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  1. Six Flags Great America Kings Island Michigan's Adventure in November: Walt Disney World (all 4 major parks)
  2. Flight of Fear twice in a row before leaving KI last night. An amazing couple days. We hit Diamondback 7 times and never waited longer than 10 minutes.
  3. I am ecstatic to hear that Delirium is open. I will be there in a week and the perfect-ness of my trip depends heavily on this!
  4. Enjoy the greatest concrete-and-steel park in the US! I'll be at KI August 13-15 and at WDW November 24-December 1
  5. Michigan's Adventure please. Don't enclose it either, make it an outdoor bobsled as it originally was. I was so disappointed when we didn't get Demon Drop. Would have been a perfect fit.
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