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  1. I got to see it today. Was super excited when I found out they'd been showing it. My opinion, it was really pretty freakin' decent. The 3D was cool. Looking out the side opposite to the one I was on made the screen very convincing. Sadly, looking just outside my side, I could see where the screen ended and it ruined the illusion. It was kind of a downer. Also, even in film, real is more real. I prefer rickety old animatronics to CGI. But that's me. This was a very cool attraction, very fun, but don't sit on the sides.
  2. I'm confused. Is FJ simply a simulator on a track? If so, I'm very disappointed. I was looking forward to some killer Dementor animatronics.
  3. Great TR! I just got a D5000 myself and it's fantastic! Can't wait to bring it to Disneyland. I miss Holiday World. The Voyage has been calling my name ever since I left.
  4. PCW_NutHaha, yes! Definitely! P.S. I uploaded the pics to TPR.
  5. My gal, my roommate, and my self took a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. We begin: Decided to take the gang on a trip to our local park. "We is ready to go!" There were lots of characters out today, I was happy to see. Meg is proud to be from IL. (look closely, you'll find her IL tatoo on her hand) Matt Damon makes George uncomfortable. So few rides at USH, we have to improvise. Still workin' down there. And down there, on the new Transformers ride. I still think it's funny that the E.T. logo is still visible on top of the building. It's like the ghost of the former attraction. As much as I dislike this franchise, I am very grateful that USH is getting some rides. Meg is confused by scary cow. Down with the chin! I love this picture. Lots of interesting stuff in this museum, folks should check it out, if you haven't. I also like how it looks like the studio is outside this "window". It's just a backdrop! The Coraline stuff is awesome. Ha! This guy has an awesome shirt! (those who've yet to see Creepshow, find it and watch it. It's awesome) See? Lots of characters out. Nobody else was willing to get wet, so I went solo. "You lookin' at mah food?!" ...He's not so tall. That is one big donut. Whoopie makes me nervous. Kong looks pretty ready to go... Any day now... What're those weird things on top? AHHH! Heroes ad in Earthquake. Funny. Kevin Smith was our guide today. "Oh good, they've caught the shark." "What the...?" "Ohmygoodness!" If only stupid Whoville wasn't there. Man, I can't wait for Horror Nights. "I like bugs." Not actually Kevin Smith, but a really great guide. Seriously. Thanks, Peter. And look! He's on this thing! "I'm a pretty girl." Body dryer. Brilliant. Nice little area. The End.
  6. That's frackin' brilliant. Hahaha. Thanks for that.
  7. That's a good catch! But I don't think it'll matter. The Dementors part is probably going to be the coolest thing ever. It is, at least in my mind, really effing cool.
  8. I'm really looking forward to WWoHP, but this whole Dragon Challenge thing is ridiculous. It's definitely a step in the wrong direction.
  9. There's a difference between Spongebob and Harry Potter. A big difference. And Shrek is not a "kids" movie. It's an animated movie. Why do people insist on labeling these movies like this? Calling it a "kids movie" makes it seem harmless and inconsequential. "It could be a normal movie that's worth my time...oh... except it's a kid's movie. Oh well." Saying that it's for kids takes away the power that it can have. EDIT: Think of Disneyland.
  10. Keep in mind, Harry Potter is a kids book! It's not Lord of the ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings. Hell, it's aimed at an audience lower than Twilight. It's Scholastic and it's for the middle school age kids. Of course people that grew up with the series are some of its biggest fans making them 20-ish year olds, but Harry Potter is still a kids series! And to be fair, the kids in this video showed more excitement than I ever will for this new island. I disagree. The first ones, sure. But as they went on the were very lengthy and verbose reads (and highly entertaining). Also, I hate when things are called "kids" anything like other people can't enjoy them. I refuse to call animated movies "kids movies" even when other people bring them up as such. And the targeted audience isn't always the one that is most attracted.
  11. If that picture is in fact the ride vehicles: I think it looks like the boxes that hold the seats at Quidditch matches. Thoughts anyone?
  12. I would die if there was a Bioshock or Silent Hill anything in a theme park. Two rich environments that would make perfect attractions (most notably Bioshock for it's great and disturbing characters, especially Rapture itself).
  13. Hmmm. I have yet to get an email. Does that mean they haven't got to me or that the call didn't mean I'm in it was just checking to see if I applied?
  14. I'll be there Tuesday and Wednesday. Bummed about no riding Scream! but I'll live. Probably longer, actually.
  15. I got a call about the commercial, yay! Here's hoping it'll be warm enough next week to wear "summer weather".
  16. Regarding this commercial: Anyone who's signed up, have you heard back from them yet? Or will we hear back after the 25th?
  17. The California lifestyle asks so much more of a person. Dealing with traffic, dirty air, not a Jimmy John's sandwich in sight, we need a little break fro the daily grind. We decided to get our peace through- "Holy $#@! is that a &@#!ing chicken?!" Wow... those chickens are totally roaming around free. Psst, chicken! Imma eat you! Knott's sure has changed in the last few years since I've been here. (awkward noises) "I'm having... fun." Is this backside of water older than Disney's? Then, I saw a squirrel. It was doin' like this! Hmm, here's a coaster, just because I can. Stupid Xcelerator was stupid closed. Stupid. Over at Boomerang, we have to sit in the tall person seat. It didn't help much. Screamin' swing with no line! Alri- Oh... You've never known fear until you've ridden the Calico Mine train. I was terrified of this thing as a kid, and riding it today was no different. It's dark, cramped, and the "animatronics" look as though they are souls trapped in these dummies and their only view out into the world is through these expressionless eyes.... (shudder) Please, no! It's not my time! Jesus, what's with Knotts and creepy figures?! Clever name. Sounds exciting. Wow, the one in the middle looks really good! Am I wrong, or was it once possible to go into these? No. NO! I thought I left you back in Illinois! AHHH! Just seeing Wolfman, I thought this coaster was a fitting experience. Time for some home cookin' from a theme park! Mmmmmm! Walter Knott, fifty years ago, set a giant water balloon to explode on this very day. The More You Know. Oh, never mind. It's just a ride that has too much wetness. Tiny trees! How long has this BEEN here? Knotts was a lot of fun. I really enjoy the atmosphere here, as opposed to Magic Mountain (but SFMM wins with coasters). Hell, I think I may stay here forever. I have to... My car died in the parking lot.
  18. Last time I went to Orlando was October 2007 and it was AWESOME. Everything was walk-on at both WDW and USF. Even on the day of Horror Nights it was empty (until the event, where it was incredibly crazy). Go in October. Now.
  19. Looks to be awesome! Also, http://celtx.com/ You'll thank me. (It's a free script writing thingy)
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