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  1. Same. Disco yeti does not cut the mustard..... Still really like AK, even if it's a half day park right now.
  2. Still the best time to go to Epcot. My wife hates onions, so the first year we went she was very picky. Until she had the spanakopita. She went back and had it over and over and over again. Each time I laughed. She had no idea there were onions in it.
  3. Guys, still waiting for a response on the Contest......
  4. I honestly thought their fries were just average, and I've tried Five Guys, five times now. I keep hoping I see the light. Problem is, around here is we have Tom and Eddy's now, and the old standby of Portillo's. I can get a burger that compares well to Five Guys, and get good fries at either of those places.
  5. Wow. Wow. Wow! Nice coverage, Adam. I really needed a bathroom pic though. And Mesa Verde would be a poor choice. Go to Alpha Centari instead!
  6. ^ Agree on both parts. I can't wait to see all of this next August.
  7. As long as "Kiss the Girl" is included on the ride soundtrack (which it obviously is), this ride is perfect.
  8. ^ Please read the TPR Terms of Service and Posting Rules.
  9. ^ A lot of times that's an error due to your antivirus, or your browser. When you do to download, also check that it's not trying to save it as a txt file.
  10. Central hub with nodes coming off it. Sounds like a solid plan to me....like say, Disneyland.
  11. ^ I'm going to strongly suggest you read TPR's Terms of Service, especially this rule: 9. Spelling and Grammar - bad spelling and grammar will NOT be tolerated! Theme Park Review's forum includes a spell checker and there is a great one available with Google's Toolbar. If we have to edit too many of your posts, you may be suspended from the forum. Text Message shorthand or "l77t" speak is not allowed. A typo here and there is acceptable, but illegible posts are not.
  12. Awesome! Still trying to reschedule my visit next year from August to October. Must get F&W love. I think the Sam Adams flights are a great idea too. When did those start?
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