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  1. Thanks for the heads up guys. I appreciate it. Hopefully, at worst, it'll just be some scattered showers. But I will definitely think up some back-up stuff including some of the attractions Clink said.
  2. My friend and I live in Seattle and decided to take a quick little vacation to SoCal for the UW/USC game, SFMM, and KBF to take a break from the rainy weather up here. I was taking a gander at good ol' weather.com this morning to see what we should expect. Which three days will we be down there you ask? You guessed it! I was just curious if all you SoCal natives could give me a feel for how quickly the coasters are likely to close due to rain if the forecast plays out like it does. Do a lot of them close at the first drop of rain, or does it take more than a light shower to get them down? Thank you for your help! - Josh
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