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  1. This is truly exciting. Cedar Fair plat passes for my group next year for sure.
  2. I hope this is just baseless rumor. I love Cajun. Freaking gigglefest right there. I leave that ride smiling hard every time. They could ditch the boxed up Bat ride if they want to shed one of their mice. So uneventful.
  3. A permanent Halloween-ish area. I like it. If only Cedar Fair would move in directions like this.
  4. I can't wait to ride this. It will be great. The very worst that can happen is it pulls riders away from Diamondback. I agree with the notion of re-theming FD to Bat, however unlikely that may be.
  5. I'm closest to MiAdv at 40 minutes away but we also lie exactly 3.5 hours from both SFGAm and CP. I consider CP my "home park".
  6. Just got back from our first ever trek to BGW. Amazing park! We did three days open-til-close and loved every minute (except the heat). Alpengeist is the fastest most forceful invert that I have ridden thus far. We were also treated to an insanely cool fireworks ride on Griffon! We had such a great time at BG we almost forgot about i305 being down at KD...
  7. We enjoyed a rain ride on Dominator this Tuesday. Very fast. Slippery when wet!
  8. Just got back from day 1. A few thoughts: Richmond/DC locals, you have a nice park. Be proud. So many trees! The whole layout is remarkably similar to Kings Island, and just as clean. We can't wait to do the whole thing again tomorrow but we did nail almost every single ride today, save i305 and a couple flats. We did Volcano first as prescribed. What a blast (haha see what I did there). As much as I already knew about this coaster coming in, the launch still kicked my a$$! We got on what I think was the second train of the day. So much fun. Then we couldn't resist the draw of a two-sided Topspin in the way of Crypt, with the water and fire effects fully working! We were only exposed to KI Crypt while it was still around, you guys are spoiled! It was a blast and we swore this would be one of our night rides but alas, within a half hour of our ride it went down. It came back up a couple times throughout the day we are told, but any time we came back around that way it was still down. So, no night ride. Next was Avalanche, very cool that this is still here to experience. My home park Cedar Point as you all know neutered Avalanche Run by enclosing it and including some terrible effects and now removed it so this was a nostalgia trip for me. Thanks for this, KD. Up to FoF. I have a hard time discerning the nuances between this and KI's version. I want to believe that they are identical but somehow I feel slight differences. The first half seems more intense, like maybe the launch is slightly faster? You know how perception is day to day, I'm probably wrong. No photo on the launch, likely there used to be when it was profitable. KI still has ride photos. The second half, after the mid brake, seemed sluggish in comparison. But the corkscrew finish was strong. Checked Anaconda. 20 more minutes until it will be available. We shall return. Backlot... I love this thing, this I know. Fun little Premier launcher. Short line, we got right on. Fun as expected, but the water, fire and copter effects were all not working. This was unexpected after our positive experiences with Crypt, Volcano and FoF (theming and effects). Bummer since our last visit to KI had at least the copter and fire. Water has been gone for years (I'm speaking of the "gas leak" effect, not water in the trough at the end. KD still has it, KI does not). We then grabbed some really fresh fries from Chicken Shack, they were brilliant. Normally I would call them average park fries, but they just opened the stand and they so perfectly hit the spot, and a future comparison made them really shine. More on that later. Anaconda is ready. A very satisfying ride! I expected a routine Arrow headache but we were rewarded with a fun ride. I'll hit this again tomorrow. The mid course brake (almost to a dead stop) was disappointing but the arrow jerk-and-curves right after probably justified it. Good finish to a fun jaunt. We pass the Scrambler. The wife and I love these to death, casting back to childhood carnival days, so we ride them at every park that has one. Not yet, we vow for later. Boo Blasters: Charming and cool queue area! KI's has very little outside line then a cool holding room with spooky effects. Not sure which one wins here. But the ride itself, 4 man vehicles and all guns (and interactive scenery) working perfectly, KD edges here. What a fun dark ride. I do wish it was still Scooby-Do themed, but oh well... I pulled a sweet 1620. Lead my car. Over to Dominator: again, thank you wise forum gurus and KD pros, our wait at this time was a mere 20 minutes (compared to a 1 hour initial wait as reported by other guests). What a hoot! I love this thing. For a first timer, this completely saved the day for i305 being down. Well the combo of this and Volcano and great weather and good company. The speed. The sheer unexpected speed. I pray that this never gets overtrimmed like so many other good coasters do. This made history for us, our first floorless. Tomorrow we crash the gate and try to get an early 1st row ride! Lunchtime: Bubba Gump's - Er, Outer Hanks. Ok shrimp, Ok fish, terrible slaw and fries. This is where we deemed our earlier Chicken Shack fries AMAZING. these were that bad. Old, overfried. I doused mine with malt vinegar and still didn't eat half of them. I never do that, I'm a naked-and-salt guy. I couldn't even mask it, they were that bad. Starbucks is Starbucks. We got coffee. Much needed, soul-satisfying caffeine. Re-invigorated. Flying Eagles: Never did this before. Kind of neat in principle. We liked it. Hurler... ouch! Nobody warned me about this kidney killer. At least we scratched it off our dance card but wow... will not repeat. I think it's natural at this point to ride Ricochet. It's right here, and there is no way Hurler is going to draw me back to this corner again. Great mouse! What a cool layout, I have to wonder if the wedge of cheese shape was designed for the space given or the ride was designed first. Totally neat. Grizzly: Now this is how a medium-small woodie should ride. Fun ride, couple good airtimes, didn't murder my spine. I'd repeat this. Tried to board Rebel Yell, folks coming out the in door saying it was down. went up anyway, we were told "soon". Shock Wave: I (we) hate stand-ups. Not the comedians, the coasters. But despite the awkward "cars" and restraints, this was a gigglefest. I'm not in a hurry to repeat, but I didn't hate it the way I used to hate Iron Wolf and still to this day Mantis (Mantis has a great layout, please Cedar Fair put someregular trains on it). Triple play. Drop Tower (not me but half of my party, I have problem with these things). Rebel Yell! Standard wooden racer, but not too rough and really fun. slightly forceless though, I guess that's the price you pay for not having an impacted disk. Berserker: What the ever loving fukk just happened to me Dominator again: OMG what a good coaster. At the exit we happened upon a fallen sign: "WARNING: During the fall season, this attraction contains bees and wasps at elevated areas. Those allergic to these insects should not ride." What the hell?!? Yikes. This ride has a mile drop, this ride has seventeen inversions, this one has keyholes over water, but this coaster features BEES Return to Volcano: We got to actually witness line jumpers being punished! How cool. Not ejected-from-the-park punished as always promised, but at least ejected from the ride AT THE BOARDING STATION! Nice. They were allowed to wait the whole (reduced by cheating) time, then NOPE. Sweet justice. B-but our friends are up there... even with protests they made it really far ahead. See ya. Dusky time, we got wet. We hit White Water Canyon, the log flume (forget the name) then WWC again. Soaked. Who cares though, it's almost closing time and we don't have to walk around all wet the rest of the day. WWC is a really good rafter. The flume is average but fun. Shopping, fireworks, hotel. So here I sit, showered, exhausted and satisfied. We do it all again tomorrow.
  9. Awesome, thanks again. Really looking forward to this, despite our star being down.
  10. Thanks for the advice. As for saving Dominator, is it a fast loader? Lines don't get bad even with I305 unavailable?
  11. Well, we are here in Doswell at the Days Inn right across from the KD parking lot. My first visit ever will be tomorrow and we will be crashing the gate nice and early. I know we are hosed for I305. Can anyone offer advice on how to best attack this park? I do know from this thread that Volcano's line gets long quick. How should we approach? We have 2 park days.
  12. Oh my bad, They were running and kind of populated on my last visit a year ago. Guess I haven't been paying enough attention
  13. Just noticed though, this will 86 the go-karts. Any thoughts on that? Certainly they will be moved...
  14. If at all possible I'll be there the day the park re-opens. This is exciting.
  15. Nice TR. I live 40 minutes away from MA and it's a great little park. Shivering Timbers is a world-class beat your ass woodie and should be checked off your list as soon as possible.
  16. :sigh: His profile says he's coming from West Michigan, so odds are good he's flying to the region. Even if he wasn't, he probably has to ask for time off well in advance with his job, which makes rescheduling a trip to Virginia somewhere in the realm of difficult to expensive to "no". Just rescheduling a trip sometimes isn't an option in life. So very correct. If only I could...
  17. Size matters. At some point inverts have to go BIG. Cross your fingers that this is that time.
  18. I'm from Grand Rapids MI oh wait sorry
  19. Then he broke out of jail and went back to the park. Also speculation
  20. 1. LaQuinta. Clean rooms at a good rate and you can see the park from your window (assuming you are on the correct side of the hotel). 2. Yes, two days will get you everything with time to repeat favorites easily. 3. Probably not at this point. Mid-July weekdays are flooded with local kids but after that it mellows out a lot. August is great for weekdays, we've gone the past four years straight. 4. I believe so, but never bought one so not sure here. 5. Hit X-Flight early one day, repeat until the line is intolerable. Do the same with Raging Bull the next day. V2 can take a long time to get on as well, but the aforementioned two are the big draws as of now. 6. Meh. IgNight is time wasted when you could be getting night rides on Raging Bull and Viper. Not good enough a show to keep me away from those gems. Treasure your night rides, the park is only open so long after dark...
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