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  1. Any possibility Mach Tower would open tommorow? (Thursday) or do rides only open on weekends.
  2. You mean SFGAdv? SFGA is Great America. Sometimes RT races. Either way though it was amazingly fun, a lot less rough then I expected. if they need to take down Rolling Thunder they really need to take down Blue Streak @ CP too.
  3. DO NOT RIDE IT. Its smooth from the Chain Lift to the loop; then you pray for the ride to be over. At least that's what I did. Avoid at all means necessary.
  4. I'd say: 1. Nitro (Its not that I really love Beemers (I do) it's cause it actually had a lot of air time) 2. El Toro. that was baws. 3. Apollo's Charriot 4. Griffon 5. MF i guess.
  5. Imagine CW actually didn't have a Giga planned and they CW looked at this website and screamed and so for the past weeks they've been running around trying to get rights to a Giga...haha
  6. Looks like Intamin may have some competition when it comes to Giga's....
  7. I may be going to KD Thursday. What time should I go? Are the lines better earlier or later in the day? What rides have the longest lines and can they be avoided? im only going for part of the day so I need to plan out my day.
  8. To be honest if you're just going to Coney for Cyclone, don't go at all. I know it's Iconic and all, but all my friends went and came back and said it really wasn't worth it at all.
  9. Because they're awful coasters. Blue Streak? I mean unless they've changed the headrests with soft pillows of love and replaced the track so with every curve you aren't thrown into the car, then I'm pretty sure they should replace it. And Mean Streak. Replace it with a GCI.
  10. Yeah, Flash Pass really helps, especially for the big ones. The time to wait, time to get on, and get off, most rides are 10 minutes with Gold. Lines can be up to an hour and a half long, so I suggest getting one, u'll get a lot more in then you expect (I got around to all the roller coasters once in an hour and a half). If you've never been on a flyer before, I'd go on Ultimate Flight once just to try it out, but only once. Then I'd hit up Ka afterwards, and then Toro. Afterwards hit up Nitro and maybe Batman and if you have time repeat(?) Green Lantern and Bizarro really aren't worth hitting up. And heres a list of average queue times and what the Gold Pass would do. Ultimate Flight: Anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes (Less in the afternoon) Gold Pass: 5-10 minutes Kingda Ka: A long time Gold Pass: 10 minutes El Toro: 30 minutes+ Gold Pass: 5 minutes Nitro: 45 minutes+ Gold Pass: 10 minutes. Well worth it to get a Flash Pass. Gold is a lot better than the regular.
  11. When I say push the limits I mean something that hasn't been done before, or risky business that could make or break a new era of coasters. They usually hide in the shadows and wait for someone to find something, and then add their own twist to it. If they don't think they can eat what they take, they won't take it at all. Starry Sky Ripper isn't really considered "Pushing the limits". It is for B&M, as they have never had a full loop in any of their flyers, but it's not really "Pushing the limits" of coasters when it comes to the whole business.
  12. Because they paid him. They could build a kiddy coaster and he would happily tout it as his new #1. Ahahahahaha "NEW FOR CANADA'S WONDERLAND 2012! BATHROOMS FROM HELL!" Paul Ruben: "If I had to choose where to do my business, I'd do it here!"
  13. Does it apply to Canada too? Remember we're talking about Canada, not US.
  14. Perhaps, but things can change. Hulk was 11 years ago. Same goes for this imaginary 230ish ft. height limit that B&M allegedly had. Now it's 240 B&M doesn't specialize in launch coasters, and they don't really push the limit. Pigs will probably fly before B&M tries another launch.
  15. What would a floorless have to do with a Raptor though? Im gonna go with Dive Machine on this one.
  16. It's more likely than not (a flyer), but to be honest I don't really think you want a flyer *Cough Cough Boring* but seeing as it is "Raptor", the only possibilities that really stand out are Dive Machine and a Flyer, but to be honest I don't see why Paul Ruben would want to ride either of those options for a whole year. But Dive Machines are so compact, and there's a huge straightaway.... And no, I can almost guarantee that it will not be a Wing Rider. That would mean for 2012 B&M would only be shipping out Wing Riders. Giga Coaster's and B&M don't work too well together too But if you were talking about Intamin, it could be possible, but the fact that HP is making a Wing Rider hybrid still doesn't add up. But the straightaway kills me!
  17. Actually it could be an inverted. If you look at Alpengeists lift hill supports, they aren't regular B&M supports. they're boxes. But that seems like a lot (Wouldn't that be 3 suspendeds in one park?
  18. It's either a Flyer, a DM, or a floorless. But to sum it up I know for a fact it'll be floorless
  19. I bet Mach Tower still won't be open by the time Verbolten does, and when whoever it is is cutting the ribbon to Verbolten, Mach Tower will fall over and smash Verbolten's station.
  20. Heard it was testing full speed and full rotation yesterday. Always a good sign. I think it'll open next weekend but thats just me.
  21. I was at BGW once and the rides closed down due to there being a Tornado Watch and a Tornado reported about 30 miles away. One word to describe the GP: Madness.
  22. I love the GP, I kinda think of them as my Dog, which means I don't expect much
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