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  1. The Whizzer at SFGA. It was after a Funnel Cake Sundae....I didn't dare try ride anything else.
  2. I love this picture. Robb has a great, "yum, vegetables" look on his face. Great TPR, I'm still trying to convince my wife to go back to my favorite parks......the Food and Wine Fest might be the trick!
  3. I sat down last night and watched Batman Begins, one of two movies I saw all summer. I must say, I like just as much now as I did then. Glad to see the Dark Knight on the silver screen again.
  4. Seriously, this last time I left with bruised shoulders and knees. I kept trying to slouch to get away from the restraints, which led to my knees knocking into the seat in front of me. Oh well, it was nice to see them get some of theming back like it was when I was a kid. I miss the red pools of "lava" and the fountains that sprayed you as you went through the corkscrew.
  5. My bad....I must of had a major brain fart when I was typing that. Lesson to the kiddies, multi-tasking....very bad. Pay attention to what you're doing! The Demon is certainly not Suspended, although my arms usually are after I ride....on account of them being knocked out of their sockets. Fingers must keep up with brain while typing......
  6. Great pics, glad you had fun. I was there on the 14th, we hit all the coasters (except the usual suspect, Deja Vu) in less than 2 hours. Raging Bull, front seat at dark....fantastic! At 30, I'm pretty sure I've stopped growing.....Demon tore me up. I had bruised shoulders from the retraints and bruises on my knees from banging into the seat back in front of me. That was my first SLC ever...20 odd years ago, ah the memories.
  7. I was there the November it opened, I think it was 2 weeks after the Grand Opening. There was nowhere near the crowds in your photos. My parents pulled the wool over my school's eyes and said the trip would be "educational" therefore my sister and I could miss a week. We ended up making reports for our teacheres on what we "learned" while at EPCOT. I have very similiar pictures somewhere.....man I hated those shorts.
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