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  1. My last at this point was an hour wait to say goodbye to Ragin' Cajun at SFGAm. Farewell slow-loading friend.
  2. Saturday Then explain to me Sunday 10/13. Oh mah gahd. Saturday 10/12 was way more manageable. Sunday was packed to the outer parking lots. Batman was 2+ hours all day.
  3. Love Maverick, Love Diamondback, but Raging Bull's first dive just does it for me so much. So very much.
  4. Seconding "good to hear". It's rough, agreed, but one of the most repeatable Arrow loopers out there. It really shines in the double loop and the batwing, good forces there. I have more rides on Vortex than any coaster at KI (DB a close second). What drags it down are the clunky transition into the loops after a great first drop, and the excessive braking that leads to an uncomfortably slow corkscrew. Nothing new there though, KD Anaconda anyone?
  5. Too much WDW to list. Everest probably, so well executed. ToT. Hard to nail down, Haunted Mansion's theming is world class. Outside of the Mouse? Alpengeist is great.
  6. Millennium Force all day. Honorable mention to Griffon (view of thew brewery).
  7. Corkscrew @ MiAdv Magnum X-Flight I think that's actually it. I like to avoid the 1st season lines I guess.
  8. OH how I love me some good coasterporn. Thanks Robb! Keep 'em coming.
  9. Next up is a Fright Fest weekend at SFGAm, October 12-13.
  10. While I agree that it's a bad coaster theme, I'm just going to be ducking in the corner over there for a minute
  11. I'm crossing my fingers for this to be less like Silver Bullet/Patriot and more like Afterburn/Raptor! Agreed. Put Alpengeist in that mix for speed and throw a coin in the well.
  12. There is. Allow me... http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=490
  13. ^Sorry about all that, I love RC and leave that ride laughing my arse off every time. I can see how it can easily make people sick though. I will miss it. As for the Sky Screamer, couldn't agree more. The sooner the better!
  14. I'm really stoked for the renaming of Jr. Gemini and the relocation of the queue. Very bold, Cedar Fair. Kidding. I'm most excited for Goliath at SFGAm! Followed closely by Banshee at KI, those are both within easy reach for me.
  15. This is excellent. Mind=blown, I can't wait to ride! I don't yet have an RMC under my belt but the expectations are high.
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