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  1. There's nothing wrong with clones. Especially when it allows people on one end of the world to experience an attraction they normally wouldn't be able to. What is upsetting, are clones that don't live up to the original. It saddens me to no end (hyperbole, I know its just a ride) that DCA's Tower of Terror could never hold a candle to DHS's. But I've come to terms with USH already being a downer of a park. The park serves as a sort of Greatest Hits album that happens to have weird remixes of some of your favorite songs and never seems to have the ones you REALLY like. So, if they make very few sacrifices in transporting this attraction I will consider it a personal success. Financially, they got this. They can't lose. But as a fan of theme parks, movies, and good storytelling like Potter, I will be satisfied if it remains faithful to their original project. Also, I NEEDS ME SOME BUTTERBEER!
  2. It's almost time for the holidays, so I know what you're all thinking. "How long until NEXT Halloween?" Well, to help ease the pain, I threw together this video for everyone's favorite Halloween event: Halloween Horror Nights 2011 YouTube wouldn't take it because of the song, sadly. So I can't embed it here. And here's some pictures I took this year, too.
  3. Late next year, Dueling Dumbos will no longer duel because of loose articles.
  4. adeuce02 I believe so, yes. We rode before the event started, but I'm almost positive that most, if not all, of the rides are open. MayTheGForceBeWithYou Absolutely! Even with an annual pass, it was worth it. I love Halloween and being able to dress up and trick or treat at my favorite park was the closest to "Halloween" I've felt in a long while. It's probably more worth it to go early on in the season because it's so cheap, but it's still really great. The differences between the event and just regular admission are minimal (fireworks, parade, candy, meet and greets), but they add up to a really awesome time. I wish I could say it was less crowded, but there were still quite a few people there. But it didn't bother me none, I had a blast. cfc I may try that one next year! I'm sure it's not too different (except it's larger and doesn't have ghost galaxy). BeemerBoy Thanks! It was mighty uncomfortable in that trap, though.
  5. Tonight's price of admission, DEATH. Which was easier than I thought. Megan and I put on our best ghoul garbs and headed out. It's HalloweenTime here at Disneyland and we're here to get out Trick or Treat on! What is this crazy device held to my ear?! We were waiting for our friends to arrive, so we rode The Jungle Cruise. I was actually really surprised how cool the place looked! Lots of fog a cool lighting effects. These folks were great "We wants the redhead! We wants the redhead!" Ghost Mickey and me. After some wandering around on getting some DELICIOUS FREE CANDY, our friends Austin and Diandra showed up. There was a temporary truce held between them, the ghostbusters, and us, the ghosts. Didn't stop us from trying to scare them BOO! We also found this AWESOME Ben Kenobi! He even had an English accent. He was also hanging out with another ghost buster. The Halloween Tree I want one of these. The Rivers of America is COVERED in fog. So cool! Austin vows to destroy the fog. The secret candy compartment. We just had to see these guys. Diandra got their autographs. While waiting for the parade, we shared some candy. Give me a break. Then we waited for the pa- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?! This clown... could see into my soul. Parade was fun, but not the best I've seen. Once that was over we got in line to- AHH! Jeeze... terrifying. As I was saying, we got in line to see more characters. This guy tried to eat the ghostbuster's trap! Yeah! Then we saw the shadow man himself, Dr. Facilier. This is a big reason we wanted to go. He's just awesome. Trick or Treat thing. Quite a lovely evening. We ended the night with a flight through Ghost Galaxy. The park emptied out pretty darn fast. But, of course, the night was over and so was our truce! The ghostbusters captured us! Got 'em! Too bad. We got a really big haul, too.
  6. I do have memories of riding Goliath in the rain, but this was probably half a decade ago. SFMM is probably less likely to rain at because it's located in the desert.* *I am not a meteorologist.
  7. ^Agreed, keep it quick. Almost like a dance, never stop moving (unless you're hiding). ^^No permanent damage. We both are fine. And now we have an interesting story to tell people.
  8. Charges were pressed, but a key witness never showed up (Neither of us saw the attacker because there was pepper spray in our eyes).
  9. Was there even a reason they did that? What did it feel like? There was no reason. He wanted to look tough to his friends. And it hurt like hell. Like somebody poured alcohol in my eye. They closed down the entire section of the park because of it, anyone in the area said their eyes were burning. The other actor got it worse. He was wearing a prosthetic and it reacted in a much more violent way.
  10. Just the kind of right-winged propaganda I expected. Don't believe their lies! Support the Hippo Relocation Program!
  11. You've all validated my fears, I won't be trying that any time soon. It's frustrating when you want to take good pictures of you and your friends enjoying the park when the (sometimes mandatory) lockers cost a buck each. Universal was fantastic because I could carry my camera around and put it in a l.ocker while I ride, then pick it up to take more pictures. This scenario just isn't possible at, say, Six Flags. Not without spending $20.
  12. Bringing up an old thread, but this subject has been on my mind lately, too. I've considered buying a pair of pants or shorts with zipper pockets for my coaster outings (mainly so I don't lose my keys). But it would also come in handy for my DSLR. I haven't tried it, but would anyone object to dismantling their DSLR and then putting it in two separate zipper pockets while on a ride?
  13. Everything everyone has said with an emphasis on SAFETY. Guests are there to have fun, but a few bad apples will think it's cool to beat up one of the monsters (they must forget that we're people). Seriously, when I worked at Fright Fest, a guest pepper sprayed me and another scare actor. Both times were unprovoked (we were waiting to scare some one else). Also, stretch a lot before hand and get some dr. scholls.
  14. Wow, from what it sounds like, the Bill and Ted show in Florida is way different than California's. It's a shame Orlando doesn't share the same policy on video recording as Hollywood seems to. I'd really like to see the differences for myself.
  15. That maze at the Bates Motel is fantastic news! Terror Tram is my favorite part of the event, glad to see that it'll be even longer!
  16. Hahaha These pictures are hilarious. I'm tearing up.... ...because of the... mistreatment of the hippos, of course.
  17. The "hunting" (aka brutal slaughter) has been going on for 50+ years now, when will it end? If you believe it's to control the numbers, you've got another thing coming, friend. And there are no regulations for animatronic hippo hunting in those rivers, either. Anyone with a cap gun can go out and shoot any damn hippo they want. And by the way, there are twenty times more animatronic birds than hippos roaming about. I don't see anyone doing anything about them.
  18. It's about time someone gave a voice to the voiceless!
  19. I remember Terror Twister. Why can't we have awesome things like that here? ...Probably because SFMM doesn't have any flat rides.
  20. Showed up at the park today apparently after an earthquake hit. Didn't feel it, but all coasters were down for a bit. Then X2 was walk-on all day.
  21. Definitely interested in this. I'll see if my room mate wants to join.
  22. As long as it's temporary. I'm all for updating the attractions, but Davy Jones fit this scene way better than Blackbeard. I don't know, we'll see how it is.
  23. I should have known what kind of day it was going to be when I got lost just driving to the park. But, to be fair, I'd never taken the 5 freeway before. Meg was just finally glad to be there. We have things to do and people to see! Today was a special day. I'd finally be getting something I've wanted for a very long time. A Disneyland Annual Pass. We walked up to the AP processing center, which had very little wait. We were in and out of there in no time. We were set to meet my family somewhere, but they didn't answer. So we hopped in line for Indiana Jones. I could tell already, it was going to be a very busy day. Coming up the single rider line, who should we happen to run into? The gang's all here! Theeemmmiiiiinnnng. James has a habit of poking his body parts into things. Let's be thankful that it's just his head this time. He's always getting into things. We lost him shortly after this... guess where we found him again... "Every one watch out a hippo! *FIRE* whew. That was scary s***. Oh, I'm sorry ma'am, I meant that s*** was scary." Anywho, we wandered over to Pirates and found that this: Was the line to get in. Yes. Father and Kerri convince James and Meg to wait in this line. Fast forward a bit, and we were finally on the ride. There was much rejoicing. Meanwhile, James tries to break into Club 33. Next was The Haunted Mansion. James wonders how I got so tall. Uncle Pat is very mature. Father strikes a pose. True story, father used to be a water bottle hand model. True story. I can't tell if this means he wants to ride Pirates again or that he's been poisoned. I'll just assume it's the former. It was then Pooh time. See, James? This is what happens when you put your body into things. Though, it was quite amusing when some ass sneaked up on Father. Kid on a leash! ...This one seems to be dragged up those stairs.... HILARIOUS! King of the wild frontier. Every one's a kid at Disneyland. Except the ones on leashes. They don't count. Realizing that we're not making good time and feeling very hungry, we headed to Downtown Disney for some lunch. Man, it's packed. Kerri is naive, it's her first visit. Some delicious lunch at La Brea Bakery. Thug life. It was then time to check out The Other Park. Mainly because we wanted to ride this. Because, even if there are better ones out there, it's still WAY AWESOME. James and I are confused by the Spanish AP benefits. The 70 minute wait has made Meg go insane. Soon, the rest followed. Tower of Terror gave us all Midway Madness. I could swear I was starting to see things... Gah! Now I hope I'm seeing things. I then wrestled the camera back from him. Sorry about that. Meg loves cute ducks. In Threeeee Deeeee! In Seven Deeeee! We then rode single rider, CA Screamin'. It was starting to get dark, so we made our way toward the exit, saw this cute cat, and went back into Disneyland. Here, James became a pretty girl. I don't have pictures of it, but I just gotta say, riding Matterhorn during the fireworks? Amazing. Seriously. Every time we'd come out of the mountain a firework shot up into the sky. It was probably the best thing I've ever done at Disneyland. ] A late night ride on Big Thunder was our last outing. We couldn't do anything else once everyone started becoming blurry. So until next time!
  24. Haha, great stuff, man. Especially love that Intro video. Also, including a funked up panorama pic is hilarious. Awesome.
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