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  1. Heard that if B&M ever wanted to go "Bigger" they'd need to use a whole new support structure for the lift hill.
  2. Well if its a DM it's definitely going to top the rest (Since they're making such a big deal about it). But I'm not sure it'll make it over 250.
  3. Well, if it were to be a Giga DM, I heard it would need a completely different support structure then what we see on other B&Ms, but a huge jump from 240 feet to 300 feet seems a bit odd for B&M, they normally don't push the limits. We'll have to wait and see.
  4. Well Demon Drop wasn't considered a coaster, and it had the exact same 'L' layout.
  5. No they aren't. If you check out the SFMM thread kinda has a whole thing about how CP is saying Superman: Escape from Krypton shouldn't be considered a coaster. They kinda both want the crown. :S
  6. I found Superman to be an interesting experience, especially since I'm very small and thin so my body is a full I'd say 6 inches from the seat when I'm in flying position, so when the train went into the Pretzel Loop I was smashed into my seat and when I came back up I fell with a thud back on the harness. 4 words.... BEST RIDE EXPERIENCE EVER!
  7. 5 woodies in one park? That's a lot, and theres not much you can do on woodies. Are you talking about going for a small one?
  8. Well if you haven't noticed, SFMM and CP are kind of in a huge bru ha ha about who has the most coasters. It's not about someone else already has one, it's that CP's rival park just bought one.
  9. But then what's the point of getting a Zac Spin if it won't do much? Also I don't think CP would risk getting a Zac Spin, as it would look like CP was copying SFMM.
  10. No No Flashback got a paint job very recently and I also heard that SFNE would be keeping the coaster if they in fact did get Deja Vu.
  11. Dunno. I mean SFNE already has a Vekoma Invert anyways! I mean repetitive much?
  12. I sure do hope nothing happens to Sdl! That was my first steel roller coaster ever! (And my first looping coaster ever but you probably figured that out already).
  13. Well I mean SFNE already has Flashback which is a sitdown boomerang. Erm...why would you want 2 Vekoma Boomerangs in one park...the only thing difference is one is sitdown and the other is inverted. It just doesn't make sense. SFNE doesn't need another Vekoma, it needs a Beemer. :S And what about the rumors about CP getting a coaster for 2013? It is actually quite overdue for a coaster.
  14. They may be tied again next year if the rumor that SFMM is going to sell Deja Vu to SFNE is true. But anybody else think that's a really stupid move by Six Flags? And think it's not true?
  15. They need to start theming! If they make good leg choppers Im so going to France next year!
  16. No, the general consensus is that Zac Spins are not lame. Just the way that Green Lantern (and probably every other one that gets built in the U.S.) is operated is what's lame about them. Why get a Zac Spin with a Capacity of like 500 an hour when you can get a 4D coaster thats a lot longer taller and more efficient?
  17. Zac spins are lame. I think if and when CP gets a new coaster, it'll be a Beemer. They're overdue for one, and I don't think CP was very pleased when Maverick was delayed because they had to take out the heartline roll.
  18. Well, 12:00 is usually really early for lunch, as everyone who wants lunch is...well in a line. Between 1-2 everyone usually gets lunch (After they finally ride their ride), and the lines don't start picking up again until about 3 if they do (They will for main coasters). So eat at about 3 for lunch is what I would say. I'm not sure about dinner. I'd say powerbar yourself through for a bit, maybe grab a quick snack, and power through the night until the park closes, and then get something to eat afterwards. Highly suggest riding TTD and MF at night if you have the time, I mean legit when it's dark. It's AMAZING.
  19. Hit up Maverick first. By 11:00 the line is 1 and a half hours. Top Thrill Next, if you're lucky it'll be an hour max. MF at 12:00-1:00 is about 45 minutes. That's my main advice. And Johnny Rockets is pretty good, at lunch time Raptor is pretty much Walk-on too
  20. I think this will be B&Ms best invert EVER. I'd trade Alpengeist for this ANYTIME.
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