasn't paying attention to the story. These teenage "comedies" for some reason have this stigma of putting sex on a pedestal. Like it's the end all be all event. Even though the main character was a virgin, the fact that they made note of it means that its a big deal in the story. Not to mention (spoilers, I guess) that the movie closed with our two main characters bumping uglys. It wasn't a terrible movie, but I don't think I'd see it again.
  2. It's great to see Mr. Six back, but I think they've betrayed the character by making him speak. He was such a great chaplin-esk character. I mean how would we feel if one day Charlie Chaplin spoke? ...Oh wait...
  3. Is it just me or does the Big Thunder logo... look a bit like the They Might Be Giants logo
  4. What's interesting is that this isn't the first time the courtyard from BTTF had been burnt down. According to Robert Zemeckis on the Back to the Future Part III DVD Commentary, a Security Guard went insane and burned it down. Interesting, no?
  5. I discovered this on youtube.com today and I thought it would be interesting to any other Disneyland fans out there. http://www.youtube.com/user/1taken There are a bunch of videos on there and his blog is at http://www.disneyland3d.blogspot.com/ To my knowledge, this one of the few times something on this scale has been attempted and I think its very impressive.
  6. Thanks for your kind words, guys! Just keep in mind I know that NO ONE can ever match the awesomeness that is Freddie. I'm not even trying to. I'm just trying to tell a story that was inspired by his great song. And it is a great love song. My video is about love. A poorly misguided and desperate forced love. Still love. Be sure to tell all your friends! Shameless to the end.
  7. Hey folks! Just made a new video for you all to see and share with your friends! In today's troubled times, it's hard for a woman to find a good man. Our Gal in this story has finally found her chivalrous counterpart. He's the kind of guy raised on a Good Old-Fashioned view on love. I wrote, directed, starred, and sang in this. Let me know what you guys think. I'd really love to hear from Queen fans especially. 3 ways to watch http://lundopictures.com/goflb.html
  8. Excellent pictures! HHN = greatest event ever Oh, by the way, Magenta is the domestic and Columbia is the one with the gold.
  9. I really like the one of Jahan staring up the support beam. It's almost poetic.
  10. Hey folks, just wanted to share this rockin' short film I was in this last Halloween season called "Rock 'Em Dead". It's pretty rad. Let me know what you guys think. Rock 'Em Dead By the way, I'm the blond dude who sings.
  11. You're spot on about Mt. Olympus. It has potential to be so much more than it is. The problem is, in a town like Wisconsin Dells where all they get are tourists, they won't be changing they're ways any time soon. They would rather build something new than fix they're current problems.
  12. "Okay... I know California's awesome... but if I don't get to a theme park soon I'm going to esplode." Yay! Hey looky at X! It's all closed and whatnot. Some new colors too, yay! Figures. Yeah, I see you there. Viper, you too? Well, at least you look all shiny. Mother and Kay climbing the mountain of death. Didn't ride Tatsu, today. Line was very long. In fact it seemed as if the entire park was in line for Tatsu and not for any thing else. One station is prolly why it was so long, though. This is my "I hate Ninja with one train" face. Take note. This is my "Ninja is pretty awesome" face. Double notes. This face, however... you must promise to forget. Okay fine! I'll finally get on this thang. Stop yelling at myself! Without the flash, it's pitch black here.... safe? Superloud. Fast, floaty, nothin' special. Holiday Grafitti. Time for some Revenge. Kay is frightened. Hooray! No line! Whelp.... there goes my last chance. Walking back towards Colossus, this interesting sculpture caught my attention. Perhaps a metaphor for our countries current state. Buy another hot dog, fatty. Mmm.... hot dog fatties. Oh! I also found this totally wicked sick leaf. Looked like it was splattered in blood and it made me happy. With Colossus having no line the leaf rode shotgun.... Leaf Love! Wee hoo! Notice the whites in her eyes. She has begun the process of what we call the Colossus Coma. Very tragic. Scream! was next. It was great. But not as great as the leaf! The monolith. No line and this kids still insist on line jumping. "Where is everybody?!" See? Six Flags can theme... kind of. This fits the theme of... Blue, no? Hey look! A coaster from my childhood! Ah, nostalgia. Still "alive". Hapiness is a warm gun. Gold Rusher causes permanent insanity. I'm not sure which face this is. I'll leave it up to you. Hold onto your denchers, kids. The late afternoon had begun and we had already done everythig worth doing, at least what was open. We decided to grab a few rides on Scream! It's getting late and for some reason, it's 50 degrees in California. Maybe it's time we head out. Poor disgusting Flashback. "My coaster cravings have subsided for now. I needed that fix." Good night, Six Flags Magic Mountain. ------------------------------------------------ Hey James is here! Our drive to Magic Mountain was a fun and constantly on edge ride thanks to James's ghetto wagon having a hood that likes to pop up while driving. See? There it goes. It was kinda crowded outside the park and I must say I was surprised to hear that the park didn't open until 10:30. James, running to Tatsu (using the Revolution flashpass entrance as a short cut), keeps himself cool by panting. Lucky us, Tatsu wasn't even open yet. We were first in line. James stands in awe of the mighty pretzel. Hey look! Politically incorrect cartoon characters! James sexy with Tatsu. And me... uh... I think. Walking down the hill of death. "I'm too tall for this." Goldrusher. Well known for it's legroom. How dramatic! James points out the irony of the no smoking sign in the smoking section. Future reference: This benches are NOT bolted down. Urban art. "Hey.... What's that thing?" "Huh? That? Oh that's only the best stand-up ever." The Boy Wonder and The Boy Underwear. Oh yeah! I caught this kid trying to take a piss on Scream! Ha ha. He was pretty embarrassed . Parking lot or not. It's still fun. This picture is obsolete now, considering Flashy has left us completely by now, but it's nice to note that they were rippin' it apart all day. Tilt. It was starting to get busy. Even Revolution had a line. We decided a flashpass would be a prudent idea. "Must touch fake animal!" Goliath seemed like a good idea. Special thanks to the flashpass. Oh, and if you look carefully, you can see a monkey up in the far corner...ish. Lemme eat your face! Goliath from SECRET LOCATIONZ Why is this open in 50 degree weather? James wants to steal the coasters. That's as far as it goes anymore. "Who the f*** is this kid?!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Twisty chops. "I like rolley coasters" "Let's go throw balls at kids!" SUCK All of a sudden we hear this loud GEEEEEEEEERRRRRRROOOOWW KABOMP!. It was the sound of this piece being cut and falling into itself. My God, they mangled the crap out of this guy. Magical floating balls! Ohhh pretty. We caught a ride to the top of the evil mountain to see if Ninja was open yet. It wasn't. So we went by the Psyclone grave site. James was actually akin to this disasterpiece. And look. The Vu-ski. Them gals aint wearin' no panties. Gotham City junky. Random abstraction. Look at the size of this smoking section! Holy carp! Hmm, starting to get late.... Even Colossus has a longish line... Let's do Goliath and head out... And we did.... ------------------------------------------------- "I see it, James! It's right there!" "As soon as we get through this bloody crowd of ugly we will be at the happiest place on earth." This family was incredible. The all had the super power of looking ridiculous and being able to stand out in a crowd. As you can see, there were already mobs of people here. HI WALT! "She just said she wanted to eat my soul!" Dear lord! Looks like we're not getting on Indiana Jones any time soon. My God, look at this mess of people! Good lord! It's like a swarm of ants climbing over a dropped chocolate bar. HMH only has... and hour wait... Let's do that. James pouts because of the mobs of people. I love when they re-do the mansion to be like The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's like combing my two favorite things in the world into one big happy awesome amazing thing. This is cool, you can see The Haunted Mansion in his eye! Mine said I'm with stupid. Gingerbread! Hidden Mickey! Hidden Mickey! Right there! See? See?! I found an ACTUAL Hidden Mickey this time! Ick, there are just so many people here. Let's not let that stop our fun. Let's grab a single rider on Splash Mountain. It's the truth. It's actual. We figured the best way to get away from the ugly crowds would be to venture over to Tom Sawyer Island. They had some awesome new stuff here related to Pirates of the Carribean. It's hard to do these without a tripod. "James! I'm stuck! Go on without me!" Coolies. "I'm in da ball!" It's a little scary being in these caves. Especially when there's so many people. Not to mention, being as tall as I am. There was even a point where I wanted to get out of the cave, and a hoard of people came rushing in. I saw a squirrel.... It was doin' like this! This owl feels very uncomfortable right meow. Lundy and Lundy. Here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And we're all out of gum. Hmmm.... the waterfall is off today. I forgot to mention that we had chowed down on an amazing funnel cake at Magic Mountain the day before and it was delicious. I'm very sad to report that Disneyland's funnel cake was major suckage. What's even worse is, it looks so delicious. But it's not. Rasta mouse The line for the subs was outrageous! You can even see it here stretching all along the side of Matterhorn reaching into Fantasyland. After molesting a giant Lego, We park-hopped over into DCA. However we did not ride this, and it made me sad. On the list of things ridden in DCA, was this. Single Rider. An impatient bastard's best friend. I'd like to add, that this thing was very nifty and should be in all roller coasters. Lucky us, the single rider line still let us sit next to each other during our ride. It was great! We then walked around some more, looking at stuff... We also tried out our MAD surfing skillz. I, obviously, lack all skillz. And I call my self a Californian. Shame. I thought this was pretty cool, it squirted out water when you pressed down on it. "Who the f*** are these kids?!" "Hey, boss! I spy nudes!" Bah ha ha ha! Captions can not do enough justice for this photo. We then left Disney's California Adventure, back into Disneyland It was just way too crowded and not enough exciting things to do there. Plus James wanted to get to Toontown before it closed. Getting off the monorail I notice that even at Disney, the LA traffic sucks... Toontown would be a great place to live if you're drunk. All the lines would be straight. James noticed a slight miscalculation in scale when they were building this person's apartment. Someone please tell me... what the hell? James, a coke fiend in Toontown. Tapping into water colors, Eddie? Vrooooo, errrt vrooooooo! RRRRRTTttt ERrrrtttt, thubb thubb......vrrooooo. Dear God there's nobody driving! AHHH! The only way to drive. Minnie's well needed some cleaning. "King o' de castle, king o' de castle." Sexy? I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't real. Look how amazing this picture spot is! It's so picture worthy! OMG! James loves lamp. "Almost got? Oh crap, the fuzz! Cheese it!" The only picture I took of us on Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, it's getting dark around the magic kingdom, why don't we hit some rides while people are waiting for Fantastmic! or something. Splash without single rider was now down to fifteen minutes. Score! We even met this most excellent castmember who had the amazing name of "Sin". Go her! Since there was no single rider, we rode together this time. "Grrr, I am wet!" "Oh! I am wet!" Indiana Jones fastpass time has come ahahahaha! "Chris! Chrriiiisssss. Hey! ahhhhhh Hi." "This is why we can't have nice things!" James says, "I want to touch!" Spoooookkkkkyyyy Touch. Foreshadowing the awesome things to come. Indy was amazing as always. And since Jungle Cruise was right there with zero wait, we hopped on. This was our skipper. I don't recall his name at all, but it definitely wasn't cool like Sin's. Hey, James. It's time for Matterhorn! James excitement was so much, that he made the guy behind him drop down dead immediately following this picture. Matty looks kind of gross. I mean, I know she's almost 50, but c'mon. James-sledding. Gopher! More castle stuff I am so tired. Let's to Big Thunder and call it a day. Weeeeee! What a great day. Good night, Walt! After an exhausting day of amazing Disneyland fun and putting up with swarms of people, it's nice to get some sleep. In fact that's what took so long getting this up, I've been sleeping this whole time. It's always great to see my cousin James, and it's even better to go to theme parks with him. I couldn't ask for a better way to end my "coastering" each year than to go to Disneyland and it's even better when Magic Mountain is included in my last set of outings. I hope next year will be as amazing as last year, because it'll be tough to beat. But who knows, The night is still young. Take care folks. See you next season. The End.
  13. Eric Idle should not be allowed to: 1. "Moon" people at a Disney park. 2. Use his imagination. 3. Sing*. *Monty Python songs excluded
  14. This was from a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to share. Orlando. Flat as flat can be. We arrived Monday at 9 in the morning. Exhausted from the night before, going on three hours of sleep. Hey! We can see Universal from our window! Let's go! Let's go! Let's Go! We start our park adventure at the home of adventure, Islands of Adventure. Shall I say adventure one more time? Adventure! Hey look! Hulk! "No way am I riding that" Oh god! The Geico Gecko followed me! Our first ride of the trip. Ten minutes? Less than that! Totally walk on. And it was very awesome. Hidden Mickey! .... Wow... hilarious.... I just love family circus..... *cough* Wow, that looks wet. Over in Jurassic Park, they had a "live" dinosaur. They were really into selling the illusion of it. It was pretty cool. If it was alive, this would not be a good place to be... Always a good place to text message. Wow... that's suprising in a place for kids. This is a very beautiful park. Very Disney-esk. Didn't ride the flying unicorn just... cause ten minutes is too long to wait. But this was a definite must-do. This was a very good ride, both tracks. Lots of twistyness. And wow did that line take forever. There was no one in it, yet its like a mile long. I actually like Fire better than Ice. Really enjoyed Ice twising underneath me on the little camel back. Father fell asleep while waiting. Ha! That's really cool. Living on over at the other park. Lots of cool stuff here for Halloween Horror Nights. Oh wow, I look awesome... Sidenote, get a haircut you damn hippie. My camera died... then came back on. But did some Men In Black, Jaws, Earthquake, and pretty much everything. By the way, Mummy is really, really awesome. Once my camera came back on, we had to get on E.T. since it was heartlessly ripped out of the Hollywood park. Our intergalactic journey on acid was a great trip down memory lane. This is where you can trade your old crappy baby for a new cuter baby. I hopped on Mummy again and father fell asleep. "Huh? Wha? Can we go now?" Yes, yes we can. Well, Universal was fun, but HHN doesn't start until Thursday... Hmm... what to do, what to do... Oh, hey great idea! Magic Kingdom was all decked out for Halloween Time. Roaming the second happiest place on earth by yourself is actually quite fun. Able to take things at my own pace. What's first? Ah, The Haunted Mansion, of course. I really really really like all of the new changes to the ride. The sounds in the stretching room are great. How bout some splash, now? Brer Ribbit. Mmmm... wetness. Wow, I never knew Disney was so dirty.... Stupid Big Thunder was Stupid closed! Oh my! A bunch of little hidden mickeys everywhere! Hmmm.... what's going on here? I then hopped on the lack-luster version of Pirates. Disneyland so has them beat on this one. You ain't never seen a ride like me! Oh wait... yes we have. It's 200 feet that way. Pretty... One thing MK has over DL is size. Everything is so much bigger here. And suprisingly more beautiful. Hidden Mickey?! M.I.L.F.! It still cracks me up. Time to ride the side I didn't last time on the bigger (and not as good) Space Mountain. 20 Minutes? This is my lucky week. After a kiddie coaster and finding out I can't walk through the castle... I walked around a bit taking pictures... until I came upon the infamous.... DoleWhip. After all the hype, I didn't think it'd live up.... but it certainly did. My tastebuds melted with the ice cream. I decided it was time to check out my other options. 190 bucks for a two day park hopper and I wasn't about to let that go to waste. "Well, sir, there's nothing on earth like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, six-car Monorail!" See? It's got one rail. Hello, Epcot. How are you? You know, Spaceship Earth kind of looks like a hidden mickey with those clouds in the back there. Oh, by the way, Spaceship Earth... Thanks for being closed... Went to Test Track first. Thank God for single rider. Jealous, That Guy? Since I no one would ride with me last time, I didn't ride this But now I don't care. I'm riding anyway.... It's a blury Lt. Dan! Beverly= horrible! Started out smelling tarty. Took a drink. No taste... then WHAM! I nearly fell to the floor. That Fanta, however, was pretty good. This is a good place to get a free drink. It made me have the ability to fly, and I flew over SSE. Last time I was here all of the water was drained out It looks alot better now. I gotta say... this is one trippy ride. I walked around World Showcase for a bit, letting in the sights, sounds, and smells from other countries. Great stuff... but I better get a move on if I'm going to hit the other two parks. Totty? Totty!! Not-so-hidden Mickey. Good ol' Totty. I really love this ride. Didn't spend much time at this park. I did, however, check out this coast's Star Tours... cause it used to be one of my favorites at Disneyland. It was pretty much the same, although I liked somethings about the queue... like this and these guys but its all pretty much the same Sweetums! My favorite Muppet! Maniacal. This is really a beautiful park. Too bad it lacks in attractions. However, the attractions it does have, are superb. Some sort of primate! These folks were filming something. They were certainly an interesting group of characters. Weee Everest! Wee Steam! Wee unneccesary first lift hill. This is my braingasm face. One side open, guess I'll have to come back tomorrow. dinosaur. SPONSORED BY MCDONALDS! I brought home a little friend from our time continuum trek. Hey! Hey stork! Hey! Give me a baby! I know you have some! Animal Kingdom closed, so I went back for some more Epcottings. I got some free drinks and knocked the beverly out of peoples hands. Also, did Mission: Space a few more times Tried out some of the lesser-known Epcot rides This one you can eat next to. Just like the Blue Bayou at Disneyland. I waited around until Illuminations. Which was totally awesome! Then went home for sleepage. Interesting side note, our hotel actually had a thirteenth floor! Mmmm... sleep was good. Wait... screw sleep. I have a WDW ticket! Still no lines. There's totally no one here. Mansion again! This was great! I didn't even know she moved until I payed attention this time. I was pretty much the only one in line. Hinges are creaking and the chambers are doorless. So, hurry back we would like your company. Grrrrr..... Kaboom! Hidden... Mick...ey? Time for a little more Splash. Brer Handicapped? Even the seats or superior on this version. Although.... water is still wet no matter which bi-coastal theme park you're at. Zip-a-dee-effing-doo-da. I found my laughing place, Uncle Remus, it's right here! Okay... This is one of my favorite shows here. I really, really enjoy it and wish Disneyland would get it as well. How bout some random pictures? Hahahahaha! They died playing this game. Just goes to show you that you can't really lose until you give up. I was told to try the Dolewhip float. It gave me brainfreeze. But other than that, I liked just the ice cream better. Mouth POV So much bigger than Disneyland... and still inferior. I then went back to DAK to get that other side of that kind of lame spinning coaster. And of course to ride Everest. Oh and they got single rider going now! Wooo! This is the line for the Nemo show. Here's that lame coaster. Got the other side. I really don't care for these coasters. Bummer. I usually have fun on any coaster. As I walked back, the Nemo line was moving and I decided to hop in and watch. The show was okay... Kind of cheesy. The acting was good, but it's very... theatre-like over acting. But other people seem to really like it, which is what matters. One complaint, though... They have you sit in these uncomfortable seats for 40 minutes. Before. After. Monorail, sweet Monorail. Yeeeeee Haaaaaa! I had to leave soon, so I walked around Magic Kingdom to end my night. I rode the Haunted Mansion several times, saw Philharmagic again, then went to the hotel. During the night we had gone from our hotel to a timeshare located closer to Universal. Spacious. And right out side was Fun Spot. Looked kind of lame, but the go-karts looked great! And look! Universal is close enough to walk to! Cici's! Hahahaha! Attractions... Up? Nothing is this way. Prices at Citywalk are a bit crazy... This costs 10 bucks. We began our frightful day at IOA to check out what we were too tired to check out before. Yes. We are awesome. Yes. I do need a haircut. Gwar! I missed it last time, so I had to get on it. This says 5 minutes, I swear. And it was less than that. Incredible Hulk is fun, but far from incredible. Too short, honestly. Still, very fun. The attention to detail in Spider-man is.... disgusting... Look! I'm in 3-D! Whoooooooaaaaaa. Apparently, it rained HARD when we were on spider man. Let's go get drenched on Dudley Doo-right. One of my favorite rides.... only lesser. It's definitely not as cool as CA's. Still soaked, we went over to Universal Studios. They were setting up the metal detectors. Emmet Brown and I had a nice talk. I told him I had just gone to see the dinosaurs two days earlier. He was interested. Holy crap. Very cool. One of the houses... one of the better ones, too. Don't dream it. Be it. I'm REALLY suprised they serve alcohol during this event. Kid, these are the twins. Wyllnk and Bob. Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart... I dooooooo. More HHN stuff. Look at all those people waiting. The park closed and waited for people to shuffle on out. We waited by the front gates. It takes forever for people to actually leave the park, but once they did, we were let into Horror Nights. Lots of clowns here. Even ones on motor bikes. It's Jack! We checked out the Nightmare on Elm Street house first. Man, lines are gonna be really bad tonight. Haha, they're serving shots.... get it? I found this amusing. Yay 3-D. Yay rat lady! Who's cruel and awesome joke was it to put The Thing house In the Barney section?! Now that's scary. We did the time warp again. This becomes a very adult park after dark. It was disappointing that there were alot of people, who probably didn't understand, leaving the show. Oh well. Ohhhh scaryness. Wow, it's really foggy here. I liked her. She seemed funny. 75 minutes!!?!?!?? It was ten earlier!! It is so incredibly packed here. I will swallow your soul. I enjoyed HHN. Personally, I think things are on par at our Fright Fest. However, Universal definitely has the "Wow! What a budget!" factor going for them. But as far as performers and how they transform their park, it's on the level with SFGAm. Oh God no! It's here too! This concludes my epic journey around Orlando. It's a great way to end the season... but I think I may have one more trip in me. I leave you with this humorous picture. The End.
  15. Great stuff. It's like I was there three weeks ago. And by the by.... Dany Elfman rules. Long live Boingo. "I-I-I love little girls, they make me feel so good...."
  16. You had to deal with Dan and Jope? That's scarier than the Haunted Mansion ever could be. Haha.
  17. I think you can see that there is a Disney photo guy standing there watching the whole thing...
  18. Haha, I remember the Northridge quake. Psyclone was ten times more painful than the quake.
  19. Oh, and I forgot to mention in the report (it may not matter to anyone else, but I feel it needs to be said), the whole way down to Holiday World we were blasting "Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo. Any one who has heard this should know how great it is to be accidentally singing it out loud in a family park.
  20. Thanks! And to answer your question, the kodak dude almost had us booted. But he let us go when he realized we'd come all the way to Chicago. He was being lenient. You know, you're right. But Mullet is such a funny word. And Hardees doesn't have the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger nor does it have the amazing Crisp Cut Fries. This is why Carl's Jr. rokks harder. Sorry. Thanks, guys, for your comments. They are muchly appreciated.
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