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  1. My buddy George and I went to USH today and made a fun little video. Check it out. And for those curious about Rock Em Dead, check it out here: Rock Em Dead
  2. Haha, oh Martin Short. Is there anything you can't make uncomfortable?
  3. They don't have the girls?! Might as well not have an event! I thought USO's event was better mainly for the amount of stuff they have available. But USH's is still really really really good.
  4. Glad I could give you a lol. It was really A LOT of fun. Probably the best thing I've done, Halloween wise. People really need to check it out.
  5. Awesome! In just a few short hours I'll be able to walk around there! Oh, yeah, ooh ahhh. That's how it always starts. Then later there's running and, um... screaming. Chuck came into town for this event. His brother George is the one with the back, over there. There are no cats in America. But there are bandicoots. Cool theming. Little did I know how cool these things were. I like this. Reminds me of that Simpsons episode with the fake angel. Whoops, spoilers! "Hey, you should come see my new show!" "No, please. No." You can still see the "E.T. 20th Anniversary" on it. I miss E.T.... I also miss BTTF a lot more. "Oh, man, this is awesome! Just leave me here, I'll ride this all day!" "Quit screwin' around. You kids screw around too much." This, of course, depicts the ancient ceremonial beer bong. Come on, Chuck, we wanna ride... Revenge of the Yummy! Needless, to say. I was... kind of impressed. But not really. As the Fonze would say, Line Ayyyyyyyyyy. Ah, the warning drum. It's in case Jeff Goldblum makes an appearance. Number nine. Number nine. Number nine. Number nine. What do they got in there, King Kong? I sure hope nothing goes awry. It's... it's... it's a dinosaur. "Ohhhhh!" The backside of water? Ptschh, Universal tries so hard to be Disney. "I'll swallow your soul!" "Oh... no." "This is the worst birthday ever!" Ha! Maybe I bought the shirt. Maybe I didn't.* I didn't know John Lennon was a dinosaur. Who knew? I don't know why I took this picture, but I'm forcing you to look at it anyway. George was then sucked into a wall. It happens more often than you think. For good measure, Chuck sent his brother some love. Well, there's not much left to do, let's ride Yummy again. And we did. And it was good. We figured it was only right, a right of passage really, to climb the stair all the way up to the upper lot. Worst. Idea. Ever. Go on without me! "Victorious! I think I'm gonna pass out." On our way out, we saw these goodies. Ahh! Oh... It's only me. After a while of waiting in line out side the park, we were let back in. And the opening ceremony thing they do really is awesome. "Think they'll have that on the tour?" I caught a playful spook in action. "You know, I'm a film maker... Boy do I have a role for YOU." My sincere apologies to the woman in this picture. It is not my intention to portray women in such an objectifying light. Please, understand. It was all George's idea. That, uh, that's chaos. Awesome. Actually, the most frightening thing at the event was this, Matt Damon standing in a very dark area. Only his silhouette was visible. God help us. Not even a time machine could have saved him. This guy was great! He really pulled off the right look for this sleazy character. You could see it in his eyes. Props to him. They had projections of people being murdered inside the hotel rooms. Awesome. There's a Psycho house somewhere in this blur. This one is pretty blurry too, but I kind of like it. This is seriously one of my life long dreams. To visit the Psycho set and touch. I still can't believe I got to touch the Bates's home. "I"m afraid mother isn't herself, today." And through the magic of George's expression, we were whisked away to somewhere else... The fog comes in thick. They're moving in herds. They DO move in herds. A real highlight of the night. Seriously, this was great. The cast was amazing, the effects they used worked very well (This was much better than the one I saw in Florida two years ago), and I even made some people laugh by shouting out things (though I was surprised by how many people WEREN'T shouting things out). The night grew late and we grew tired. We got to hit everything and rarely had to wait any more than twenty minutes. It was a great, no, a FANTASTIC event. I look forward with great antici..... ...pation to next years event. It's 2 a.m. Time to go pass out. Happy Halloween, folks. *No I didn't.
  6. I went there last night with my cousin. I was incredibly impressed with how much stuff was lifted from the games. As a HUGE fan of the games, I was totally geeking out. Pyramid Head was a let down, however, the nurses did an amazing job. I don't want to spoil anything for any one, but they truly pulled off these characters exactly they way they should have been portrayed. I would go again if it weren't so far/so expensive for just two houses. And, Wes, I agree, the FEAR house was great! I was only expecting to enjoy the Silent Hill house, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I missed the Saw house last year, but if it was anything like that, I'm sure it was amazing.
  7. That's the first thing that I thought too! Honestly, admitting how much of a nerd I am, I recently started reading the books and I absolutely see the appeal in the franchise, not to mention an entire (is)land. As far as the dark ride goes, it could be themed to "Joe's Apartment" for all I care as long as it's cool.
  8. George is maybe a little too excited to be here. The crowds have much improved since my last visit to Disneyland Today was George's birthday. Meaning he gets in free and we have to pretend that we like him. We rode pirates and I insisted on some Mansion action in order to start the day off right. Dutch Angled Single rider proved useful, not only for quickly not getting on a ride that was down, but for group photos! Hmm, could you be a little brighter and maybe a little more blurry? Ah, thanks! That's great. Shpooky. Those of you who still have their Mara cards from when the ride opened (I was there and totally don't have mine anymore:() get ten points* if you tell me what it says. "What the hell is he looking at?" Avast there, a mast there. Time for some "not-as-good" Thunder. Megan rides all alone because she has a terrible boyfriend. We rejoice in her loneliness, and zoomed away... Couch sleeping, tonight. What is "You"? George is enjoying our first roller coaster together. Suddenly, Meg, in fit of joy, becomes a hidden Mickey! Gobble and Gobble. Attorneys at law. And here I thought that they smelled bad on the outside. We had to ride Star Tours. It matched her shirt. In your new dream home, you can aspire to fire all the peons in your office. THE FUTURE IS NOW! My future does not look good... Damn it's hot. What's this?! A cry for help?! S.O.L. STOP Out of coupons STOP Denny's Grand Slam Only Option STOP Sausages Gave Bowel Problems STOP Something appalling is on the floor of Space Mountain! It's you. Meg has a deep seeded hatred for Ewoks. Wishing well. Can you wish unwell in a wishing well? Duck. Duck. Goose. Majik! We all try our hand at pulling out the sword. Oh my god, coolest thing ever! Oooooooh the Kodak Picture Spot! Man these things are really zoomin' by. That's great, guys, but I prefer a hat my own size. Much better. Well, it's getting late, and the mansion turned us into ghosts.. See? Even George has Silent Hill head goin' on. However, Jungle Cruise at night is amazing! And this guy had the driest delivery I've ever heard. Pirate cheek. My audtition to be a dog animatronic. One last awesome trip on Indy ended the day very nicely. I think we made the people behind us laugh with how much we were getting into it. So tired. The End. *Points only redeemable through Globo Corporation Products. Ten thousand points being the minimum to obtain any product. Points brought to you by Asbestos. The next "best-os" thing.
  9. Went back to the park yesterday for a friends birthday. Had a little more Manction that day too. Post a TR soon.... probably.
  10. Whoa, front page exposure! Kickin'. Thanks a lot. Glad you guys liked it and dug the weirdness.
  11. In typical me like fashion, and I'm sure many of you would do the same, within the first week of living in Southern California I kidnapped my girlfriend and we quickly headed to Disneyland! Guess what, me! It's time for some Disneyland action! Ah, it's good to be back. Crowds were light in the beginning of the day, but it didn't take long to bring on the mobs. Meg fakes a smile and contemplates pushing me over the edge for making her drive today. Meg and I make beautiful music together... After some Mansion Action (Manction)... ...and some wandering around... We decided to face our irrational fear of Monstro on the Storybook Canal. Here goes nothing. Oh God... It's coming closer! Ah! AHHH!!! Hey look! A ride we didn't ride today! Goat. Today was more about doing things at a leisurely pace and doing things we hadn't done before. Neither of us had been on The Mark Twain, nor had we ever seen what was on the other side of Tom Sawyer Island. See? Disneyland can be as pretty as Walt Disney World... you just have to look harder. Hmm... Injuns! Heading over into Disney's California Adventure, we saw this poor pup. Adorable. Sad, but adorable. Maybe not "bad tower"... more like "not as good tower". Watch out, shadow! There's a mysterious hand coming after you! I always geek out about the themeing on this ride. Step one: Om Step two: Nom Repeat. Oh my god... It's That Guy! Astonished by our That Guy encounter, we needed a place to sit... to our surprise, our seat spun and was shaped like a lady bug. Bug people only. Construction. Lady in a red dress eats some of this so-called "iced cream". On the list of things yet to experience, The line was way too long for the swinging cabins, sadly. Roller coaster! Sad. Well, that was fun. Hidden? Mickey! Baby ducks? Baby ducks! Albino Mickey Balloons? Anyone order some ham? I'm having a great time. Blurry whip. Ah, so nice being all alone in this picture I feel like I... Oh sweet Jesus! More Manction! Turkey legs make people feel like a king. Hey, things are really speeding up around here... Let's finish off the day with some Matterhorn...ction. "I'm so tired." "Yeah, well, you don't have to drive home." The End.
  12. I was working at Fright Fest as a jump and scare character. A guest, who I'm sure was intent on causing trouble, found where I was hiding and sneaked up on me. I then fell some liquid raining down onto my face. Shortly after, I was screaming in agonizing pain. Turns out the culprit was also responsible for pepper spraying a Werewolf that was out on the street that night as well. He got it worse, it was all caught in his mask.
  13. Beginning August 1st, I will take residence in Sherman Oaks, California. Therefor, I will no longer be making trips to everyone's favorite park Six Flags Great America. As a last blast attempt, I called up as many of my friends as I could so we can head out to the park one last time. Sadly, only my friend Ed showed up. Ed had never been to Six Flags with me. As you can see, we were very excited. "Hey, Lundy! Did I mention I'm afraid of roller coasters?" "We're gonna have lotsa fun with you!" Ed, it was just Triple Play. You can let go now. Run to the Hills makes Ed in the mood for Bull. Right Ed? "YEAH!" "Wait, what?" Ed did have a terrifying ride, but, to his credit, he rode it. My last Bull love! We then spun the crap out of ourselves. As payment, Ed took me on a water ride. Yay, about to be miserable! Backfired. Ed was then trapped inside a smoke bubble. Somehow I convinced Ed to ride Raging Bull again... And he loved it!! "Oh, Trash Receptacle. You're not so bad. We've had some good times. Take care ol' buddy." We then shed some tears and went our separate ways. Bittersweet goodbye. Farewell Six Flags Great America. A lot of great memories at this place. Growing up in Illinois would not have been the same if it weren't for this local escape. I wouldn't have met nearly as many crazy people just as weird as I am and I wouldn't have the many stories I could tell just from being at this place. Working at Fright Fest, meeting strange singing people in the Demon line who later become great friends, having my online handle screamed at me from ride operators at Giant Drop, getting pepper sprayed by a guest, getting my looping coaster cherry popped, wondering who "That Guy over there" is, avoiding evil Trash Receptacles, getting yelled at for writing my website with my finger at King Chaos, having fun with some of the best people on the planet. The list could go on and I'm sad to leave. But it's time to grow up and move on. Time to start living my life and become a better person. SFGAm will always be there in my mind as my own nostalgic get away, and I have the pictures to remind me of that. Besides, now I'm closer to Disneyland. That's All Folks. -Director Guy
  14. I don't blame you. But now your questions can be answered! Go check it out (why not, it's free)! Part One Part Two
  15. I've decided to let a few images from the video "leak" out to the public. Hopefully to get some more excitement for the project. I know I'm excited. Nigel warns us of mysterious supernatural events. Bill Hoser and Nigel think they've found the source of their problem. Tall Guy does all of the work. Simon and Nigel afraid of... something. Nigel gives his crew the lowdown. Something is very wrong with The Whitehessles. See you guys Sunday! Don't forget to watch!
  16. A new short from, well, me! World famous nature documentarian Nigel Giddenburgen investigates a recent haunting in an unsuspecting town. Watch as Nigel tries to help this family and make sure he and his crew stay alive. EDIT: Full video uploaded! Find it down below! Premieres this Sunday! Here's the add: Nigel Giddenburgen's World of Monster Hunting Ad Some of you might remember a crappy little Six Flags Fright Fest video that was made many a year ago. Well, forget about! It has nothing to do with that crap fest that was made back in 2004!
  17. Tell Bob that he is a palindrome. -------- I am the snake head eating the head on the opposite side.
  18. DCA seems more and more covered with blue walls every day. It's like a hallway of blue.
  19. HAHAHA! He's researching a role, maybe. That's awful! However... cat's gotta eat.
  20. ^ Haha I wish I could say all trips are like this, but they usually involve a lot less liquor. Thanks for the kind comments though!
  21. My cousin is not a classy person. I'm not surprised they didn't let him back in. It's very upsetting to have to leave my favorite place early because my cousin is annoyingly drunk. That being said, I can't be mad at him... he's family. Haha, try living it. No, not at all! The worst part is, he thinks he's very discrete about it all! I liked going to Disneyland with him before he was legally allowed to consume alcohol. Oye gevalt.
  22. Meg asks "Can you find the hidden Mickey?" We all started our day the way most days should be started; with a healthy dose of McDonald's breakfast! As soon as we get to Disneyland, James immediately starts looking for phallic objects. "It looks like a penis!" James, you're so immature... Oh wow, it does look like a penis... We're at Disneyland! Indy is first, of course. Look out! Snakes! Oh crap... Megan's driving. Ahh, my good friend The Haunted Mansion. It's been a while, old friend. I have a feeling there won't be any crowd problems today. I think it's apparent how much my family loves The Haunted Mansion. Like... really. First visit, y'all! James says "Now what, bitches?" "Oh." "Imma ride splash!" So excited to ride and get splashed! Uh-oh... James does not like the look of this. I'm pretty sure this is a genuine look of fear. Soaked. "I'm never riding that ride ever again." James molests the Columbia. Phamily Foto Oh my god, baby ducks! Yay, first coaster of the year! Mickey! Ewwwww.... Megan is afraid of Monstro... I don't blame her. The idea of Autopia is interesting. Escape the crowded freeways of Los Angeles to ride car with as much traffic as the crowded freeways of Los Angeles. Meg got her license. TO KILL I got my license. TO DRIVE (which is essentially "to kill" anyway) Um, I don't think this ride is going anywhere... This is not a picture, this is a video. Well, we left and they gave us nifty passes to go and ride anything else later on. We seized this opportunity to give Megan and James their very first Dole Whip. Awwwww yeah! "It's a what?" The Dole Whip enjoyment pose. Alice and The Mad Hatter came by for a game of musical chairs. One lucky kid got to play, too. Go, James, go! He lost. The Mad Hatter wonders how one could be so stupid. This isn't a very merry unbirthday for him. We gathered up the cattle and headed toward the other park. Oh, yeah. Hi Walt! James knows the secrets to the Big O. Over at Soarin', I'm pretty sure this kid spit at me. That's alright. We're too cool for saliva. Mother says "If you get me on Tower of Terror then I'm going to have to have a couple of drinks." Deal. Would have been a nice picture if it weren't for that little brat. Haha, nice. Gulp. "Awesome!" "That was great! I almost died!" I wish I could say ToT made us crazy. But no, we were always like this. Oh, it's so inappropriate! Oh god! There's an out of control bus headed right for me! Morpheus, get me out of here! James is disturbed by a mysterious lump. This little kid decided to end it all. "If you don't behave, you won't get to go drink." After Monsters Inc. James and Mother decided to go get some booze at Downtown Disney. While they were there they were offered free tickets to Queensryche at the House of Blues. So we probably won't see them for a while. We then became bugs. And we rode this ride.. Four leafed! Would have loved to have ridden Screamin! but it was definitely not an option. Toy Story Mania it is! Duck. In a mutual agreement, DCA was declared lame and we went back to Disneyland. Hidden Mickey in Toontown. God, that whale gets scarier and scarier. We rode Mr. Toad's wild ride. "What do you mean that's the end? We were in hell and that's the end?! What the hell?!" Jungle Cruise time. The backside of water, of course. Our skipper said many funny and corny things. Then we did Indy again, because it's just plain awesome. By this time, the park was already starting to clear out. Also, people were turning into giant blobs, which clogged the exits. I'm not wearing this... Meg rubs her face in Pooh. Heading out, giving Brad our farewells, I get a call from Mother. She tells me my cousin James is drunk off of his ass and they won't let him in to Disneyland. Oh boy... Bye, Walt! There he is. Drunk as a skunk. James, your Irish is showing. I wish these photos could tell you how loud he was all the way out to the car. Constantly screaming "I'm drunk!" Then, as we were on our tram back to the car, James let out a mighty bit of flatulence onto the people behind us. Not only that, but there was a little girl who kept staring at James. As he yelled out "I'm drunk!" for the seventeenth time, he looked down at her and asked "What are you?" And fun was had by all. The End.
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