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  1. Was up everyone. sorry i haven't post anything new with the park. well guess what im back so i know your asking what going on with the park or what going on with Hard Rocking Roller coaster Well some good new after making the the Retro street i look at the entrance of the park and thought it was pretty ugly compare to the main street so i restarted the entrance and i like it so far. it not all the way down but i will be working on it very slow. well enjoy the picture and also i plan for the park to open late 2016 early 2017. i know long time but i want to give you guys a great park. so enjoy and see u next update.. sneak peek of the monorail station that will take u to the other parks and Resorts not completed inspired by the old California sign that use to be in front of the Disney California Adventures the Bag checking section for the buses and parking lot trams not completed the studio not completed more of the station before after. see you next update..
  2. hello everyone so today i started to work on the first ride of the park is sadly not done but i wanted to show off the ride and to be so honest i don't know why i try to hyped this ride up so much but enjoy the pictures and this Friday i will be live streaming the park and it progress and much more hope u like the pictures and also next week i will not be posting due to me going out of town so yea :T but i make sure these next days i will be working my butt off... well see u guys next update and thanks for all the comments... now presenting The Hard Rock Rollercoaster... featuring Red hot Chili peppers loading station 2% done :T
  3. Hello everyone I'm back with some great news. The Nineflags Team has been working hard the last two days on one of ours news park call Warner Brothers Studios Park. So far we only work on the entrances plaza and the start of the Main Street. i hope u like the pictures and i will be poster every other day. of the park and also stay turn because we have a big announcement of our current project. thanks and enjoy the picture..
  4. hello everyone my name is nineflagsinc not a original name anyways i been working on this Six Flags magic mountain for about 2 years and i fail and fail again but 3 days ago i decided to try once again but with a little bit more effort and detail so here it is my second version of this park im am 12% done -.- lol so anyways here what i work on FYI this park have mixture of CT and normal in game track so u will see both and with a lot of detail.. please leave a comment and also if u would like to help please leave a comment and help me out with some great tips... so anyways lest talking more showing off the park hope u guys love it... ps this was three days ago i will post today work tomorrow around 11:30 PST so cant wait to read yell comment and please comment abot t he park nothing elese see yell later....
  5. thanks and sorry im not taking any of the credit for the logos also my photoshop is mest up so the real logos Isnt going to updated intell mabey next month...i am working not really using those logos i just put their just to show out the names... and thnaks i really want to show off my phantom coaster layout but today but i cant cant post in a 24hour period...
  6. was up everyone well great news TPR will be the home of Nine Flags Texas farms and aslo Peach Garden. that mean that u will be seeing updates and also. well be the first site to download these parks and i been working on Nine flags texas farms im showing off just a little bit of the park. please i hope u like the park im still working and i love to show off the first 4 coaster of the park the iron bull the fastest wooden coaster in the southwest and also the patriots the longest and tallest inverted coaster in the southwest also Mavrick and route 66 two great coaster with a great twist please comment and also look out for Peach Garden ps i didnt have all my logos in the park yet sorry... im not done with both rides yet but i will post more later next week.. also look out for Nineflags peach garden comming soon.. Read: Nine Flags isnt a copy of six flags it is it own thing if u have a problem with the name sorry get over it.... other news Peach Garden Haves 1 CT never before seen i didnt make the CT and im not taking any credit for the ride.. also this is a fantasy but try to make it as real as it can be please don't Compain about the park... last but not least plaese do not wright negtive comment... if u do not like the park just dont say nothing thank you for reading and please comment and give my your thought about Texas Farms
  7. was up everyone it been a long time since i been active on the forms so me and Alex was planing a a pretty cool projected.. call Eurpa world loaded in Forchheim ,Germany Eurpa world haves about 22 different coasters from thrill to family. 102 different rides. and to end it all 5 shows this park is going to be updated once or twice a week depending if we are busy or not hope you like the pictures of the main entrance. hope you like the park and if you have any questions please fill free to post a comment below... hope u like the pictures please leave a comment below thanks....
  8. Use to and it not base of it... Sorry but another update is coing soon..
  9. Ok but on AJ Signature there a link to a website theirs 2 links and if the Monitor Donsnt follow the rules what make it right for me to follow it???
  10. Realism such as the park Entrance,lines supports etc. and I chose the name wicket twister because I wanted to use the name V2 for another coaster and I redo the website I'm first trying to Finnish the park. If you want you can do all my images if you want because I running out disk space and photoshop will kill my pc that why I use google..
  11. i restarted on the park again because i wanted to be as real as possible here the news park .. here some my construction on one my rides hope you like it.. im not telling or listing the CS i use for it because i don't fill like looking them up.. sorry im just to lazy
  12. Thanks and the and XYZ ill tone the bloom down a little bit for your ..
  13. hello everyone before i get into the storyline this is an abandon park and it a unfinished park that i found on the internet. i can't take all the credit for this park. that you going to see but i promise this will be a park to remember so enjoy this new storyline... 1980 the door open for the newts theme park Michigan call Darien lake theme park and open up with 3 coaster and 6 rides this park was fun for the Michigan community. opening day was a big day for the park. the park had about 2000 guest at the park that day. enjoying the ride foods and walking around the park. the first ride the sea viper is the first coaster in Michigan to have not just 1 loop but 2. ''OH MY GODS'' said the Major of Michigan ''the best ride ever'' Said the Guests waling around the park is fun for the whole family for the little one a stroller help out so much.. ''The faster coaster in the world'' kids and the adults fear Robin hood.. ''i though i was going to fly off the tracks''-major of Michigan told the press Great restaurants and i love the ice cream the best said all the guess in the park.. for the family a grate way to see the park and the lake an up close view the last coaster in the park might be the best one in the world look how tall it is opening day was amazon and it couldn't get any better hopefully this park will be a land mark for Michigan. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 years later Great news Michigan Darien lake is open a new ride for the 1983 season after could this ride be coaster of the future?? well let you know at 6:00 pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6:00 pm from a coaster company call arrow dynamics the company that build the sea Viper is building a new coaster call the falcon it's a new type of coaster call a Suspended and how Darien lake. park manger said this coaster will make you fly... we have picture of what it look like.. this will be flighting this summer at Darien lake.
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