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  1. These are great trip reports! I can't wait for another one.
  2. I really don't miss snow from the midwest, but seeing it in a place that it doesn't belong is wicked cool. Do we know if the park stayed open today?
  3. Went up to the mountain yesterday. The dreary weather seemed to keep all of the crowds away. Everything was mostly walk-on except for X2, which, with only one train running, took fifty minutes from the split. Wasn't too cold, though. Good day to go.
  4. Thanks for watching! Thought you might the Oingo Boingo as well.
  5. ^Wow. .... Wow. These people just WANT to be hated. Terrible about the little girl. Really terrible. You gotta wonder how fast this thing was going.
  6. Moving it is a little betrayal as well. It's awesome right now because it's in the spot where they filmed it. (Psycho House)
  7. I don't like the idea of removing Falls Lake and ESPECIALLY the Psycho house. That's history, man.
  8. Thanks! Glad you guys enjoyed it! Even if they don't change the event at all, I'll still be going. It's such a great time every year. Like an all night Halloween party.
  9. This, actually, sounds really awesome. I would love to see where this goes. Also, Fincher doing 20,000 leagues!? That's even more awesome!
  10. Our Good Friend Andy flew in all the way from Chicago, Illinois to join us in our hauntings. "Andy, you ready for Halloween?" I'll say he is. George, in the green, and Austin, in... in the green, joined us too. Here they are doing their impression of this really uncomfortable picture: Oh... man. I feel so dirty looking at that. Moving on. Our Good Friend Andy, George, and Austin. All here to experience Halloween Horror Nights. *Not pictured = Me. The scene was set for mischievous monsters to come out and terrorize us. We made it through a thick fog and suddenly found ourselves in front of this bizarre roadside attraction. Our Good Friend Andy got to experience life IN 3-D! After 1000 Corpses rained upon us, we ventured down, down, down to the depths... of the Lower Lot. Our Good Friend Andy was surprised to see Mr. Hanks. George tried to recreate the picture with Tom. Nah, still not workin' buddy. The Lower Lot looks scary... I don't know about this, guys... ...guys? Our Good Friend Andy had never been to Universal (or even California for that matter) so we did some of the attractions like Mummy, Kong, and Jurassic Park. We hit "Saw" which was... well, just as good as last year, I guess. Then we went back up. George decided to run up. What a fool. "I can make it! I can..." He then collapsed out of heat exhaustion. This is where the real magic happens. aaaaannnnd.... ...this is the only steady shot I got the whole time. That's all you get. Austin is quite impressed with the Terror Tram. "I am quite impressed." See? Flames are just so cool! George was then eaten by a photobooth. This made us all quite hungry as well. While we got some grub, I noticed this little guy: What?! Nobody sits or stands like that! That's so silly! Hey, Our Good Friend Andy, what do you think of it? ...oh... The night is still young. Let's run amok! "George Where were you?" "I've seen things no man should ever see." There was a point where we all lost each other because the fog was so thick. George tried to call me, but he realized payphones are obsolete and stopped trying. While lost in the fog, I made some friends. This guy, this guy, and this guy! They were all very nice. Following me around, dripping blood, threatening to kill me. True friend things. Ptschh, unlike THESE guys. It must be said that all this fog is a GOOD thing. A very, very good thing. As long as it's not the fog that turns people inside out. La Llorona was interesting. I think I get most of the story just by walking through. And they lay the fog on thick, which is good. What's really cool is watching the flames through the fog. Makes them a much darker orange. Sick. Austin and George wanted this picture together because they both rode the short bus to school. Step right up. Go on. Try number three... Sorry guys. I just don't think you could be as creepy or inappropriate as Spielberg and E.T. After another walk around in the fog, it was finally time for This show is great. I'm so glad they keep these characters alive year after year. Be excellent. Party On. Everyone clearly enjoyed the show. I had to see it to believe it. This is so awesome. George bought us all a great big pink donut And we ate it under this creepy light. Oh look! I'm in this Trip Report! Look at that! Our delicious donut moment was over when everything around us exploded. Things were getting nerve wracking. We would turn every corner anticipating someone to JUMP out at us. We were being stalked. Austin knows he is a marked man. Shh! What's that? Did you see that? Weird... I thought I saw something moving... but I guess it's gone. What... Austin, no! Austin was then eaten. "Good. Everything going according to plan." George? It was all your... oh my god look out! George was then eaten. Again. I understand what's going on here. They've disguised a horrible murder and mayhem freeforall as a harmless theme park event. That's when Our Good Friend Andy and I high-tailed it out of there. Next year, I will go back and avenge my lost friends. Next year. I will be ready. Oh... There they are. Nevermind. The End.
  11. Another fine Southern California evening. And look! Some playful spooks are getting ready before the show. Out front, a Freddy statue greets us. Wait a minute... Look out random stranger! That's no statue! Whoa... that's no statue either... Freddy girls are gonna getcha! Okay, fine, I won't bore you with Freddy girls any longer. Sheesh. So much fog, it leaks into a nearby shop. How bout some chainsaw folk? If only I could capture the sheer chaos that goes on here. It's really just loud and insane walking through. Actually, I can convey the chaos to you... After, like, an hour of waiting, George and Elly show up... Oh, Elly, what's that awesome shirt you're wearing? SHAMELESS PLUG This is one of the coolest things every year. Okay, let's get to some houses.... Nightmare! George is scared. And he should be. George is so scared, he delays the inevitable by buying a 13 dollar Churro. And here, you can clearly see, the Churro is also fearing for it's life. Nightmare was a really cool house. In my opinion, you can't really go wrong with Freddy. Back on the streets. Time for the Terror Tram. Oh man, what luck. A full moon hangs over the back lot. They act like nothings going on but I know, deep down inside, they are terrified. Yeah. That's what I THOUGHT! So we're let off to roam the backlot. And of course, we run into some brutal chainsaw folk! Oh god! They're everywhere! THIS is the coolest part of all Horror Nights. Being able to walk around the Universal back lot, getting to TOUCH the historic "Psycho" set. Psycho is one of my all time favorite movies, so I totally geek out every year. This year, they had characters based off of an urban legend, "La Llorona". It was confusing, having never heard of it, but it certainly didn't stop it from being creepy. Especially this gal. She would stand there crying, and you'd barely hear it at first, then she'd jump at you. Also awesome, walking around the War of the Worlds plane crash. Oh my GOD! They killed Carrot Top! We then hijacked a tram and drove it all the way over to... The best theme park show ever. I love Bill and Ted, and it makes me very happy that they keep these characters alive year after year. Hilarious show, too. We went to the lower lot to eat some pizza. And I managed to be in only this picture the entire night. Not a good picture, but I love how foggy it is. You really can't see down there. George scoffs at Elly's immaturity. Kind of creepy. Like the escalator to nowhere. Lines started growing upwards of one hour, so we wandered around the park. Chainsaw duder. Somewhere down there, people are screaming. Terror Tram was only 20 minutes, so we did that again. Norman Bates... I mean MRS. Bates jumped in a picture for us. And somehow, we ended up being the only ones out on the trail. I think we lost the crowd while taking that picture. The night was winding down and we were getting incredibly tired. Horror nights takes a lot out of a person. Some people get so tired, they start to become transparent. Man, so cool. It was a crowded night and we didn't get to do everything, but we did do was amazing. I'll have to come back again before the event is over. But until then... When witches go riding, and black cats are seen the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.
  12. What about Pacheysephalasouraus? "Think they'll have that on the tour?"
  13. It's been way too long (like a year!) since I've been back, and today I get to see World of Color! We went straight into DCA to check on our reservation for dinner. Checked out the Blue Sky cellar. Can't wait for this. Looks to be very fun. Before heading into Disneyland, Meg and I hopped onto an elevator and into a nightmare. To the land! All these people taking a picture of this plaque ...creepy. Okay... so its gonna be this kind of a day... Indy was great! When we approached the bridge, the ride decided to break down. What a perfect time to whip out my camera! The ride eventually got going... but for some reason it went completely without sound... It was incredibly eerie! We then stopped again in front of the boulder Indy. We finally got going and they let us ride a second time! This was definitely an experience I'd never had before! We walked around, rode some rides, had some fun. EO time. That was an intense 3D experience. In 3D!! The show was alright. It was hilariously cheesy which I did like, but I wouldn't think it worth a repeat performance. Also, the moving seats were fun, but eventually got annoying. It's like they took the experience of the kid behind you kicking your seat and turned it into an attraction. Anywho, We went to the Tiki Room And got some Dole Whip Delish! Yes all these shows and Dole Whip are great, but I need me some roller coaster! Weeee! Meg, no! Don't get so close! No, NO! NOOOOOO! Hahaha, this little guy is awesome. How 'bout a nice shiny apple? On this hot day, the water looks sooooo nice. Ah, to be that sub right now. It was time for our dinner reservation at Wine Country Trattoria . Meg took advantage of the whole Booze-in-the-other-park thing. This was a really cool little place. Great tasting food, and nice atmosphere. Nice view too. That was great. I prefer Blue Bayou, but it's nice to try new things. Plus we got WOC passes. We went back to DL for a bit. Saw Push for the first time ever. Yay, fun things are happening! Isn't this fun, kids? Kids? Oh, sorry. Don't let all this fun get in the way of your games. Showtime! WOC was crazy cool! It was like all (well not all) of your favorite Disney moments put into a crazy special effects montage. Though it was weird when Johnny Depp appeared among all of these animated characters. That was my only issue with it. That was pretty much the end of our night. We walked around Disneyland some more then called it a night. THE END
  14. Thanks! Yeah, I guess folks don't really want a wet camera, now do they? Haha.
  15. Some of you may know I just made the move out from Illinois to California. And while there are now a plethora of theme park options, I still miss my old home park. So I took a trip back and had a visit! Hey! Great America! Long time no see! Special Ed offers me some pigeon poop to put on my face. I decline. He also likes to chew on his E-Cigarette. Hey! Tsuki's here too! And so is Caitlin. Over there. On the left. Next to Ed. Yay, fun! I missed ol' Triz Pliz. A really fun and simple flat ride. Special Ed finds giant ladies delicious. Bull had pretty bad wait. At least I think. I'm so used to no lines at Universal Studios that I forgot what a normal park was like. The ride ops were so nice, they let us ride a no click ride. See? Ed! Was it fun, boy? Was it fun? "Yeah! Yeah! Lessgoagain! Lessgoagain!" We gave the Bull some lovin', thanked it for it's time, then went on our way. Ed was upset that he couldn't bring his expensive new cup onto Eagle. Welcome to Six Flags! Give us your money! Blatantly breaking the rules? Think again. Time for some watery unhappiness. Oh man, that's so wet. Gah! We haven't even dropped yet and I'm wet! Ahhh, crap. Crap crap crap. "We're gonna be fine. Lundy blocks the water from hitting us." I hate you guys. And now, what I came all the way out to Illinois for! (not really) A new credit! Looks exciting! "Are we really going to wait this long for a lame little ride?" YEAH! Tee hee. I can see up it's skirt. Dipper is dippin'. Apparently, we were able to catch it's first break down of the season! We had to wait an extra half hour or so but eventually we got on. And it was alright. And who should I spot waiting at the exit, but Our Good Friend Andy! NOW the gangs all here. We decided it was time for a Whiz. Oh, look. Kung Fu Kid ads. This is Tsuki's genuine immediate reaction to said ads. See kids, it's not just Enthusiasts who hate the damn things. Tsuki and Andy got out there pop-up blockers! But, that didn't make the ads go away. This made Ed sad. We decided it was time... ...for everyone to get half naked. Let's do this one first! Cool view. Man, I really want some Cheerios. Poor Caitlin has to deal with Special Ed being special. Gulp. We're going in there? Shoooop. There's one. There's two. Aaaand Tsuki makes three. I only have an hour to play, then I have to go back to California. Let's play here! Water everywhere! The guys look up to find... Tsuki being evil to them with a bucket! Bwa ha ha ha! She then gets her comeuppance. Caitlin gets a blast of it, too. Our Good Friend Andy, vows revenge! But loses again. Okay, we're all finally on the same si- Dammit, Ed! How'd you get over there?! Andy pretends he's a water nymph. Part of me feels that this is very, very wrong. Andy has something obscene on his shoulder. Finally, Ed is on our side. And look, they remembered to include the kitchen sink! POV I missed the exit. Andy was feeling a bit tired, so he sat down. Unfortunately, he sat on a water jet. Haha, I just imagine very uncomfortable muttering from him as he slides down. But he emerges victoriously. Oh shi- After I drowned, Ed was eaten by a shark. And fun was had by all, yay! And that was it. Our fun SFGAm adventure. Probably my only visit until next year. So until then! That's all folks.
  16. ^Yeah, but does that mean it's just Kong? EDIT: You know what. I'm probably just over thinking it.
  17. I'm curious if the tram is ONLY Kong this year. If so, I will be very disappointed. The Terror Tram was the biggest highlight of the event.
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