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  1. Someone else didn't think it was, so they reported the post.....*sigh* We're all good. In any case, IMO RCT2 is a great game to get back into. It's easy to figure out, there's a lot of scenery (including some custom stuff), and it's easy on your PC. RCT3 is what I had always hoped for with the 3D engine, etc. I love digging in and building....really building! And seeing your creation in 1st person can't be equalled. It's just a resource hog if you've got an older PC (like I do). So, if you've got a beast of a PC, I'd go for RCT3.
  2. Moving along on my quest to play games that are at least a year old.... Just finished Batman Arkham City. I like more than the Arkham Asylum, but found another story line with Joker as the main antagonist kind of dull....speaking of which, I didn't get a code for the Catwoman missions. Anyone know where I might "find" one? You can PM me. :: I'm now onto Hitman:Absolution which I'm enjoying. Love the Hitman series!
  3. ^ This. As for the other replies I had to delete.....everyone has an opinion. No need to bash. And do not report posts like that as spam. Totally unecessary, and more work for the mods.
  4. This is EXACTLY the reason why I never liked it. It was like the one place in Walt Disney World that felt like "Disneyland fanboys" found and bombarded the place. I could just never get into it because of them. Bring back Horizons.
  5. OK. We're done with Challenges. No one ever enters, and no one follows through on them.
  6. This whole thing is worthless unless Adventurer's Club is coming back.
  7. Just temp banned him. He tried to post like a big boy for a day or two, and went back to crap. Then posted an "announcement" in the RCT3 Project thread....no pictures. Ban is 7 days.
  8. ^ Sometimes you just get lucky. I was deleting a bunch of back seat mod posts from broughtonboy's crap thread. Checked some IP addresses along the way, and voila!
  9. And now iOS is Coastin....... I'm banning the iOS screen name.
  10. Nice stuff. I think you'll find the CD stuff doesn't get a lot of play around here. Not sure why. But please continue to share!
  11. If you want to continue posting at TPR, you need to start using this. Last warning.
  12. Man....it takes me two seconds to sniff out a thread that's trouble..... Last warning on this. Please, please, please read the Posting Rules, and Terms of Service here at TPR. They're conveniently posted in the Sticky area at the top of the page. As for backseat moderating, it will not be, nor has it ever, been tolerated.
  13. This ride system was invented for the Indiana Jones Adventure, and has only been implemented in two other attractions: its Tokyo DisneySea counterpart, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, and DINOSAUR, located at Disney's Animal Kingdom (opened as CTX: Countdown to Extinction) in Orlando, Florida. However, the Japanese version uses linear-inductive actuators instead of three hydraulic rams. The 35 gallons of hydraulic fluid used on the Disneyland version takes two hours to clean up the track when a hose splits. Because of Japan's environmental codes regarding oil spills, the design team elected to substitute electromagnetic actuators on the ride vehicle. Three of these actuators are used to create a three-dimensional (pitch, roll, and elevation) motion platform chassis on which the car body sits. Test Track and Cars used a different track.
  14. To clarify, Dinosaur uses the same system developed for Indiana Jones and the last crusade, not Test Track.
  15. ^ I locked it and warned him. That whole thread went on long enough.
  16. This whole thread sucks. Stealing, terrible grammar, and then pissing and moaning. iOS, you're right, we've all lost IQ points wasting time reading this. LOCKED.
  17. Oh, and here's some fun....I went to Shyguy's World to download some RCT3 Custom Scenery. They've deleted my account, and I can't seem to re-register. Nice. So all their kids use the Game Exchange, but a Mod here can't use their database. Classy.
  18. So my new job has me sitting around a bit now.....which is a nice change from the last job where I barely had enough time to pee. I'm trying to catch up, but photo sharing sites are blocked here so I can't see anything unless it's uploaded to TPR. I'm trying to get these threads titled with the correct {RCT***] title, but can't tell on some of them, and already scolded corkscrewy about rules are rules no matter how long you've posted here.
  19. To be fair to everyone, everyone has to follow the rules. Regardless of how long, or how active you are. I've also edited your title to adhere to the posting rules too.
  20. My new office puts me about ten minutes from the VWVortex offices, and the Super Beetle is there for the Chicago Auto Show. I'm hoping to pop in and say hello to the crew before it's loaded up....or hope it comes back afterwards.
  21. ^ Still one of my favorite IPAs. Kona Brewing has started distributing to IL. So I picked up a variety pack at Costco a couple weeks back. Now I want to go back to Kauai......
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