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  1. Grand Rapids MI here. 45 min from MiA, 3:50 from CP and 3:30 from SFGAm. I still consider CP my home park.
  2. Absolutely killed CP two weeks ago, now it's on to Carowinds (1st visit) and KI in two more weeks!
  3. Plat pass rules. we've done MiA twice and CP foir 3 days so far, and in two weeks Carowinds for 2 days, KI for 3. Then prob another MiA then Halloweekends at CP... my coaster season rules.
  4. Agreed 100% Normally I'm one-and-done but ST is very re-rideable right now.
  5. It's not a weather/temperature thing. Look where Muskegon is in relation to Gurnee. They sure do Halloween over there.
  6. We really need to arrange a MiA TPR meet-up and just own ST all day.
  7. It is also a hoax, be sure that's what you intend before circulating something like that.
  8. The interaction between the trains is what makes Gemini a must-ride every visit. Both sides.
  9. These supports supposedly spotted Saturday morning would have surely generated some pictures by Sunday night. time to move on, this didn't happen.
  10. Oh. My. Goodness. We ar going to Carowinds in August. Guess I should just stay home?
  11. Oh dear... I've seen plenty of after-ride vomit and even pre-ride but (luckily) I've never experienced an on-train hurl. Imagine being the puker, oh the embarrasment
  12. Well they didn't put Mantis up, only current rides so yeah Rougarou has to be posted.
  13. Not worked up at all, but shouldn't enthusiasts of any sort be concerned with what defines their hobby? I feel that PS is a powered family ride or flat, not a coaster. That is all.
  14. I hate that Pipe scream is on that wall, I sincerely hope CP is not truly counting it as a roller coaster. Nonono.
  15. Haha at this point it's Gemini, lightning was striking near CP today and we got flushed out of Gatekeeper's queue.
  16. Big shout out to Rebecca, last dispatcher on Maverick yesterday (Monday). She was hilarious, in a great mood, and completely made our evening with our two night rides on Mav before leaving the park. She was clearly having fun doing her job and it made the atmosphere in the station incredible. Thanks Rebecca! If any Maverick crew is reading, let her know she's awesome.
  17. I don't work there. Guess what, I still know about it firsthand! Also I know where my shift key is.
  18. Oh my god the rain today. We stuck it out as long as we could but ended up soaked to the bone and finally seeking refuge and crab fries at Chickie's & Pete's, freezing in the a/c. While we were there the rain finally subsided and the rain-stop rides were fired up. Raptor was a rare walk-on and we hit MaxAir for a hopeful dry cycle but nothing can help soggy bones. The rain hit its peak right as my wife and I were climbing Windseeker. There is nothing quite like being captive 300 ft up in a hard rain.
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