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  1. I am more than happy to see these changes. I am a fan of Surf Dog already, and the relocation of Jr. Gemini's entrance just makes sense. Probably should have been done a long time ago. I agree that the renaming does sting a little, it was my son's first coaster. But hey the song remains the same.
  2. There are carnival games hiding most of the "old charm". I forget where Rue le Dodge is at this point! Three point challenges and ladder climbs are worse than ad wraps and flatscreen monitors in my opinion.
  3. Wow this thread has been resurrected several times over eight years... On topic: I'd hit it
  4. For quaintness and charm, yes. But if you love coasters, 6F is the best thing to happen to GAm so far. They've put more into it than any other ownership (while simultaneously quashing the charm)
  5. I'm a Diamondback fan. Ride the back (13 is my favorite), give yourself a couple inches on the clamshell and you've got great floater air throughout.
  6. Any Disney fireworks really. I was recently exposed to BGW's display. Not choreographed, not as long, but still pretty impressive for park fireworks. Solid finale. I would kill to have seen that...
  7. Sorry, haven't rode El Toro yet so I can't bandwagon. Shivering Timbers first drop is pretty badass though. Not the highest, not the steepest, but pretty big nonetheless and just wow.
  8. I hear mixed feelings all the time about Viper at SFGAm but personally I love that thing.
  9. #1: Jumbo Jet at CP. I'm at 77 now and I'm not sure what #50 was but I have a few categorical firsts: Corkscrew @ Michigan's Adventure (then Deer Park) - first inversion Space Mt @ WDW - first indoor Raptor @ CP - first inverted Gemini @ CP - first hybrid Raptor @ CP - first stand-up RnRC @ WDW - first launched Firehawk @ KI - first flyer Diamondback @ KI - first water brake Dominator @ KD - first floorless Griffon @ BGW - first dive
  10. Cedar Point. Yup. I'm very close to Michigan's Adventure but I am hard pressed to consider it my home park since it is little more than a big water park with a couple good coasters.
  11. Viper is easily one of my favorite woodies. And that's actually stacking it up against the likes of Beast and Shivering Timbers.
  12. You do on ToT as well. Mach Tower at BGW. I was brave that day. I hate drop towers.
  13. Never been yet. But I will. We make it a point to ride every park's train, no matter what. I was disappointed that KD had no train!
  14. BGW is great, beautifully kept trains and breathtaking scenery. But my favorite of all has to be WDW, because if I'm riding it... that means I'm in the Magic freakin' Kingdom!! /total manchild
  15. If you wanna ride Frank, Steve, or David, download the Grindr app. I would go with John or Bob. Ya know what though? I may be way off base, but then I may be spot on, so just hear me out here... "Chad"
  16. Maverick hands down. Followed closely by MF then Raptor. Magnum after that.
  17. My sentiments exactly! I'm a Raptor diehard and veteran and did my first BGW trip just recently... Alpie is so damn fast!
  18. At Cedar Point we always beeline for Raptor, our favorite night ride at that park. At KI it's Diamondback and Beast. At KD it would probably be i305, had we the chance to experience it. But Dom is pretty f'n cool at night. With wet tracks We lucked into night rides on all 5 at BGW, but give me Apollo and Griffon in the dark. SFGAm has Viper running backwards trains right now, so in the dark it is even cooler. But the Bull takes the cake there. For the uninitiated: Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure is one night ride that will haunt you for weeks. Favorite overall? I'd have to go with Diamondback with Apollo a close 2nd.
  19. Just got my first rides on Volcano two weeks ago so... yup. Also Verbolten is not particularly strong comparatively, but a really fun ride with a couple good launches nonetheless.
  20. Mantis is a great coaster name. If only it was used on a different ride. Pepsi Max Big One is awful.
  21. Michigan's Adventure Corkscrew (when the park was Deer Park Funland).
  22. Last Friday, we were treated to a fireworks ride on Griffon at BGW as our last coaster of the trip. Amazing.
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