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  1. I don't recall this....It sits on Rolling Thunder's old site. If I recall correctly it was just a really long queue off the midway from Hometown Square. That was an era I didn't go very often though being away at school, and the park not being known to be as safe.....
  2. Just add the second driver on the locomotive, so it at least looks like a real loco again. That is all.
  3. Preview is your friend! Looks good. I'm not particularly excited about Wing Coasters, but I think you captured the feel of one quite well.
  4. Hey Steve! Welcome to TPR, usually we prefer a link to a product from someone that's been around awhile, but this looks interesting. Please keep us updated here as well! This kind of reminds me of Trainz by Auran.
  5. I got the kids Bounce Bounce Tigger at 50% off on Saturday at Babies R Us. I wasn't even looking for it. I hate Black Friday.
  6. Yeah. Really wish you did more PTRs. They're always top notch.
  7. As someone that's worked on the other side, all I'm saying is that you'd be surprised. This is one of the last claims I handled: The young man was intoxicated, and rode the railing like he was riding a horse. The parent's filed suit. Just saying.
  8. ^ You'd be amazed at what the thought process is during stuff like this, and when an attorney plays on your emotional heart strings with dollar signs.
  9. Plaintiff attorneys just orgasmed over this line "...that he was so small he ricocheted off netting meant to guard against anyone falling into the area.." Lawsuit in 3,2,1.... Negligent parent, and yet she'll still make out with something. Unreal.
  10. Depends. Since this was rated a hurricane, probably not. If it was a tropical storm they'd have a better chance at coverage. Of course, this is all heresay without seeing their policy.
  11. Portillo's fries are OK. I just don't get the hype over Five Guys fries. There's 100's of Vienna Beef hot dog stands around here with better fries.
  12. That's a default lamp. Something got messed up in your folders. You should probably try a reinstall.
  13. I like how they squeezed in the World of Motion logo in there too.....bastards.
  14. Are the 4 door Porshe 911s huge around you guys? I'm seeing them everywhere up here.
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