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  1. I personally think they have it just because of the overbanked curves, because that would really hurt when your hanging by your legs on positive g's. But that also might be correct ^. Who knows. But I find lap bars more fun.
  2. No it's Zierer (BGW trolling) trolololol But seriously what would you guys say if they announced Zierer would be designing the ride?
  3. Really far away from the main area and one of the worst six flags I've been to.
  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I don't think I made myself clear. I was trying to say when it comes to Non-inverting coasters, aren't Beemers usually out and back? Hope I cleared that up?
  5. Erm...positive? Nowhere have I heard of a nice enjoyable ride on I305. Everyone says they're tossed around in their seat. >.<
  6. 1. X2 2. Cheetah Hunt 3.ISpeed 4. Maverick 5. Diamondback
  7. Ok question. You have a choice. Would you rather have; A. A Giga with no inversions with lap bars. or B. A Giga with inversions but OTSR (Remember I305?)
  8. Massachusetts anyone? All we have is Six Flags, which is in a really remote part of the state, and lil baby parks.
  9. Oh Breakers Express? For a second I thought we were talking about Breakers. hahaha but yeah Breakers is really bad.
  10. Doesn't seem very logical IMO to place only 1 inversion (or 2 including the top hat) just at the end of the ride.
  11. Maybe a loop at the top hat, but that would cancel out any chance of Lap Bars (Much better than OTSR), and that would probably be the only loop, really dangerous to invert at such high speeds of Gigas.
  12. B&M if you haven't noticed, specializes in out and back non-inverting coasters. Only twister Hyper-Coaster that comes to mind is Raging Bull @ SFGA. All other Hypers are basically out and backs, so if they were to make a giga, it'd probably be...you guessed it! Out and back.
  13. I can almost 100% guarantee you the coaster will not be B&M, a total waste of money having 2 Out and Back coasters 100 feet apart made by the same company, and same elements for both rides.
  14. Well Giga just means 300 ft to 400 ft, so there are a lot of in betweens. But There arent many elements you can use when going 90 mph. It could possibly be a launched Giga, but it seems strange to do that if theyre not gonna try to beat out the records. cant wait till the 17th.
  15. Gigas are hit or misses when it comes to Airtime, Intensity, etc. Millennium Force front seat had absolutely zero airtime and very low intensity the first time I rode it. But when I rode it same place later in the day it was much better.
  16. Only The Incredible Hulk at UOS, but the friction wheels were made by a different company. Dive Machines are short but provide a load of airtime compared to Gigas (Comparing MF to Griffon). But thats just me. (Giga's are Hit or Misses)
  17. Hmm lets see. At SFGADV some tourists came up and asked us where Kingda Ka was. OMGLOL that was so funny.
  18. There aren't many Coaster Components you can use (well) when going 90 mph. Just sayin.
  19. Would you rather have 2 of the same coaster except 100 feet apart, or a Giga and say, a Dive Machine? or a Floorless? Or a Wingrider?
  20. CW could've payed 25 million for a Giga, and instead payed 50 million for both Giga and Hyper, and mostly the same people would ride both, so why not just pay once instead of twice?
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