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  1. No but I mean Yeesh, you pay say 25 million for a Hyper, and 25 million for a Giga? Most people that ride a 200 foot coaster would ride a 300 foot coaster, as 200 ft is past the "Family" Barrier. So they kinda just blew 25 million. They could've saved 25 million and still gotten the same outcome. I mean YEESH.
  2. Using that logic, one could make the argument against building any new coaster in general. After all, every new coaster is, in essence, just a different variation of it's predecessors. I'm not saying "DONT BUILD A NEW COASTER." I'm just saying why choose the coaster type CW did.
  3. Not to be 'That Kid' but erm...I've never heard of a park that has both a Giga coaster AND a Hyper-Coaster. Not CP, not any SF. I mean, seems kind of strange to me. Giga Coasters and Hyper-Coasters are basically the same thing, except Gigas are about 100 feet taller. So why would you have 2 of the same ride, just 100 feet apart? And trying for a Strata seems kind of strange if it's not gonna top the charts, and I don't think it would be beneficial for a Canadian park to have such a huge ride with a lot less tourists compared to America. I'm just a little skeptical. Seeing the designs for "Skyrush", I think this is going to be a new type of coaster. But that's just me. Just seems a bit strange.
  4. Hershey Park has a very good collection of family rides. I'd have to say SFGADV has the best collection for thrill rides.
  5. If you want your legs to dangle JUST RIDE GRIFFON FOR PETE'S SAKE! (10 minutes wait) lol
  6. Someone says El Toro was overrated? That's such a great ride, best woodie I've ever ridden. The only rough part I guess is when you helix around the station and drop, really hurt my legs and...you know . But definitely a very good ride.
  7. I'd actually have to say (No one hate me for this) Millennium Force. It really didn't provide that kick. I mean sure it was intense, but there was absolutely no air time, to be honest, none of CPs rides really have an air time kick. That's just me. Hate me, don't hate me, but it's just my opinion.
  8. Remember this is a new company. I don't BGW trusts Moser as much as it would a big name company. Accidents are more likely to happen with a newer company then a well trusted name, so I think BGW wanted to play it safe.
  9. ^ I'm hoping it'll open within 3 weeks. Anyway I saw on BGW fans that Mach Tower was supposed to be doing a full test today. AMAZING sign.
  10. Where'd you find that? And looks like the lift and drop of I305.
  11. Yeah Green Lantern was a big mistake knowing what Mantis was like. I literally prayed for it to be over, and couldn't pay attention to the ride because I was too caught up in keeping my head stationary. If it wasn't even worth the 8 minute queue with a Flash Pass, it's not gonna be worth the hour wait either.
  12. Frisbee's are borrrriiinnngggg. How about a frisbee that inverts like at CP.
  13. I think SFMM needs an expansion, as in 'More land' if they want to build another coaster.
  14. If you don't get a flash pass be sure to drink a lot of water. So many people passed out waiting in lines. 3 people alone passed out at the end of the line at Green Lantern. That would just ruin a day of fun
  15. ^ Rofl same some kid puked on El Toro, took em like 20 minutes to clean it up. I mean really? El Toro? Tsk tsk tsk. Oh Oh and I love the "Visual Check!" And they look around the station with their hand covering them from the 'Sun'. lol that made me laugh.
  16. Green Lantern has about an hour, hour and a half wait on average. When I was there, I got a gold flash pass, and the wait was cut down to 8 minutes, but even then, the ride really isn't worth it. I'd say if you can, get a flash pass. My group went around the whole park riding all the roller coasters in 2 hours with the flash pass, and so we kept going around again and again and again. I'd say start your way from either side of the park and work your way around. The ride queue times are about an hour on the weekdays, more for coasters like Kingda Ka and Nitro. (Also I'm talking about on the weekday) But the lines really thin out by about 5. Superman: Ultimate Flight which had a queue time of 1 hour, had absolutely no line at 5. We didn't even need to use our flash pass. But yeah, the park can get busy. If you get a flash pass and plan to stay the whole day, it'll definitely be worth the absurd amounts of cash you have to rack up.
  17. Height restrictions are in effect because of forces and the general average of the riders center of gravity.
  18. Hmmm for wood: Blue Streak or Wildcat And for steel I'd have to say Green Lantern.
  19. It's kinda Ironic, how when the operators don't do their part by allowing a man with no legs on Superman and is killed, it is no fault of the park. But when a kid tries to retrieve his hat from Batman: The Ride (Happened 2 times actually) by climbing 2 6 foot fences that say "Danger, Do not enter" and gets killed by an oncoming train, the parents sue the park (Yes we need security guards by every fence in a park). And actually the same thing happened in Italy, and nobody sued. (Oh how I love the legal system in America )
  20. First time I rode Apollo's Chariot I almost died. The drop was extremely intimidating, but now i go on anything and everything.
  21. Title says it all. (If you could literally take a park and add it to another park which two would you combine?) I'd choose Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Hersheypark. (Perfect Variety of coasters)
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