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  1. I can't tell if the speedhill is really long or really short. Oh and, I see a trim!
  2. Lemme fix that for you.... But anyways, glad there won't be anymore Aquafina at BGW.
  3. YES! Coke < Pepsi. 'Nuff said. Though Mug is better than A&W. Coke needs to buy IBC.
  4. 1. The GP doesn't give a flying youknowwhat. 2. The GP doesn't look up parks that they go to to check if they have any awards. 3. People don't know that BGW is "The most beautiful park" until they get on the tram. At that point, they've already decided to go to BGW. 4. No point to advertise Verbolten when: A. The park is closing in 2 weeks. B. All the kids are at school in the spring, so the majority of people with kids (A LOT) aren't going to vacation (With the exception of spring break).
  5. Does this mean the electronic menus at restaurants will ONLY BE Skittle's advertisement? Wouldn't make much of difference if you ask me.
  6. Skyrush and I305 are a LOT less similar than Mamba and Steel Force.
  7. If Skyrush didn't have Intamin's new lifthill support system and a double-spined track, people wouldn't be killing baby dinosaurs.
  8. ^ Ehhhhhh, someone would probably sue because there wasn't a McDonalds along the way.
  9. New Verbolten Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOXPsxJK6f4 ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and embedded it for you!
  10. Yeah, I rode my first SLC this summer, and I will never ride one again, as when I looked up at the side wheel on the brake run, I find that it was not touching the track.
  11. Just a thought, using the concept art and my limited knowledge on dragboats, could we see some water skipping here? Wouldn't really get riders wet if it were going fast enough. (And it would provide some insane ejector.)
  12. Even though it probably wouldn't include Manta Ray projections, could Seaworld Parks be trying to hit "two birds with one stone" with this "first of it's kind"? (I assume if this would be used it would be used at the drop section.)
  13. I still don't see where the "multiple firsts" are going to come in. I only see one. .
  14. Only coaster enthusiasts would think it would be funny to get a B&M hyper when WoF already has a Morgan. The GP will eat it up anyways, and all they know is that "It's a new roller coaster". Not that they're going to get one, it's just that they always could, and the GP wouldn't care about the fact it's "similar".
  15. ^^ Why would CW get Leviathan when it already has Behemoth? EDIT: ^ Op beat me to it.
  16. Pretty sure there was a Holiday Inn packed somewhere in there.
  17. So anyone know if the second launch is supposed to be enclosed (in a tunnel) or if it will be outdoors?
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