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  1. There have been rumors floating around about soft openings before the 18th, take it with a grain of salt.
  2. If only there was a hill that ended the MCBR instead of the turn. Airtime coming off of MCBRs (especially B&M hypers) is insane!!! But it looks really neat, I'm still on the fence when it comes to if Shambhala will pack some nice forces. Only time will tell though.
  3. ^ Yep. Bought one last year, and I'm not from VA. EDIT: Oh, I did some research last night, and realized AC is the only B&M Hyper/Giga to not have a 54"+ height requirement (AC's requirement is 52"),does anyone know why this is?
  4. Aren't the Second Generation Trains much longer than First Generation Trains?
  5. Yeah, I know I'm sort of out of it, but how many tunnels are there supposed to be?
  6. The bunny hop and the super-mini bump just made this ride 10x more awesome.
  7. Speaking of B&M, doesn't B&M and SeaWorld Park's DM contract supposedly expire this year? (Don't they have a contract?)
  8. Just wondering, is it even the slightest bit possible for B&M to make a Hyper Wingrider (Hypercoaster layout, and with the current B&M Wingrider trains, not something like Skyrush) or would the forces be too great?
  9. Is it considered early for a manufacturer to be spitting out track this early in the year for a coaster opening by the earliest next year, or is this normal?
  10. Seeing as SFoT is turning Mr. Freeze's train backwards and advertising it like it's a brand new ride, I'd bet they'll try to milk NTAG dry too. On the Wingrider note, has anyone compared the track's color to Green Lantern at SFGadv? It's a stretch, but maybe they'd go for the same green?
  11. I don't know why, but just the color and the style seems like it'd be great with SFoG, but I doubt it seeing as they just got DDD.
  12. That's really weird they have rows blocked off for Flash Pass. It seems like a waste, two rows? I'm sure Flash Pass is more used than Quick Queue, but Quick Queue at BGW is a huge waste, so many 2nd rows of Apollo go out empty. And it's Spring so I'm sure people don't really need Flash Pass yet as the summer crowds aren't around.
  13. What I don't get is why they're promoting something that's not going to open for 2 years!
  14. Amen. Just wondering, is there a reason why corkscrews in general are (usually) the most jerky elements in a coaster?
  15. Random question: How tall is Diamondback's first camelback?
  16. I know BGW is supposed to plant trees over by the bridge and around the event building, but are they going to plant them before it opens or sometime later?
  17. I find B&M corkscrews more jerky and more painful than Arrow corkscrews. My slogan for most B&M loopers is "After the brakerun, everything goes wrong."
  18. And there's our second first. (5 unique ride vehicles) And maybe 3rd first (CoasterCam (First for BGW, but now that's starting to push it )
  19. Wow...wicked loud even for a Beemer. Looks like it'll pack some nice ejector on the first speedhill. Can't wait to see what this beast looks like during the summer.
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