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  1. I work in Necropolis as a living bush. I'm sorry you went through during the day. It really has alot more energy when the sun goes down.
  2. Man, if I still lived out in SoCal I'd so totally do this. I'd prefer Sream or something but hey, 13 hours on a coaster still sounds fun.
  3. two things 1. Disneyland rocks harder than Walt Disney World. 2. Didn't the West Coaster used to be purple? When did they paint it?
  4. I'd like to see how well Negropolis would go over with the black comunity. Hehehe.
  5. ^I'm sorry....ployp? Are you talking about East River Crawler?
  6. ^That's actually my uncle in that picture. James and I are those weird bush things in Necropolis and the others are scattered about. Probably in haunted houses. Keep an eye out!
  7. Orbit is very fun.....not amazing, but worth riding the five or so times that we did.
  8. ^haha...would you believe it was the only one in stock?!
  9. The pictures don't really show it, but that squrriel was pretty fat. If I were reincarnated as a squrriell I'd totally live at Six Flags.
  10. Since most of us in our theme park crew work at Fright Fest for October, this past weekend was our last awesome visit to our local park Six Flags Great America. Both days were awesome. The first day the crouds were like a normal summer day and we only got on a few rides. That's okay cause there was a squrriel there who let us feed him nuts and pet him. Same thing happened last year. I wonder if it's the same squrriel. The second day was almost as awesome. Crouds didn't show up until around noon and I got to ride Deja Boob! Less of our crew showed up, but it was still good. Also, rain decided to show up and leave us stranded in the Viper station. Anywho, how bout some pictures, eh? Oh yeah, and on the way out, I got me a Joe Action Figure. Also, they had to try out the High Five Zone. I like this, I hope they keep it for next season. But not before seeing the new one woman show they had for that night only! It was amazing, no music, no script, nothing but her dancing! It was one more ride on Orbit and we decided to call it a year. I guess River Rocker just brings out the best in people. Just as Parker decided to leave, Sam, Joe, and their friend show up for a full half hour of fun! but B-Rad was there to save the day, and we got to ride. Like.....seriously. And then the rain came.... Snakes in a Box? Some theming for Snakes on a Train Tee hee..... American Eagle was next. They've got some new things up for Fright Fest. Bull was next. And as usual, totally rocked. Even B-Rad thought it was awesome! There's no one here yet! This is awesome! On day two, I found the delicious Parker over by Vuja De. James and Grubbs just HAD to try out the new Designated High Five Zone we've all been hearing so much about. After a quick ride on Orbit, we headed out. We love the Raging Cow so much.... I think they were all suprised by how awesome that ride was. Here, we got to see Grubbs slip into a coma, Max eat his amazing invisible donut, and Sam play with her loose teeth. Ah, sweet sweet Raging Hormones. Best ride here. "Go, Max, go!" We all decide to head toward Southwest Territory and Max tries to race us there. As James and Max poze for a photo, James suddenly realizes he has no idea what he's eating or how he got it. Does this make it Elissa friendly? This was the coolest squrirrel in the world! We got to feed it and pet it and even ride rides with it! The Whirli-Giggity was mighty fun... James is all: "Dude, this pic is totally going on my Myspace." and Grubbs is all: "I have three chins!" Those people in back join our crew. "Can you see any dead guys?" "Not yet...but I think I see part of the Sky Whirl in there. Does that count?" They got the Necropolis gates up, yay! That's where I'll be! Is this a face of joy or terrible pain? You decide....okay it's pain. The Demon is gonna rape you! A door to the "new" haunted house was left open. I guess we got our own sneak peak. Hmmm....photochop rules. After we rode it, we showed our love for Raging Bull. James practices for Fright Fest. James and Grubbs light up before they have to abide by the new smoking policy.
  11. I've been to all of the American Disney parks and I still think Disneyland is the best. To me, it's got a more homey feel to it. It is the park Walt made and because of his touch, it is better. Although, alot of versions of rides WDW has are much better than DL, but the great things DL has outwiegh those. hmmm..... I miss Disneyland.
  12. There are deffinately some rides out there that don't need OTSR...like Revolution at Magic Mountain or possibly Ninja at the same park.
  13. Trust me, you'll be able to do both parks in one day. California Adventure won't even take up half a day unless you want many many many rides on Tower of Terror. You can even skip Mulholland Madness. It's not great and not very Disney like. I do suggest riding Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in Fantasyland. If you're in the mood for something calm and old school Disney fun, deffinately go on The Jungle Cruise. It's a good larf. And if you've never been on it, ride Star Tours. It's muchly fun.
  14. Excellent. Looks like an awesomely awesome time. I was just there last month for my first time. Can't wait to go back again.
  15. Happy Gilmore "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"
  16. just this past mothers day I rode Raging Bull eighteen times in a row. Good times. It got really cold, too.
  17. Sorry I didn't have anymore. Next time I'll try harder. Maybe more pictures of stick people....
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