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  1. I would have to pick Cedar Point since there are several coasters I have not ridden yet since my last time there. I've done Disney enough in my life where it doesn't really do anything for me anymore. I live an hour from there so it's not exactly a big getaway either. Cedar Point has built several new rides since my last trip there in 1997. Aside from the long lines I really enjoyed Cedar Point.
  2. For me just about every coaster at Cedar Point had an endless line.
  3. Did anyone read the latest on a possible Gwazi replacement? At Screamscape they reported that members of the parks ride engineering team made a trip to Canada's Wonderland to look over their big steel coasters. Could this be a Giga coaster in the works for Busch Gardens Tampa? Any thoughts on this rumor? This would be amazing if they put a Giga in Florida. I remember a lot of debate of building anything over 200ft. at any Florida park. The soon to be opened Falcon's Fury is said to be over 300ft. so maybe a Giga coaster is not so far fetched.
  4. For me it has to be Sheikra and Leviathan. That drop on Leviathan just seems to last forever and you feel like you're coming out of your seat. Then Sheikra with that moment of anticipation just makes that drop all the more thrilling. Plus there's that nice pull of G's at the bottom of Sheikra's drop.
  5. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences at Busch Gardens. I've been a passholder for over ten years and don't recall ever having a bad day there and the park was always maintained well.
  6. I have some fond memories of that ride as The Hurricane. The ride had a tunnel at the bottom of the drop when it was at B&B which added a nice touch to the experience. I hope someday I get a chance to visit my old friend from a bygone time. Great memories and great rides at a lost treasure of a park Boardwalk and Baseball. Glad this gem of a coaster lives on even though its former home doesn't.
  7. Took my son on Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens this past weekend and experienced a lot of nice pops of air on that ride. It had been a while since I rode it and forgot that ride has some awesome airtime. My son just reached the 48inch height requirement and is on a mission to ride the big rides with his Dad.
  8. Years ago I would say the removal of King Kong at Universal Orlando. That ride was not only one of the first attractions at the park but Kong is such a Universal Icon that I thought Jaws would have gone bye bye before Kong.
  9. Based on all the woodies I've riden I got to go with Shivering Timbers. After that first drop it just feels like a never ending series of first drops with some of the best airtime I've ever experienced.
  10. Mine was Corkscrew at Michigan's Adventure. Back then the park was still called Deer Park Funland. You should have seen the trees that covered that park back then. Shame most of them were leveled by a bad storm a few years later.
  11. As nice as this exibit is I think I would rather see Atlantis and other shuttles still flying. I've attended many launches day and night and can say what a spectacle they are. They should have kept flying until a replacement system was ready to take their place. It saddens me that we have to rely on the Russians for space access for our astronauts. At least George Bush had authorized a new system to be development and even tested a new rocket but thanks to Obama we now have to start from scratch again since he pulled the plug on it.
  12. Very impressive such a stunning exibit for a stunning vehicle. I used to work for the media and have covered a few launches and one landing. My first launch viewing was Discovery in 1988 after the downtime following Challenger. Kennedy Space Center is top notch all the way, you can't help but be impressed with everything on the Space Center grounds. I can't wait to see this for myself with my son.
  13. I just got back from a trip to Canada and got my first ride on Leviathan. All I can say is WOW! That ride kicks some serious butt. This is my first coaster at 300ft. and it just blew me away. I couldn't get over how spread out the coaster is and how fast it races through the layout. How does it compare to other Gigas like Millenium Force? If only my home state of Florida could get something this big and awesome. I hope we can look forward to a Giga coaster at Busch Gardens some day.
  14. It was a great park with a nice ride collection for its time. The Hurricane was one of my favorite wooden coasters full of speed and nice pops of air. I hope I can make a trip to Magic Springs to ride that coaster again. I think the park overall just had a nice atmosphere to it and the boardwalk that ran throughout the park was nicer to walk on than sidewalks.
  15. Thanks for the advice I will definitely look into that. I'm looking forward to checking out Leviathan which will be my first 300 ft. coaster.
  16. Sorry for the error in spelling Robb, also I never got to see the above mentioned threads so I was unaware that Robb never visited the park. I was just curious seeing how vast his park visiting history is.
  17. My family and I are going to Canada around the 20th of June, how busy is Canada's Wonderland during the week around that time? We plan on going on a weekday since weekend crowds are obvious.
  18. Hey Rob, have you ever been to Boardwalk and Baseball or Circus World back in the day when it was in Haines City? It was one of my favorite parks to visit back in the 80's. I never went there when it was Circus World since it had just closed for the transformation when I moved here to Florida in 1986. I loved the Hurricane roller coaster which was the only woody in the Orlando area. Anyway, just wondered what you thought of the park if you had visited it?
  19. Dang that little coaster hauls some serious butt. I can't wait to check this ride out, shame my son is still just shy of the height requirement. By the way, how's the Enterprise ride running? I remember riding the one at Boardwalk and Baseball years ago and loved that ride.
  20. I'll have my DVR ready to go, can't get enough coaster shows. It's a shame Discovery channel doesn't do the shows like they used to. At least Travel Channel is picking up the slack now.
  21. I hope it's 46 inch height requirement, my son wants to ride this new coaster so bad. He's also chomping at the bit to try Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens.
  22. Sorry for the misspell on my last post, I typed a bit fast and didn't catch myself.
  23. Seems based on what I've read so far that these new class of coasters need the Kumba treatment. Kumba is one intense ride for a B&M and that's a good reason for Rob to have it on his list of intense rides. Funny how modern B&Ms don't have the same forces as Kumba espewcially those that have similar layouts.
  24. I like the look of the front of those trains, very unique compared to other GCI trains. My son is a big fan of trains and railroads and hopefully before long will be tall enough to ride this. What are the height restrictions for this coaster?
  25. Remember when Discovery Channel had the Thrills, Chills and Spills weeks? Man those were great times, so many new coaster and park shows. Now Reality TV has overtaken these networks and not much worth watching. I'm glad Travel Channel has stepped it up a little, I hope this is just the beginning of newer shows based on Thrills, Chills and Spills.
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