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  1. I asked one of the workers who was handing out cards. He said it was working well so far, and if it continues to work well it will become permanent.
  2. I-305! No need to already gave you number one coaster
  3. Only launching B&M (though the launch part was done by a different company).
  4. Music is like Pompeii, it cuts out when reached to the top like when a CD is scratched. The shaking is more like vibrating, but the I think it adds a punch to the drop. The cycle is very efficient but as I said before sometimes they let people off the ride and you have reset your harness, which gets annoying if it happens more than once (it does). They hand out tickets at the turntable, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. You stand in the same color square as the color of your card (It's like a Four Square box) and direct you to the section of the car to sit in. Very fast, a bit odd, but it works. And the Ejector Air is all worth it. If the brakes didn't start where they do, I don't think a lot of people could handle it. Very unsettling at the bottom of the drop. On a different note, Oktoberfest really ruined my day. The new buildings really ruin the beauty of everything and make it all fake and cartoony. Also, anyone else notice Griffon's efficiency has really gone down? Or was that just me? Oh and edit: I think the Ejector air depends on weight. The lighter you are, the more air you get!
  5. Yeah they couldn't take 2 projects cause they were so busy so they chose to give the Beemer to BGT. BGW got Drachen, which was replaced by AC.
  6. Opening was AMAZING! Line was no longer than 10 minutes. And they have a very efficient way of loading riders on. Though there were some delays (A lot of people got off after harnesses were locked, which means they had to reset the harnesses), the view was amazing. The drop itself was amazing. The seats shake a little and it stops for a split second and then you drop. Amazing Airtime (Obviously). Great ride. Definetley something to try next time you're there.
  7. Intamin's probably having a party right now like when NASA completes a mission. Records kept for now! I wonder how much B&M pushed for 311 feet. CW: "We want a 306 foot coaster." B&M: "Ok you want a 311 foot coaster." CW:: "No 306." B&M: "You sure you don't want 311? I think you should make it 311."
  8. Well if you look on the website ride statistics, it says "Approx." So maybe it'll change to 311 and 95 mph.
  9. Yeah if you look at the lift hill it only has like 10 things that connect the spine to the rails. Haha yeah it's really cut down.
  10. Should've made the final brake run a MCBR. That had good height to be one. And it still had a lot of speed.
  11. Erm...looks like the only difference between Leviathan and Behemoth is Behemoth is out and back and Leviathan is a twister. Well at least we know it's not exactly the same. I mean seeing as Leviathan is going to be so much bigger than Behemoth I mean obviously it'll have more trims. Hehehe...ohhhh wait- Trains are the same, Lap Bars (Probably no inversions). Erm Overbanked curves For The Win though(?)
  12. I don't personally care. I'm saying that on behalf of the park. With all the hype the park's put into this ride it'll be a heartbreaker to see the new coaster become a let down and not boost attendance. It's also a huge risk for CW to become B&Ms guinea pig. What makes a giga a giga is usually it's intensity (am I wrong?). B&M hasn't been known for it's intensity, so B&M will have to step up it's game to compete with Intamin.
  13. On Alpengeist something happened to one of the trains in the station and it couldn't leave the station. We were on the final break run for 30 minutes.
  14. Question is the BGW Fun Card/Pass only available to Virginia Residents or can anyone purchase one?
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